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The book After the Cure has a unique perspective on the zombie genre. The story begins with a cure for the zombie plague and the rebuilding of society. There are two main characters (one was cured from the virus that caused the plague and one survived due to an immunity to the virus). They struggle to […]

via After the Cure – Book Review — Lynn Thaler

Normally I don’t read/write/watch zombie anything, unless it is Milla Jovovich related, of course; however, after reading this review and  couple more I’m thinking about checking out the library for a copy.

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Game Night

Saturday is game night here.  We play some rpg (role-playing gaming) every Saturday.  Usually there are two games that alternate.  I am running a D&D, Fifth Edition, campaign.  Tonight was episode 13 or 14 and the players – a Minotaur sorcerer, Tiefling ranger, half-orc (half orc/half elf combination) monk, Dwarf cleric, Human pirate, Elf cleric, and half-Elf fighter – and the players found themselves walking out of one fight and straight into another with a manipulated, be-sorceled grell.

Grell’s usually remain in dark caves and attack their prey, including adventurers who stray too close, with poison.   This grell had an enormous eye and had so much poison it was putting off a poison cloud resting on the ceiling.  The Minotaur sorcerer reached out with telepathy to see if the creature was sentient and discovered there was someone pulling the puppet strings of the grell, and, every so often, the puppet master would reach out to the minds of the other party members.  Sometimes he was successful.

The young half-Elf adventurer was convinced if he stood on the bar and then on a chair, he would be able to touch the gas cloud of the not-quite-a-grell-grell and let it know the party wanted to help it out of its current predicament.  Yeah, he failed his saving throw.  Luckily the Dwarf, who also failed his saving throw was being encouraged to do something he would already do: drink beer.  It was hard to really tell just how much influence the puppet master had over said Dwarf.  It was great watching the scene unfold.

The pirate, not wanting his fancy clothes to be stained by the poison gas should it descend any further, left the room ‘to comfort the Dwarven proprietor’ of said establishment.  Master Stonefist was in shock because of what the just-ended fight did to his beautiful bar and eating area for his inn.  Since he wasn’t really with it, the pirate robbed him almost blind before stepping out into the street to ‘keep watch’ for the rest of the party.

Long story short:  The party defeated the not-quite-a-grell-grell and the Minotaur was looking forward to going to a temple and resurrecting a young Elf.  The young Elf was trying to help the Minotaur when Deepwater’s father (the Minotaur) had an agent of his kill the young Elf to teach Deepwater a lesson.  This is what he planned on doing in his down time, what little there was of it.  The others were settling in to actually have some down time in various places when the ranger caught a glimpse of a black cloak.  ‘Run!’ the Tiefling ranger yelled to Master Stonefist and he hid in his panic room just as the ranger loosed an arrow into the cloaked form.  His arrow flew true and hit the would-be assassin for 17 points of damage, thus dropping him.  Thinking quickly, the ranger, Memnon, threw a globe of daylight spell onto a stairwell leading down when he saw another black cloaked figure heading down them.  Memnon whistled and alerted the rest of his party and they immediately struck.  All of this happened before Deepwater the Minotaur could head out on his errand.

The poor assassin was caught in a globe of daylight which burned him and did a lot of damage anyway then he was hit with two eldrich blasts from the Minotaur; two radiant blasts from the half-orc monk, and an arrow from the fighter.  Yeah, he was dead.  He was dead quick.  The party, being true adventurers, went through the pockets of the dead assassins for clues of whom they were hired to hit (interpretation: see if they had any cool loot on them first, and then clues).  One target, they discovered, turned out to be Master Stonefist, the proprietor of the Sunrise Inn.

While they were discussing this the wizard, Pandolf the Peuce, appeared on the stairs in the globe of sunlight affected area.  His hair was disheveled and his head was bloody from an ugly would.  There were also smaller cuts on his face.  However, the huge claw marks on his chest and the ribbons his robes now were.  Before Pandolf could say anything he collapsed and the half-orc, Marcoon, put him over one of his wide, strong shoulders.

‘There’s two pieces of papers marking the hits.  Who’s the second one?’ someone asked Deepwater who could read the notes (he turned out to be the only one who could read the notes).


‘We need to get Pandolf to the temple,’ Marcoon said, adjusting Pandolf on his shoulder.  Just then, one of Deepwater’s ghost crew came forward (only Deepwater can see them unless someone uses a magical looking item) to let him know Deepwater’s adopted little brother – all of 9 yrs old and an orphan named Tony – was bound in black rope and being taken to where he wasn’t supposed to be or go.

‘Dammit!  All I want to do is get the Elf my dad killed resurrected!  Now we have to save Pandolf and Tony.

Oh, and did I mention the Minotaur lost one of his ghostly crew?  Yeah, he died again.  This time it was permanent.

I love gaming.  I love being the GM.

Next week Cheyenne is running and I get to play.

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Moving Forward…Again

Getting everything moving again.  So far, everything is moving smoothly.  The first KMGN07-22-2016MovingForwardPicchapter of the novel is now beside the laptop and ready for the second draft to begin.  I’d hoped to already have the first chapter typed in by now but the bug over the weekend and then recovery took up the entire week.  Although I won’t be able to work on the novel for an extended period of time tomorrow because tomorrow is game day and I’m running D&D tomorrow.  Still, I want to have everything at least begun by the 23rd of the month.  This is before the 25th, which is part of my goal to keep on track.

I also set up a writing schedule for the different blogs.  Restarting the knitting blog surprised me today, but since knitting has returned full-force into my life I also want to write about the projects and experiences.  I also don’t want to take up KMGN space, especially not now with a brand new writing schedule set up for the blog and novel.

Every time I look at the schedule on the laptop’s calendar for next week there is an excited flurry in my chest.  It feels like a bright, multicolored butterfly the size of a woodpecker fluttering its wings, creating a small tornado.  It feels good.  It’s been a while since I’ve had this sensation and it feels good to have it back.


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Okay… here goes… there has been a lot of controversy surrounding this film… A LOT of controversy and I’m joining the fray. God help me… I am taking a page from James Rolfe and refusing to see this movie for a multitude of reasons that I will explain below. The cast… okay I know a […]

via Why I Will Not be in Attendance for Ghostbusters… — The Creative Works of James Harrington

I am not planning on seeing the new Ghostbusters reboot.  It just doesn’t look funny to me, and I am a woman, so it has nothing to do with an all-female cast.  The trailers just don’t grab me and the music isn’t something luring me there either.  Many of the same reasons James Harrington’s blog post speaks about are some of my reasons.  Plus, after reading several different comments made my the actors, studio, producers, etc., you couldn’t pay…OK, you could pay me to see the movie as I am poor, but said payment would need to be more than just the price of the ticket before I’d go.

The Husband is planning on seeing the movie because he is a big fan of Melissa McCarthy and he feels the movie trailers are indeed funny.  I have no problem with this.  I want him to see the movies he wants to see.  This one I’m not seeing with him.

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Writing for Kindle Worlds – the Good and the Ugly… — Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog

Article by Author Toby Neal, on Self Publishing Advice: Whatever you feel about Amazon, they are cutting-edge as a company, and one of the most innovative programs they’ve come up with in publishing is Kindle Worlds. According to Nick Loeffler with Amazon, “Kindle Worlds is the first commercial publishing platform to enable any writer to […]

via Writing for Kindle Worlds – the Good and the Ugly… — Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog

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Re-Blogging As Requested! Star Light Is Now Live!

Originally posted on Olivia Stocum: Today is the day! After my whole family spent a week eating cereal for dinner and the laundry piled up, it’s finally the big day! My Highland books are always the hardest for me because I tend to get REALLY emotionally involved. Can’t help it. It’s SCOTLAND. I’ve dreamed about…

via The Stars in the Sky (Starlight Book Release) — Legends of Windemere

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Blasty: a free book anti-piracy tool that notifies users of copyright infringement — Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog

Originally posted on Nicholas C. Rossis: My author friend, D.G. Kaye, mentioned a new site called Blasty . This is a new site still in beta. It’s created for writers and artists to enroll their books and anything copyrighted. It then keeps track of it and notifies you if any suspicious ‘BUY’ links are found…

via Blasty: a free book anti-piracy tool that notifies users of copyright infringement — Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog

I’m seriously thinking about this when the novel goes live in November.

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The Abducted: The Beginning, Book 0 – A Review

The Abducted: The Beginning, Book 0, by Roger Hayden is the beginning novel in writer1a detective/suspense series by Mr. Hayden.  I wish I could say this was one of the great Indie reads I’ve had, but I can’t.  Thankfully I can also say it isn’t the worst Indie book I’ve read to date either, because it has some positive points.

The story’s premise is a Florida policewoman and her new, rookie partner are on their normal beat when they see a car with a busted tail light and they pull it over.  The policewoman looks down at her phone at a text at the very moment her rookie partner is killed.  It just so happens, also, there is a serial child abductor who just so happened to have his new victim in possession, a little girl named Jenny.

The policewoman, Sgt. Miriam Castillo, leaves her murdered partner on the road where he fell after a quick check and goes after the murderer in hot pursuit.

The style of writing is difficult to grab, especially in the beginning.  It reads like a newspaper article or a police crime report.  There isn’t much description.  We’re told a lot, not shown.

As the story progresses to a year later, we discover Detective Dwight O’Leary of the Palm Dale Police Department which Miriam Castillo left soon after her partner’s death, is still trying to solve the kidnapping of the little girl, Jenny, and hasn’t solved one single case in the entire year.  It is also easy t see O’Leary is a blossoming alcoholic because of guilt?  Remorse?  Fear?  Burnout?  We’re supposed to believe it’s because he hasn’t found Jenny, but there seems like there is more going on here, but we really don’t know because Hayden leaves the reader a little high-and-dry.  He tells the reader it is because O’Leary promised Jenny’s parents he would bring the little girl home, and, after a year, he hasn’t.  The reader doesn’t experience much of what is going on with O’Leary.

Switch to Miriam Castillo who has moved to another city and is working as a dispatch officer for a trucking company.  She was really lucky because she left the police force in Palm Dale and automatically found another job she’s been able to hold down for almost a full year.  She’s divorced and raising a 12 year old daughter.  The 12 year old is already feeling the pressure of puberty.  Again, we’re told about the daughter.  However, the descriptions surrounding Mirriam at her job gives us a feel for it as well as a sense she is wasting some very impressive talents working where she is.  At this section of the story I felt things were looking up.  Maybe the author just needed to hit his stride.

Back in Palm Dale a child shopping with her mother is being stalked at a supermarket by a very large woman in “a beehive hairdo”, “too much makeup” and “dark, dark sunglasses.”  Suspense was genuinely built as predator and prey became aware of each other, and a mother’s instinct goes into high alert.  This section of the story was one of the best.  The descriptions carried you into the moment while your imagination filled in the tiny details the author didn’t need to tell you about.  This section caught my attention and held it fast.  When this latest victim is snatched away from her mother literally, I settled in for a good read.

O’Leary, I’m not exactly 100% sure why, though we are told, again, he wants to bring in Miriam Castillo because a) she is the only person to see the Snatcher; b) he wants a fresh set of eyes to look over his work; and c) he really sounds bored and needs a change of scenery. ( Perhaps this is what the author was feeling after having such an immense impact with the abduction scene and didn’t know where to go from there.)  So, he heads further south to find Castillo.  Exactly how this all happens and why it happens so quickly we don’t exactly know.  I re-read this section to make certain I hadn’t missed something or skipped over some detail, but there wasn’t any explanation, description, or clue as to how long it was between when the newest little girl, Emily, was abducted and when O’Leary contacted her by phone, asking if he could come and meet with her.

This scene/section when O’Leary reaches Miriam and they have their first chat is awkward.  It should be awkward as far as the characters go, but it shouldn’t be awkward in reading the description.  Timing seems off to me.  One example of the awkwardness is the following, at the end of the chapter, One Year Later:

She hung up the phone and stared at her computer screen.  She felt overcome with mixed emotions, simmering just below the surface.  All she could do in response was sigh.

There should be something more here.  More description of the emotions?  Show the reader how Miriam is feeling?  This is a pivotol moment at the end of a chapter that should push you on to read more and it just, well, falls flat for me.

However, this isn’t the one to make me want to stop reading.  That one came in the chapter Portrait of a Suspect.  Getting to the suspect list was also awkward.  For the most part we just arrived there.  O’Leary had his mind made up who did it and he wasn’t going to have it any other way.  Miriam’s objections weren’t really objections and she went on her “gut” rather than solid police work.  The reader also didn’t “see” the main suspect’s file at any point or have the least bit of information from it; again, the reader is told about the suspect and why O’Leary figured it was him and when he told Miriam exactly why she was there almost caused me to stop reading because it simply didn’t make sense.

According to O’Leary, he wanted Miriam to take the fall for him if he got it wrong.

O’Leary sighed.  “To take the fall if this goes south.”  He looked sheepishly at the table and then back to her.  “I figured you did it before, you could do it again.

According to some confusing information  in previous chapters, Miriam was railroaded out of her position and forced to leave.  The chief used her as a scapegoat.  Miriam felt she needed to leave anyway because she felt guilty and blamed herself for the rookie partner’s death.  Miriam is so weak-willed she accepts and says she would gladly be the fall guy if it would help find the little Emily.

After this I didn’t enjoy the read because I simply couldn’t suspend belief any longer.  I felt cheated.

Emily and Jenny are found by Castillo but the main suspect was an accessory, not the perpetrator.  O’Leary ended up shot in the leg and out of the big scene.  All is right with the world for Miriam as she goes home to find her daughter kidnapped by said perpetrator, who left her a note, and a dead ex-husband who was staying at the house to look after the daughter when Miriam went away to play cop again.

This is the beginning book of a suspense thriller series.  I am not reading any more of these novels.  This book had a couple of high spots.  It was confusing in sections.  It needs a lot of editing and proof-reading.

I give it 1 out of 5 stars because it has the possibility of really being very good.  It felt like a first draft read, not a publishable work.

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Knitting, Thinking, & Living, O My!

Well, after several weeks of being on the new medication, I can fully say the miracle continues.  However, a friend of mine, after reading the post about how some people at church said they were happy for me sort of in a sideways manner, brought something to my attention I never noticed before:  a)  The people who gave me the “sideways” congratulations don’t know me.  They barely know what is going on at church some days.  b)  Those who know me, said they were happy for me and meant it, although a couple of them said, “I hope this sticks.”  I can’t help but laugh with them because, sometimes, the miracle can be short-term.  Why?  I don’t know.  Sometimes I think God takes away part of a burden for a while so you can face everything before giving it back to you to carry, and learn from, until He can take it away from you, finally, for good.  c)  I wasn’t upset because those “sideways” congratulations weren’t genuine for me, but because the spiritual growth of the other person(s) were, I felt, almost stunted.  And, d) I judged them on it!

Yeah, d) sucks.  I fell into a trap and I’ve been called up about it, and I can never be more grateful than I am to my friend who pointed this out to me.  I am not perfect, and have a long way to go, but, I’ve apologized to the people whom I felt were giving me “sideways” congratulations and have received some of the biggest surprises and blessings yet!  One lady, I’ll call her…Flower….  Flower said, when I spoke with her on the phone, “I didn’t understand what was going on really.  You always have a smile and you are always concerned about others.  I didn’t understand, and still don’t understand, how you can say it was a miracle when you are still in the wheelchair.”  Well, Flower and I had a wonderful talk.  I shared some of my life with her, and she shared some of her life with me.  It was genuinely rewarding on both sides.  Flower has called to ask me a couple of questions about arthritis and how to cope with pain better for a family member.

The second person I contacted said, quite bluntly, they didn’t look at medicine at all as a miracle, but if I did they wouldn’t argue.  This person also said a number of other things, none of which were positive.  Still, I swallowed what was left of my pride (it was quite small by this time) and apologized and asked them for their forgiveness.  They accepted my apology and gave me their forgiveness and said, “You don’t realize it now, but you’re an addict.  No one can hurt so much as you claim.  You have a lot of people fooled, but I’ve seen all of this before.  No one can hurt so much.  I’ve heard other people say the same things, but all they really want are pain medicines, and it never seems to help for long before the whine for more.”  What do I say to these words?  If they don’t believe a person can be in such pain, there really isn’t anything I can say to change their minds or really educate them.  The only way they can comprehend the truth is if they are in the same amount of pain.  Quite frankly, I don’t want anyone to be in that amount of pain to understand.  I genuinely don’t want anyone to go through that sort of hellishness to comprehend where I, or another chronic pain sufferer, is coming from.  There is already enough “bad” going on in the world.

All-in-all I believe apologizing and asking for forgiveness was crucial for my Soul and accepting I made a mistake and judged someone is something I’ll need to go to Confession for.

I am sweeping the floors, Swiffering really, and able to take dishes to the sink.  I am able to put my clothes on hangers and put them onto the clothes rack.  I am able to help The Husband with paperwork, as well as a few other things I’ve simply not had the energy to do or help with.  The dogs, especially Willie, are so used to playing throughout the day now they don’t accept easily not receiving the amount of attention they’re used to getting daily.  Besides all this, I’ve been knitting, planning knitting projects, and working on collecting bags for making plarn.

This past weekend I caught a bug and felt just awful!  Not feeling well enough to do any of my exercises or get out to do anything, even go to church, was actually a surprise because “feeling awful” isn’t the normal anymore.  Isn’t this a wonderful development?!

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Wide Awake And Happy


Today turned into an unexpected day of rest for The Husband.  He is still so exhausted from last week and all the work, we didn’t even try to make it to church today.  He slept until after Noon and then watched movies for the remainder of the day.  Anyone who knows The Husband understands just how unusual this is! 

I helped with dinner and finished the plarn project.  Pictures to follow later.

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