Halloween Is Over And November Is Here

For my Halloween movie proper, we watched ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. After this, we watched ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW:Let’s Do The Time Warp Again.

I love(d) going to The Kentucky Theater, getting dressed up, and gathering into the party that is the event called Rocky Horror.  Even though we weren’t dressed up, just watching and singing along made me very happy.  The Husband doesnt like the movie as well as I do in general, but he said he enjoyed it.  

There was high expectations for the new one, especially when I discovered Tim Curry was The Narrator.  Brad and Janet’s engagement was good. How the funeral kept following them made me giggle a little.  But, as a whole, it just left me feeling that the cast tried, but missed the mark.  And the cast put their whole hearts into the movie at points. This version was…too tame. It wasn’t Rocky Horror Picture Show.  It was a junior high production of RHPS. Not even Tim Curry could save it😪

What about Tim Curry? Every time he came on screen I felt sad because he truly was a mere shadow of the Frank N Furter he had been. It wasn’t difficult to see he had had a stroke because of his speech. There were times when he just read the words. He looked tired, worn out. I just wanted to hug Tim Curry and say, ‘It’s OK. You don’t really have to do this. Instead, why don’t we grab a cuppa and just hang for a while?  Really, you don’t have to be here for this.’

Of course it is understandable: He was in the very first production, and his last performance was in the same show. 

The new Frank N Further was too…something. She tried, though.

If you haven’t seen Let’s Do The Time Warp Again don’t worry. Put your attention and energy into something else.  However, if you do watch it, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Now it is November. Most of the leaves are off the trees.  I am adjusting.

How are you guys doing?

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The pain and my head just won’t let me sleep.  Add to this I now have a lovely head cold/allergies – can’t tell which currently, but I’m POSITIVE it ISN’T COVID-19 – which knocked me out all of yesterday.  It was impossible to wake up.  Of course this added to the not wanting to sleep part. So, I am probably going to pull a 24 hour awake time.

I feel sorry for The Husband though because the dogs are protecting .e from e dry sound, every rustle of the trees, and the occasional car that may pass by at this hour. I know he hasn’t gotten much sleep so far tonight.  He isn’t feeling well either.  His sarcoid is really bothering him. He needs rest, but I need to be awake.  Maybe things will change for the better with the time change this weekend.

I am really missing having a laptop.  Not being able to continue all the writing projects or doing any editing for the projects completed is driving me into an odd sort of ‘downer’.  It isn’t depression. There just isn’t any writing being accomplished, and that is really throwing me off. Luckily the painting and drawing are helping.

No, I am not good at drawing or painting, but I’m enjoying it and that is really what matters for my psyche. Yeah, the psyche needs an escape of some sort from all the… craziness.

Covid-19 has finally made it into my area.  The road I live on has a number of cases now.  My great-nephew, J, had to leave work yesterday and get a test. This worried all of us because of my sister’s cancer, as well as my nephew’s cancer and their depleted immune systems.  Luckily, the report was negative.  Thank You, God!

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Look at this… 👀

Look at this… 👀 https://pin.it/5xMdYWn

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Forward Progress And Spooky Movies

Today there was forward momentum on cleaning and organizing.  It has made me happy. It was just what I needed to help get the soul moving again. Hope tastes like a truly decadent, chocolate dessert. 

Plus, since October 1st, The Husband and I have been watching old thriller movies in celebration of Halloween.  Monday was Hubie Halloween.  Tuesday was The Ghoul starring Peter Cushing.  Tonight was The Abominable Dr. Phones. 

What is on your movie watching list for Halloween if you have one? We are always looking for good and good-bad movies.

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Hubie Halloween

Last night, The Husband and I watched Hubie  Halloween on Netflix.  It stars Adam Sandler and a host of beloved, familiar faces from Saturday Night Live. I am not going to list the names because a) you can Google it; and b) when they appear on-screen the surprise is like getting a surprise visit from your bestie on a bad day.

Adam Sandler is either hit or miss for me, and this time it was a goofy, happy, non-stressing hit!  

Hubie is the town doormat it seems and he is so used to having thrown at him he has developed some mad skillz!  Hubie lives with his mother and is in love with Violet Valentine.  He has been in love with her since the second grade.  So, what makes Hubie special in some other way?

He is easily scared.  No.  Really.  Easy.  

This was an old fashioned movie where the good guy wins in the end..after some very interesting trials. No foul language. No adult insinuation.  Hubie arrived just in time to give a chuckles and a laugh when it was really needed.

Go watch Hubie.  Smile.  Relax with some spiked cocoa if you want, and just relax and feel warm. You know. Sort of like you used to before The Stress arrived.

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Since the last post, life has begun to happen.  The Husband and I have joined a Mosque of the Red Death game via the internet. There is energy for cleaning and some work with the dogs.  

Drawing and writing together is slowly becoming the norm. There isn’t a chance for working on long projects until there is a new laptop; however, there are small things which can.  I am making the best of things again somewhere inside my head.

This election has me nervous, but peoples votes and minds are made.  This is going to be a tense one.  

So, what have you been up to? Drawing?  Writing? Painting?

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There aren’t words in the English language to express everything swirling and whirling inside me. First we had ‘shelter in place’ and then we watched George Floyd die. Both of these events resonates with the world because we are all in danger of authority over-stepping its bounds on a personal level: each individual human being level.. And, a deadly virus does not discriminate.

I am white. My husband, as most of you know is black (he doesn’t like ‘African-American’ because he wasn’t born in Africa and will probably never see Africa). I have worried about him on some of the jobs he has worked for us. I was worried someone would jump him, or gang him, or he would have to defend himself and be the one taken to jail. There are concerts we haven’t gone to, certain places in cities, and made sure we were secure in a motel room because someone might be upset by seeing us together. In restaraunts some servers have refused to serve us.

Racism is very real, very dangerous, and it hasn’t gone away, as some claim. It has always been there, simmering just beneath the surface.

So, I am standing. Firmly beside my husband. ALL lives matter.

Sadly, some are calling for the dismantling of the police departments: We need a police deparment because the police aren’t supposed to be for the law abiders, but for those who are not. There are many good police men and women. The bad ones need to be weeded out. Police officers are not divine, they are human beings. Not all human beings are good either.

With this said, I firmly believe the good humans far out number the bad humans on this planet.

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I am still waiting on the replacement cord for my laptop. Sho, in the meantime, I’ve been painting and drawing. Here are a couple of two pint my new favorites. No need to force you to endure all the not-so-good drawing and painting.

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Relaxing And Goofing Off

This is Misha, a high ranking spy and assassin for the Russian Mouse Mafia. He is considered extremely dangerous and can pass for a regular, garden variety mouse. BEWARE OF THIS MOUSE!

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Still Alive

Life has not been boring in Kentucky. In my part of the state. Well catch up with everyone very soon. Laptop cord bit the dust so having to wake in one to be mailed to me.

How is your all’s quarantine going?

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