This Will Make You Smile

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Today has been a creeping headache day. Thankfully, I’ve done a few things differently so out hadn’t peaked and is studying at a constant ache. 

No words today, but yesterday there was a total of 1500 with 605 being on a new story.

Still avoiding the serial killer.


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It Is 2 In The Morning

I either don’t sleep or I sleep too much lately. I also feel like I am in danger of drowning emotionally, which isn’t helping anyone. So, beginning when the sun comes up, I am going to throw myself into work. 

Work. Reading. Working on my D&D game. Working on my Shadowrun character. Research. It is impossible for me to sit still, be still any longer. The energy is just going to keep building up until it explodes and that won’t be helpful or useful. It could also cause a hemeplegic migraine. 
I’m tired despite all my sleep. 

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Isn’t This So Pretty!?!

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My Mind Can’t Shut Off

Writing poetry, short fiction and working on the final draft of the novel.

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One of my beloved sisters has cancer.  She received the diagnosis today.  The cancer is in several places and a couple of her lymph nodes are swollen.  The doctor believed the cancer had spread to them.  There may also be cancer in her liver.  

I felt like i knew what the diagnosis would be but still, finding out it is true leaves me feeling breathless.  Off kilter.  

How do you process this?

How can I help her?

She goes back to the doctor next week for more tests. If there is cancer in her liver, the doctor isn’t going to do surgery; he then plans to keep her comfortable for however long she has left.

I can’t believe I’m writing these words.  

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Words Go Down Upon The Page

Recently, poetry has been coming out of the pen.  Why is it that poetry comes when the heart and soul are in such turmoil there is almost physical pain?  Once a poem comes forth, the pain seems to decrease some … a little … a bit.

Writing poetry is more like giving birth than writing a novel, short story, essay, etc., to me.  Does anyone else feel the same?

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Dark Crimes

Dark Crimes is one heck of a thriller!  Jim Carrey is beyond excellent in his character portrayal of a desperate Russian police detective trying to solve the cold case that practically ended his career.  Marton Csokas is excellent as the enigmatic author who writes a book with details about the murder of a sadist.

Jim Carrey’s character of Tadek was on screen almost more than any other and if not for his intense performance this movie would not be as good.

As I watched the movie, sometimes holding my breath so I wouldn’t miss a word or a sound, the one recurring thought was:  This should be a classic.  This movie will be a classic.

If you want a good whodunit with a very surprise twist ending, watch Dark Crimes on Netflix.

I give this movie an 8 out of 5 stars.

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Such A Happy Video

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