Heading Back Up The Hill…Again

The recent health/headache problem, I hope, is now behind us.  I’ve woken four days in a WP_20160314_19_06_50_Prorow without a headache or my head buzzing or any of the symptoms I’ve mentioned.  I am a little afraid to say the headache is finally over for purely silly superstitious reasons.  Plus, the affected limbs are coming back to normal with a lot of hard work on my own as well as with Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy.  The body isn’t as good as it was, but it is getting better, heading in the right direction, and this is all I can genuinely ask for.

On that note, I can say the words are returning and I am planning on sharing those words here on the blog, at least the first chapter or short story.

Soon you will be meeting Mildred Mary Martin and her very interesting world.  She is in her eighties and views life through experience, imagination, and something else people can’t lay their finger on.  Mildred is sometimes a pain in the ass, but she is kind hearted and is genuinely liked, if not loved by those who know her.  However, Mildred is breaking in a new nurse’s aide, and I’m just not sure Miss Pepper is ready for Mildred.  The establishment Mildred lives in and Miss Pepper works for believes if Miss Pepper can survive Mildred of the Three M’s, she can make it anywhere.

The first installment should be up this weekend or Cyber Monday.

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No Wasted Ink Writer’s Links — Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog

Originally posted on No Wasted Ink: As we here in America prepare for our Thanksgiving Holiday, time to get away and read a few articles might be difficult. However, I am going to tempt you with a “top ten” that might make you pour a cup of coffee and have a quick sit down. Be…

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This is worthwhile, so I am sharing.

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Applications Now Open for Early ‘Landrush’ .blog Domains — The WordPress.com Blog

For a limited time you’ll have the chance to claim your .blog name before everyone else.

via Applications Now Open for Early ‘Landrush’ .blog Domains — The WordPress.com Blog

Sadly, I do not have the funds to be involved in the Early ‘Landrush’ .blog Domains but did want to share it with you in case you missed the fanfare.  I am wanting to change the domain name/address from http://kmgn.me to something different, more like http://kmgn.com or .net, if they’re available, if they aren’t, I’m not too really worried about it, and I am going to go ahead and get a domain for the knitting blog.  I just am not 100% sure what I want it to be just yet.  Still, here is some information if you didn’t have it before.  If this is redundant, I apologize and will hopefully have something more entertaining and informative for you within the next couple of days, if not sooner.


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‘Tis A Rainy Thursday

The weatherman said it was going to rain today.  Scattered rain, he said.  It is raining hither and thither in Eastern Kentucky, but not really here in the Central portion of the Commonwealth.  However, you can’t tell good old Arthritis this.  O’ no.  He is convinced it is pouring the rain and at least fifty degrees Fahrenheit.  For the first time in a number of months, my ankles and feet are painfully swollen as are my hands.  My back doesn’t like me either, and they kept me from doing physical therapy today, but not from some light loom knitting and just lounging.  Even though there was a necessity of taking some extra pain medication, it is a good day all-in-all.

I consider it a good day in that I can speak, read, see, and move for the most part.

Yesterday was a fantastic day:  I walked from the dining room to the front door and back to the dining room and the waiting wheelchair.  Although I forgot to count the steps, I was able to pick up my right leg and take a step with it and this is a vast improvement from last week when all I could do was simply drag it along for the ride.  (Last week the physical therapist demonstrated some exercises I could do in my wheelchair to help strengthen the hip muscles and other muscles in my legs, so I worked on the muscles the remainder of the week and weekend.  It paid off as you can see…er…read!)

The right arm is also improving.  Last week I could only do 10 struggling reps with it, but yesterday I did 20; and I graduated from the weakest Theraputty to the one above it, a bright yellow.  I plan on graduating to the next color in about two weeks at the latest.  I am knitting, loom knitting, working with the Theraputty, and working as hard as I can.  It is paying off physically and emotionally.

I know the novel has already had its first draft written, but I’m going to take He-Who-Doesn’t-Want-To-Be-Named’s advice and just jump into writing the second draft.  I sent him a scan of the first draft and he had good things to say about the first draft.  Really good things.  Surprising things.  He also pointed out things I’d missed.  Really BIG things I hadn’t even realized I’d missed and, of course, didn’t tell me how to fix them.  He just said, “You know where you want to go with the story, but you’re combing two totally different genres and it’s going to take some melding to make it all work.  Why not try to come at it from the other side and see how it works?  Or, you can just tell you-know-who’s story first before the scribe’s and see if that ease’s up on the pressure.”  There was more he said.  It was a lot to take in.  Some of it I didn’t agree with, or possibly I merely didn’t want to hear.  Either way, I’m going to jump in with NaNoWriMo with one of three pieces, one of which could be the scribe’s piece, and whatever is finished I’m going to work on putting on Kindle and just continuing forward with my plans.

The idea of going forward and being published still makes me nervous, but it is a good nervous.  A positive nervous.  Right now I need all the positives I can get.

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E Gads!

Last night I received an e-mail from a person I’ve gotten to know on-line over several A caligraphyyears of communication.  This person is a published author and actually offered to read my novel and give me his opinion of how it was going.

He did not pull any punches but was polite in how he said it stunk.  After he pointed out a few things I actually saw the break of good and bad.  Although I don’t want to blame the migraine on the crap of the writing, I can actually see where things changed and even how word choices began to be affected, and not in a good or positive way.

Mentor, as I will now call him, though he will probably read this and cringe (hey, you are the one who wants to remain anonymous dude!), gave me some excellent advice which, of course, I will take.  His advice is as follows:

  1. Recover.  Treat me nice for at least the remainder of October and start back to serious writing in November.
  2. Read.  Even if this means listening to books.  Reading will keep words active in my head and also work as research.  “Writers read as much as they write, maybe more so,” Mentor said.
  3. Relax with a hobby and just let my mind wander.  If it wanders to the story, great!  If not, that’s fine.  The story hasn’t gone anywhere.  The first draft, which he read, is still present and isn’t bad, but needs tightening and is a good ‘outline’.
  4. Get a notebook/journal just for the story.  When I actually begin using it I’ll explain it then.
  5. Put this draft into a trash file and label it .5  – some of the things may be useful later.  Even print it off and put it in a notebook if I want.
  6. Mentor reminded me to continue to act like a professional because no one is going to take me seriously unless I take myself seriously first.  “Just don’t take yourself too seriously and become a pompous ass, sweetheart.”

I think all of the above is pretty good advice and I am going to work on sticking to it as closely as I can.

Here is hoping everyone has a fantastic day and your writing and/or work projects are successes!

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Goodbye Traditional, Hello Indie – Results

Myths of the Mirror

enwikimedia.org enwikimedia.org

Eight months ago, I started the process of canceling my traditional publishing contracts and re-releasing all my books as an indie author. My reasons for the switch were detailed in two posts Goodbye Traditional, Hello Indie(Part I) and (Part II).

The process went more smoothly than I could have imagined, and I wanted to share the results:

1. I left myself 8 months to convert 6 books. Two months per book would have been easier as I was reproofing as part of the process. The advice: Create a schedule and then give yourself extra time.

2. New covers had an instantaneous sales response. Covers do matter whether traditional or indie publishing.

3. My old reviews ALL carried over to the new books. All I had to do was ask Amazon to combine the old (publisher) and new (indie) editions leaving only the new editions visible. The same phone…

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A Correction Needs To Be Made And The Local News Isn’t Making It

Note:  This article is nothing but my thoughts, ideas, etc.  I am not affiliated with the Gay family or any news affiliate, but I do think one or two items need to be corrected about the story overall because a certain idea is being played out concerning the teenage girl which is erroneous.  If, in the future, I find I am wrong, I will post a retraction.  Until then, this post stands.

It is all over the news about Tyson Gay‘s daughter, Trinity, being killed in a drive by shooting here in Lexington, KY.   In each of the reports I’ve read on-line say something along the lines “Trinity was shot around 4am in the morning in a drive-by shooting by the Cook Out restaurant” here in Lexington.  The story circulating by the people, most of them young people, and people coming home from church yesterday afternoon was that Trinity was shot while at a picnic when two cars passed each other on the street and occupants from said cars began shooting at each other and a bullet went wild and shot the teenager in the neck.

Someone, from the talk on the street, grabbed Trinity up while someone tried to help the bleeding and rushed her to the hospital.  These people probably gave Trinity a few more hours, even minutes she may not have had otherwise.  She lasted until 5am this morning.  One consistent fact is that she did pass away around that time from several news sources, not all.

Trinity Gay was a rising star for Lafayette High School, one of my alma maters, here in Lexington in track and wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps by being a future Olympian.

One of the things bothering me about the story on the national news services is alluding this girl was out at four o’clock on Sunday morning with no reason given and was shot in a drive by.  It almost makes me feel as if there is no care being given for her because she is black.  There is nothing being said about her as a person other than she wanted to be an Olympian like her father.  If she were white, I know there would be a lot more coverage about how much her friends liked her, about how good  her grades were, or, at the very least, how kind-hearted a person she was towards animals, the elderly, something!

Could it be because her father’s Olympic medal was taken because of steroid use because he submitted all of his natural regimen to analysis and some if it was found to test positive for natural steroidal properties?  (Alas, “natural supplements” are not regulated at all, to my knowledge, here in the U.S. and they can still play havoc with those who take prescription drugs like myself.)

Why, in THE 21ST CENTURY, is there such a difference still existing between black and white, rich and poor?

(There is a picture of Trinity I could post here, but since I don’t have permission, and this is just my own ideas and musings, I’m not going to bother the family in the hour of their grief.  That would just be wrong on so many levels.)

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A Grey October Day

Today is one of those cool gray October days where you need more than one cup of coffee octopus6n-1-weband more than just a few minutes of your favorite video game or book to get you through the doldrums.

Luckily I can report today there isn’t any migraine pain, crawling, tingling, lightning, pressure or any other symptom other than a very sore scalp and hair.  If my head feels this way or better tomorrow I’m pretty sure my hair will be able to be washed.  Having clean hair will make me happy and help me to feel like I’m really on the mend.

The Physical Therapist came today and I met my goal of walking from the dining room to the front door and back to the dining room.  The return trip to the dining room was tough.  My right leg was dragged along instead of making any steps, but that’s OK:  I did what I said I wanted to do.  I feel accomplished.  Now I can rest through the weekend feeling more positive.

Since I am feeling more positive and more accomplished, I am also thinking of a story.  A story more suited for Halloween.  I think, if I begin it today/tonight, it can be ready by Halloween.  I don’t know how scary or creepy it will be in, but I think it just might fit for Halloween.  I am excited!  Yes, I am excited!

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Complicated? Yeah, Tell Me About It!

“Complicated Migraines” – those migraines that used to mimic strokes – are now called hemiplegic headaches and I’ve been suffering from one for the past three weeks.  When everything originally started, it was just a bad headache and then a migraine.  It was a simple migraine if migraines are ever simple, that is.

Because I’d been having such a horrible time sleeping, The Husband let me sleep up into the afternoon one recent Saturday and when he came to wake me, I had all the symptoms of a stroke: my right side was weak and practically limp; including my right eye was closed and the right side of my mouth was drooping.  EMS was called and I was whisked off to the Emergency Department where many tests were run.  All the tests for stroke came up negative, thank God, yet I still exhibited symptoms of a stroke and, as I became able to talk more – I wasn’t able to talk well for a very long time, but could write my answers with my left hand of all things (I’m right handed)! – I was able to explain my head was still hurting.

Nothing given to me for a headache worked, but my body felt no pain.  My speech was still slurred because my mouth only half worked.  The doctors gave me a migraine “cocktail” of a steroid, Benadryl, and Phenergan to see if this would help.  This was a most uncomfortable night for me, but the headache became better and I was sent home the following day.  However, once the cocktail wore off many of the symptoms returned.

Now the symptoms are: weakness on the right side, I am very sensitive to sound, and taste has changed, which I find very odd.  The physical therapist and occupational therapist have returned and PT says my leg will probably return before the arm.  My right eye is open, but there is a portion that just seems blurry.  As you can see, I can type and put words together.  I was worried about not being able to do this for a while, but The Husband encouraged me the entire time we were in the hospital and has kept encouraging me here at home.

The pain and “crawling” sensation of the headache hasn’t let up until today.  Hopefully, today will be the end of it for a very long time.

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— Silver Threading ~ Fairy Whisperer ~

Click the highlighted link at the bottom of the post to read this author’s plan of how to write a book in 6 months. You never know… this could work for you!❤ Most authors have heard of National Novel Writing Month, also known as NaNoWriMo. It is a novel writing challenge where participants try to […]

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