Yesterday was a magnificent day.  It was warm and, for the first time in quite a while, WP_20170324_13_07_52_Prowhen I left the house I didn’t need to be all bundled up.  The sky was blue with diaphanous clouds as I was on my way to get my eyes checked for new glasses and a general workup because my eyes aren’t the same as they were last year.  However, the diagnosis was dry eyes due to getting older and use.  This meant, of course, a new pair of glasses and a different type of eyedrops for me.

Because reading and writing are so important to me, I’ve always enjoyed going for eye exams.  I consider my eyes one of the greatest tools I possess.  Keeping my eyes healthy is important to me, and the above pronouncement lifted a huge weight from my shoulders and heart because I was afraid the medication I had to stop taking had impacted my eyesight.  Luckily, it was only a coincidence.  Now, however, the eye doctor suggested a yearly checkup now since my eyes are changing from year to year.

Once this was done and WHEELS picked Sniffles and I up and took us home, I collected my current sock project together and headed outside to sit on the porch and knit for a while.  As I sat in the shade with my feet in the sun, working on the socks, everything carefully slid into a clearer perspective and all the jumbled pieces on my insides just settled into a semblance of order and peace.  The more I knitted there on the porch, in the sun, the more there was a feeling of “Everything is going to be OK.  You’ve made it through.  What you’re going through now is merely sporadic bumps in the road of health and movement.  Everything is going to be OK.  Everything is OK.”

I needed such an understanding after such a long winter of sicknesses falling on me one after the other.  It was good.

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When you’re in pain, the least little annoying thing can become HUGE! and cause you to Image result for monster hunter internationalthrow your hands up in the air in a) disgust; b) annoyance in general; and c) futility.  Since Spring is supposedly trying to get sprung, Arther has been working overtime on me.  He even put me in the bed for a couple of days – not consecutively, thank God!

Along with arthritis, I’ve been having a hellish time trying to hear and was actually too pain wracked to make it to a GP visit, I suffered through it and hoped the antihistamine and Flonase would work.  In order to listen to TV programs, I had to put on headphones through the XBox controller in order to not blast everyone else out of the house.  While I was battling this, Sniffles had a serious virus which took her voice.  In one day we became the Deaf and Dumb Sisters.  She mimed and wrote notes while I talked and read lips.  Yes, there were moments of hilarity when we tried communicating.  The guys just left us alone and do what we needed in order to converse.

One thing I try to do as an adult is be informed with the news – local and national, sometimes world.  However, during this most recent bout of illness, I simply couldn’t take any more news articles, programs, or reports.  The national news should have been something to laugh at, but it only made me depressed.  The local news was all about fatal car accidents, shootings, and council members taking pot-shots at each other and the mayor like grumpy kids when they don’t want to go down for naps.  The world news was just plain screwed.  It was beyond doom and gloom, and not something I wanted to witness, just for a moment, while trying to encourage my body to heal.  In short, I needed an escape from the world around me as well as my body.  So, what did I do?  I began reading Monster Hunter International, by Larry Correia.

Larry Correia has stepped into the realm of Favorite Authors for me along with Patricia Briggs, Janet Evanovitch, Illona Andrews,  Jean Anderson, and a handful of others.  (No, none of these authors will ever take the place of Charles Dickens.  Yeah, I’m a geek like that.)  When it comes time to escape this world and frolic in someone else’s, Correia’s creations are fast becoming some of my favorite ones to read about.

Monster Hunter International is a good chase and run through monster hunting with the intrepid members of MHI.  You can’t beat them.  In this first novel, we meet the hunters for the first time as well as Newbie, Owen Z. Pitt.  Affectionately known as “Z” by his teammates, we see how Owen gets his start in monster hunting and it involves him discovering his chubby, middle management, egotistical boss is really a werewolf.  Owen actually survives the attack, without being bitten, and sends his boss through the window of his building.  From there Owen falls in love at first sight; learns to fight monsters; and save the world.  Oh, and he gets the girl!

This was the perfect novel I needed to read while healing and dealing with pain.  It gave me wonderful hours of escape and solidified me as a Correia fan.

Ten out of five stars!

Oh, the last thing I need to say about this novel is…redneck elves,

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Too Long…

“Hello, my name is Henrietta and I’m a magnet for sick bugs and viruses.”

(“Hello, Henrietta.  What would you like to share with us today.”)

“Now I am getting over a fresh cold + migraine attack and feeling pretty bitchy about things writing projects honestly.  Everyone tells me to let myself heal before doing any serious writing and I’ve come to the conclusion if I do that I’m NEVER going to write anything ever again.  Yeah, it may be a bit doom-and-gloom, but that’s the way I’m feeling.  So, I’ve made myself a writing schedule for next week and I’m going to write, write, write.  Even if it is only a few words a day and not thousands, I’m still putting myself in front of the laptop or picking up the pen and I’m writing.

One thing that’s helped me come to this conclusion has been reading.  I’ve read a lot in these past few weeks (months) and have hit upon the novels of Larry Correia.  He writes what I like to read and I’ve enjoyed every word of the novels I’ve read so far – there are plans for reading many more of them.

I can’t explain why his novels are the ones that have helped boost my writing desire except for the fact he really does write what I like to read.  Besides reading the first Monster Hunter International novel currently, I am also listening to the second Grimnoire novel on Audible.  Sometimes it is a toss-up as to which one will get the read or listen because I’m enjoying both.  (I’ve also decided to go ahead and purchase the e-books of the Grimnoire series as well and will probably get the hardcopy version, too.  When I’m a fan, I’m a fan!)  Yesterday, when a migraine came – thank You God for medication that works – I became…pissed.  I wanted to do read.  I wanted to hang out with my friends and husband.   I wanted to go through my notes for MMM.  There were a ton of other things I wanted to do other than to take medication and sit in a quiet, dark room with soft music playing.

However, I was super-lucky in that the medication actually worked this time – sometimes it’s a toss-up of whether or not I take it in time; it’s usually a race between migraine and the medication as to which one wins – and it is over today.  Now all I have going on is a stuffy head, which feels very much like a cold, but it could also be allergies.  I also want to catch the little bugs and viruses and pound them into…squishy masses of inactive matter!  Yeah, that’s it!  Squishy inactive matter!

I feel better now.  Thanks for listening.  Whose next?”

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Still Flu-Like

The flu is over and now I am battling what I believe to be an inner ear infection.  Will this stuff NEVER end?!

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Really Good Information

Originally posted on The Write Nook: A few weeks ago, Publisher’s Weekly came out with a ranking of America’s top 20 publishing houses for 2016. It’s no surprise who the top 5 were, but what’s really important is what came after. The sixth and seventh publisher were both that of children’s books- Scholastic and Disney…

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This Is Simply Too Cute Not To Share – Happy Friday

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We Are Mortal, Not Indestructable

It is odd to think of Bill Paxton being dead.  Bill Paxton.  He is one of those actors you sort of look at like a neighbor you don’t see often but have good memories of with his family down the street.  Suddenly you hear he died from complications in heart surgery.  “Heart surgery?!” you say.  “I didn’t know he was sick.  He didn’t look like he was sick!  Why I just saw him the other day and he looked fine!  He was talking about a new project he was all hyped about.”


Bill Paxton 1955-2017


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Yeah, I’m Afraid This Will Happen To Me

Originally posted on Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo: I recently came into contact with a writer. Nothing unusual about that around here, but this wasn’t through blogging or any of the usual channels. We talked for a while, establishing that there were a whole load of coincidences leading up to our encounter, which seemed to…

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*Face Palm* #232 + Happies

My brand new Kindle died.  It stopped charging 3 days ago while I was reading and charging.  Luckily for me, the Kindle reading app is on more than one of my devices, but having the Kindle go down was really a kick in my…head?

Since receiving the Kindle, thank you again to whoever sent it to me in the first place, it has become one of the main go-to devices for when I’m not feeling well.  The other, as most of you know, is the XBox One and TV.  When the arthritis is especially heinous, I can lie quietly in the bed and read or listen to a book.  This helps me keep my mind away from all the pain.  With the migraines, it’s a bit trickier, but have discovered when I put the Kindle on the night-time reading setting with a migraine, I can read pretty well, just somewhat slower.

When I am out going to the numerous doctors’ visits of late, the Kindle always accompanied me.  Like I said, it is one of my go-to devices for comfort, entertainment, and, in some weird way, a non-judging friend present 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – as long as it is charged, of course.

Lucky for me, the Kindle was a straight Amazon purchase and after a short text chat with Sangaya, a replacement Kindle is winging its way to me as we speak and will be here before the end of next week!  Relief!

That is sort of one of those bad news-good news stories.

In straight out “good news” stories, the migraines have been at bay for several days now and my energy is beginning to climb!  Once more I am inside my own skin and it feels wonderful.  The arthritis is really a painful old friend, and since it is the only thing bothering me now – trust me, it bothers me enough for me not to like him, Arthur, that is – I feel set free from a very heavy set of chains.


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Getting To The Party A Little Late, But Not Too Late

Having migraines means, unfortunately, I can’t always enjoy the reading of a good book to hard-magic-larry-correiaget me over the hump.  Reading when you have a migraine doesn’t work remarkably well, as for relieving stress and being able to get somewhere else other than your body, because it’s your head.  When you’re trying to escape into your head and your head is the thing hurting….  You get my meaning.

Anyway, enter audio books.  Listening to audio books is a wonderful escape when the migraine hits.  For me, at least.  This is especially good if the narration is good.  I have tried to listen to a couple of books whose narrator’s voice feels like nails-on-a-chalk-board to my fevered ear and throbbing head.  Now, however, I’ve discovered a)an author I plan on reading when the migraines are more under control; b) a story that keeps me coming back to it eagerly; and c) a narrator I simply love listening to!

What is this miracle, you ask?  It is Larry Correia’s Grimnoire series and Bronson Pinchot who gives all these alternate-history people their voices.

Currently, I’m almost finished with the first book in the Grimnoire series, Hard Magic where we are introduced to the Sullivan brothers.  One is dead.  One is a bad guy.  And one, of course, is the hero.  Jake Sullivan, hero, doesn’t look at himself as a hero exactly.  He needs to make things right for himself, his dead brother, the human race, and his now-zombie girlfriend who is looking to make her last fight on this side of the grave be a good one.  In fact – there isn’t a bad character in the entire novel!

The bad guys are nasty.  The good guys are just looking to get the job they need to do done.  Each one of them is memorable.  Each one is someone I find myself caring about – good and bad – and wanting them to succeed, live, and, as far as the bad guys go: die.

The only reason I haven’t put on the headphones and grabbed some knitting is because I wanted to make sure Bronson Pinchot did the narration for the other books in the series, and I simply had to put the next two books into my listening queue before finishing the one.  I am not going to complete one novel and then pine for the next one.  I just can’t do it right now.  Luckily, I don’t have to.

So, if you haven’t read any Grimnoire I suggest you give it a perusal, or a listen to.

On a scale of 5 stars, I give it a 10!


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