Stephen King Talk

His talks always amaze me and I always learn something new, even if I have seen the video before.  This one I finished watching today.

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Sextuplets, A Review

The Husband and I were bored one evening so we were randomly choosing things to watch from Netflix.  We ended up picking Sextuplets.  It was a wonderful decision!

The movie stars Marlon Wayans as six people!  I can’t pick between them who my favorite character was because they were all individuals and you cared about each of them individually and as a family.

Sextuplets comes from the Netflix studios and is currently available.  Sometimes, a lot of the time, I leave the Nextflix Originals alone.  I personally have not had much good luck with them.  However, this movie is fresh, really funny, every day-funny with a twist.  These characters Marlon Wayans has created are funny, sweet, sincere, and one is downright scary, and funny.

If you want a good laugh and enjoy the feeling of actually watching a good movie, give this one a try.  If you do, let me know what you think.

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Cats. Dogs. Under The Weather. Doctor.

For the past several days I have been feeling quite poorly.  The reason for feeling poorly is a badly swollen left leg which was caused by, I think, a cat scratch.  It has drained, swollen, drained, etc.  Today The Husband said enough was enough and forced me to go to the doctor.  There is now antibiotics in the system and life proceeds with only a wee bit of a gimp.

The Husband, sick himself, has been a true trooper with this whole leg business.  He even stayed awake all night to take care of me because there simply wasn’t a way for me to manage to get comfortable, and, yes, I almost waited too long before going to the doctor.  Why?  Because the pain of the leg is negligible in comparison to the normal, everyday pain.  I probably would have continued to ignore it if it hadn’t hurt so badly when Wicket, our gray ball of fur, or the cat, a gray-and=white ball of fur, would jump onto my legs and curl up to sleep.  Every night.  Every time there was pressure from their weight, the leg would wake me up and almost make me cry, which is saying something.

Now, there is medicine and life gimps along.  One good thing is I should feel like working more tomorrow.  I haven’t worked any for several days.

Night blogosphere!

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I had a birthday this week.  I am now officially 58 years old.  This birthday is the 40th anniversary of my 18th birthday.  Take THAT doctor(s)!

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Today Is Video Game Day

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This Was Taken From The Story Reading Ape’s Blog

Chris The Story Reading Ape had a super article so I am sharing it with you here.  Thanks, Chris!

4 Agents Seeking Horror, Kidlit, Commercial Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Memoir & more

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Toni Morrison dies – Bing

Source: Toni Morrison dies – Bing

For further reading about the Medal of Freedom recipient go here.

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Reading On The Laptop

I have killed my third Kindle FireHD.  They last me about two-to=three years and then simply will NOT charge!

I know why they die so quickly – I use the mess out of them.  I use them for reading, videos, some select games, and video-calling.  Now the latest, which served me oh so well, is in its little reader paradise.  Sleep well Kindle#3, you were immensely loved and you gave me your all.

*bows head respectfully for a couple of seconds*

So, the reading has come to the laptop.  I love the portability of the Kindle/e-reader tool, being able to put notes in quicker and as detailed as I want is SO useful!

No, I don’t take notes on every single book I read, just a lot of the non-fiction stuff.  It was a surprise to me when I saw just how much non-fiction there was in my queue.

The note thing, though.  Me likey.


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Sometimes I Just Need To Doodle

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Sunday Happy

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