COVID-19 Is NOT The Flu!

I am still hearing a lot of people say, “This is just the flu!  All we need to do is to let it run its course!  People are being too panicky.”

Over and over again, medical professionals have said COVID-19 is  not the flu, but it  was created using the SARS and COVID-2 flus.  So, to help more people, here is a wonderful video about  how COVID-19 kills you.

This is a real threat, people.

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Something Different

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Getting Back In The Saddle

Today I put my foot in the stirrup and hoisted myself back into the saddle.  So far today I Jessie (Toy Story) - Wikipediahave written over 1,063 words and feel like my soul has taken its first deep breath in years.

Life is still trying to kick us in the arse, but we are slowly beginning to do OK.  We don’t have any water and haven’t had water for going on four months now,  and the house still isn’t like it needs to be, but we can take care of this I think, believe.

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What A Difference The Sun Makes

For the past couple of days, the sun has come out, and today it is warm enough for me to Image result for free images land turtlego outside and sit on the porch with a light cover over my legs.  I understand just how a turtle feels when crawling out of their winter burrow, or pretty close.

It has taken me quite a while to get my head through all the thoughts and worries it was packed with.  Most of the thoughts and worries were about things I simply couldn’t do anything about.  They were completely out of my realm to affect.  So, after gathering up all the energy I had, I began working on the things I could affect.  Since I was finally doing something, anything productive, the dark thoughts and worries I had no control over slowly began to evaporate, at the very least they went onto some back burner in my brain.  Boy, did that free up a lot of room in there!

Plus, out of eight puppies, three have survived and they aren’t anywhere I’ve decided.  The Husband worked too hard to save them for me to give them away.  And, I have to admit, I have become very attached to the little girl who survived.  We are calling her ‘Snips’.  I think she is becoming attached to me as well.

In other news, life rolls on.

Have a good one out there.

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I Like This

I really enjoyed this video.  It actually told a story that was closer to the lyrics of the song.  What do you think?

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Feeling A Mite Poorly

For the past several weeks, I have begun to feel physically worse and worse.  It was 23516078. sy475 totally unrelated to arthritis.  Yesterday, on a whim, I called a small clinic in town and a nurse practitioner came out yesterday with aid and an aid-in-training and checked me out.  Today I have medicine and am feeling absolutely horrible.

Plus, my brain is all rambly to the point I can’t play Candy Crush Soda Saga, the easiest of all the games I play.  Yeah, I am beginning to feel I look like the 1930s and ’40s damsels in distress. Except I am chubby.

Since feeling poorly, I’ve done a lot of reading.  The latest book, THE FORGOTTEN GIRLS, by Alexa Steele.  It is the first book in her Suburban Murder series.  Excellent!  The characters are good, the description is wonderful – it was so easy to picture what was happening.  It wasn’t exactly what I expected in some ways.  How everything worked out was very, very well thought out, in my opinion.

I give THE FORGOTTEN GIRLS a **** – four out of five stars.

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Drawing ago on Kindle.

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It Is Lent And I Am In A Form Of Personal Hell

I have been wallowing in inactivity for months now since finishing the Red Sonjafirst draft of Sleeper. It seemed the moment the thing was done all motivation to do something, anything ceased.

Finding out my sister has cancer pushed me down into a deep, obsidian hole; the sides, slick as glass. It has been so difficult to pray, eat, exercise, or even pet the animals or play with puppies. Everything has just been ‘outside’ of me to the point where I have felt out of time.

Not out-of-time as though I’ve run out of time, but more out of sync with Time. Days, nights, afternoons haven’t existed for me truly for months. The passage of time is just all the same. It isn’t separated. I feel un-moored from Life itself. It is a horrible feeling.

Today is Forgiveness Sunday for the Eastern Orthodox and I have always held it to be the true beginning of Lent for me instead of Clean Monday — this Monday the 2nd.

So, for Lent, I am going to work on getting my life and Self back into order because there simply isn’t any true worship coming from me. I am not living a Life. I am not even really existing at this point. This is the lowest I have ever been I think.

My goals for Lent this year are as follows:

  • Keep me accountable. I am not quite sure how I am going to do this. I just know I am. More details will congeal as Lent progresses.
  • Meditation every single day. I must re-train my brain.
  • Exercise every single day.
  • Be more involved in the life of the house.
  • Be more involved with the living creatures in my home, especially my husband.
  • Read the Daily Readings and Psalms every day of Lent.
  • Find something to do for someone. Just as I was writing that sentence I knew immediately the person to choose: The Husband.
  • Take care of myself. Every day.
  • Work.  Work on writing and everything else I’ve not been able to deal with.
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This Will Make You Smile

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Today has been a creeping headache day. Thankfully, I’ve done a few things differently so out hadn’t peaked and is studying at a constant ache. 

No words today, but yesterday there was a total of 1500 with 605 being on a new story.

Still avoiding the serial killer.


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