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Some Thoughts on Dashes

Some Thoughts on Dashes. This comes from Writer.ly.  I use dashes a lot, as you know, so am always working to make sure I’m not doing it wrong or using them needlessly.  If you’re having problems, this article should help … Continue reading

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An Interesting Monday – Thoughts

Today has been a good, exhausting day.  The Husband took an impromptu day off because of business we needed attended to.  By the time the business was dealt with we decided to go to Richmond and see Poppy (my father-in-law). … Continue reading

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The house is quiet.  There is no music playing.  The television is dark.  The only sounds I can actually hear is the refrigerator and the snoring of a couple of dogs.  Occasionally Lil Dude will splash in his box beside … Continue reading

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Notes #562

The Alien Death Plague is still with me. It still wipes out my energy and makes me feel gruesome, but have actually been able to organize some notes and do some research today. Purchased two .99¢books for said research and … Continue reading

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