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Heading Back Up The Hill…Again

The recent health/headache problem, I hope, is now behind us.  I’ve woken four days in a row without a headache or my head buzzing or any of the symptoms I’ve mentioned.  I am a little afraid to say the headache is finally … Continue reading

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E Gads!

Last night I received an e-mail from a person I’ve gotten to know on-line over several years of communication.  This person is a published author and actually offered to read my novel and give me his opinion of how it was … Continue reading

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Movie Monday – 20/20 Bruce Jenner Interview

Today’s “Movie Monday” isn’t really about a movie, per se:  It is about the 20/20 Interview With Bruce Jenner.  I grew up with Bruce Jenner being the all-American and the American Olympic Hero.  I watched the 1976 Olympic games.  I … Continue reading

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Memorial Day

Have a safe and wondrous day to all of those who are welcoming the first weekend of summer as they remember the fallen heroes of our country.  To all the military men and women past and present:  Thank you for … Continue reading

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