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Sunday Night, Monday Morning

This has been a good weekend.  Yesterday was D&D Game Day.  Everyone survived the encounter and a couple of bad guys died along the way.  Information was shared that needed to be, and laughter was heard ringing out through the … Continue reading

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Fall Festivals And Church Festivals Galore

This past weekend was a smorgasbord of festivals here in Lexington and the surrounding areas.  There were so many places to go The Husband and I just opted to stay home and relax.  We never get to just relax anymore … Continue reading

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Me, My Best Friend, And A Bottle Of Rum!

We were juniors.  Shonda was studying to become a nurse and I was studying English to be whatever-it-was-I-thought-I-was-becoming at the time.  Because my advisor had talked me into it I took 21 credit hours that fall semester.  I had an … Continue reading

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