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Snowflakes, Words, And Gaming

Snow made its appearance here in Lexington today.  It didn’t stick, but the sky looks heavy with snow and seems to be waiting on the perfect time to begin dumping it on us.  Other areas of the nation have already … Continue reading

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The World Is Inside My Head Today

I am in a strange place physically:  The pain has increased and even though I have taken the pain medication I had to fight for so hard, the pain is not relenting as I would like.  It is fighting back, … Continue reading

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I Am Ready For A Happy Ending

Today has ended up being a “duh” day.  I slept too much, and when I got up I simply had no idea what I should do with myself.  Plus, it was rainy.  It didn’t rain all day, but it did … Continue reading

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Wherein The Writer Writes, Researches, And Rests

Writing & Research:  The past few days, thankfully, have found me feeling better and doing research.  One of the bad guys in the newest novel has bad guys/organization based upon The Third Reich.  Yes, it isn’t “new” – hopefully my … Continue reading

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Today has definitely been a Monday as in I actually tried to pick up working and reading and being as productive as possible. Today was a successful Monday, which is what I needed to get working again. Most of the … Continue reading

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Friday Fixes

Today has been productive, but not as far as word counts go:  I have not put down any new words today.  However, I did find some continuity problems in what has already happened in WHRT between now and the end.  … Continue reading

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