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Writing 101, Day Seven: Give and Take | The Daily Post

Writing 101, Day Seven: Give and Take | The Daily Post. “He needs to die.”  Amber cupped her hands around the mug of coffee in front of her at the kitchen table. “I agree.  And he will,” Allan said, reaching … Continue reading

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Waiting On The Bus

Writing 101, Day Five: Be Brief | The Daily Post. There it was on the rock wall by the bus station.  A plain white envelope.  It was one of those short kind used for personal letters.  On the outside, written … Continue reading

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Investing In Me

Now that things have settled down somewhat on the familial front, I spent some time sitting and thinking about what I wanted to accomplish this summer.  Since summer is my best time physically, I do a lot of getting out.  … Continue reading

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Friday Grodiness

The Husband did not make it into work today because he is still fighting the horrible crud.  He is sleeping now, and I do believe this is the best thing for him.  Maybe he can sleep the last of this … Continue reading

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I Tell Ya…SOME Stories……

By this I mean:  Some stories will not let themselves be told except in a certain medium.  Usually my stories come out by typing steadily, sometimes doggedly at the keyboard.  Some stories, however, will not let themselves be told except … Continue reading

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