Orthodox Baptism Candles

Orthodox Baptism Candles. Orthodox baptism shop shop from very traditional orthodox baptismal fashions, candles, custom embroidered towel set, favors (koufeta bobonieres), baptismal cross, oil bottle and soap for a complete matching baptismal package to modern gifts, traditional to contemporary. We offer several sizes of wicks & tapers, as well as […]

Orthodox Easter Candles

Orthodox Easter Candles. He works with a team of graphic designers, artists and workshops, the more intricate candles taking up to eight hours to make and selling for up to 20 euros ($22). A keepsake round, gold plated frame icon of the theotokos and christ hangs in the front of […]

Greek Orthodox Baptism Candles

Greek Orthodox Baptism Candles. Candles lambades for orthodox weddings & baptisms are hand decorated, using nothing but the highest quality materials including swarovski crystals, tulle & silk. The candles are used in the ceremonial lighting at midnight. Greek Orthodox Baptism candle set / Lambades Set / Greek baptism from www.pinterest.com […]

Orthodox Baptism Candles Beeswax

Orthodox Baptism Candles Beeswax. The complete set is custom made for your next baptism. Our orthodox church beeswax candles are slender, long and with strong flexibility. Lace lambada Greek baptism candles Orthodox christening from www.etsy.com 100% beeswax candles $123.20 $135.28 add to cart 81023110 orthodox tapers 100% 3/8 x 11 […]

Greek Orthodox Wedding Candles

Greek Orthodox Wedding Candles. These tapered candles are perfect for every greek ceremony. Www.stellaandmoscha.com e evangelia mendrinou palama greek orthodox wedding candles. Wedding/Baptism Candles Greek baptism favors, Orthodox candles from www.pinterest.ca Login wholesale we offer an extensive range of quality hand dipped taper and molded candles, as well as votive, […]

Easter Candles Greek Orthodox

Easter Candles Greek Orthodox. Lighting candles during holy saturday service during the service, the church goes completely dark and everything is quiet. It is also a symbol that represents the light of god or, more specifically, the light of christ. Handcrafted Greek Orthodox Easter Candles Lambathes by from www.pinterest.com It […]

Orthodox Wedding Candles

Orthodox Wedding Candles. Orthodox wedding candles the candles that are used during the sacrament of the wedding in the orthodox church symbolize the light of purity of christ that must be illustrated by the life of the couple. Candles lambades for orthodox weddings & baptisms are hand decorated, using nothing […]

Orthodox Cemetery Candle Holders

Orthodox Cemetery Candle Holders. These cemetery remembrance candle lights are a beautiful way to honor your loved one. To facilitate this tradition victoria funerals designed a temporary candle box for orthodox funerals made of colorbond steel with a perspex window. Orthodox Candle Case Aluminum With 1 Tray 100x90x220cm, Ecclesiastical from […]

Orthodox Baptismal Candle

Orthodox Baptismal Candle. The sacrament of holy baptism in the orthodox christian church introduction why infant baptism ? Most orthodox ceremonies require just one candle, but some denominations require two. Lampada baptism Greek Orthodox Baptismal Candle Christening Etsy from www.pinterest.com During baptism of new members into christ's church, the neophyte […]

Greek Orthodox Christening Candles

Greek Orthodox Christening Candles. During an orthodox christening the baby is emerged naked in water expressing the fact that through this sacrament christ cleanses us of all sins. A satin round ribbon roping wraps at top, cascades to the bottom and groups again at bottom. Lambatha Greek Orthodox Christening Candle […]