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A Different List Of Classic Gothic Literature

The best Gothic novels The following list is not supposed to represent the ten most definitive Gothic novels ever published – it’s a list to inspire debate and discussion as much as it is a list of recommendations of classic … Continue reading

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Trying To Settle

Settle23.  to become calm or composed (often followed by down): I’ll wait until the class settles before starting the lesson.  (http://www.dictionary.com/browse/settle?s=t) Today found me smiling, singing as I swept the floors from my wheelchair, and contemplating other projects I could … Continue reading

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Review: An Officer’s Duty, by Jean Johnson

An Officer’s Duty is the second novel in the Their’s Not to Reason Why series by Jean Johnson. This is not the first military adventure novel I have ever read, nor series, but it is one of the better ones. … Continue reading

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Friday Grodiness

The Husband did not make it into work today because he is still fighting the horrible crud.  He is sleeping now, and I do believe this is the best thing for him.  Maybe he can sleep the last of this … Continue reading

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High Five, by Janet Evanovich…a Review

  One of the major relaxations I have had during this move has been reading.  My book of choice for the move was almost unintentional.  I knew I needed some light reading material and had only purchased High Five, by … Continue reading

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The Age of Desire, by Jennie Fields – A Review

  The Age of Desire by Jennie Fields My rating: 4 of 5 stars   I am always interested in reading about writers whether it is fiction or nonfiction. This book is about a real writer early in the 20th … Continue reading

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Snow. Winter. Cold. Gray. Writing

Writing today. It has been a while since I have been able to sit down and do some serious writing on more than one project. Because I am writing on more than one serious project – “A Story of Emily … Continue reading

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A Story of Emily Post, Part XIX

  Everything stopped. Time ceased to exist. Emily didn’t dare breathe in case she interrupts the pause. Three strangers were turned to her; their faces were expectant.   Her life had been normal once – hadn’t it? She got up … Continue reading

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The Lost Goddess, by Tom Knox – Surpising Read

When I originally picked up The Lost Goddess at the library, I was intrigued by the jacket cover synopsis/hook. It did its job most excellently. When I began reading the book I was beginning to wonder if I had a … Continue reading

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