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Powerful Wheel Revolutions!

When life decides to take off at warp speed you sort of have to hold on and go with it!  Right now I can say life is “good”.  It isn’t what I expected considering everything happening in the past, but, … Continue reading

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GARISSA, Kenya: Kenya attack survivor says gunmen had scouted the campus | World | Kentucky.com

GARISSA, Kenya: Kenya attack survivor says gunmen had scouted the campus | World | Kentucky.com. According to the news reports I saw today there was omission the gunmen who attacked the Kenyan college was targeting “non-Muslim” students.  This article tells … Continue reading

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Advent Day 3 – Hope

There is something enormously hopeful about Christmas.  Like in the expectation of receiving a new baby into the family, the hope of the birth of a Savior is beyond magnificent.  The prophecy of His birth was made hundreds, thousands of … Continue reading

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A Disturbing Conversation About Life

There is so much more to do today and, quite honestly, all I have really wanted to do is just relax and not think too hard; not plan over much for tomorrow; just be.  Of course, this is not something … Continue reading

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Thursday Saints

There are a lot of Saints in the Orthodox Church.  Many of them I don’t know, so, for the month of October you and I will discover a different saint.  Each day in the Church calendar there are saints to … Continue reading

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Sitting In Silence Waiting For The Phone To Ring

Yesterday one of my brothers-in-law had some pretty serious surgery.  He is in University of Kentucky Hospital.  I sat with my sister and his two grown girls and entertained  by their children, one of which simply won my heart.  According … Continue reading

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