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A Birthday Saturday

It is Saturday. Sun is dappling the trees outside and the birds are trilling their early evening songs and today is the first full day of being 54 years old. Fifty-four is such a strange number. Psychologically and emotionally I … Continue reading

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Gahhhhhhhhh! *head desk* Today has been a very odd day all-in-all on SO many different fronts.  The good things about today are:  1)  It was nice and sunny.  A real summer day.  2)  The sun shone.  3)  I think I … Continue reading

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And … We’re Back!

The staycation was wonderful!  There was a sinus infection for part of it, but being away from the computer for the past few days/weeks was just what the doctor ordered for getting the creative juices flowing again and organization projects … Continue reading

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Advent Day 6 – Homemade

I was quite surprised when I came on-line today and realized Day 6 hadn’t been posted!  I didn’t even remember writing Day 6 – because I hadn’t!  Shame on me.  Still, I remember what I planned on writing about:  Homemade … Continue reading

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Ballad of a WiFi Hero

This video came from another blog here on the net.  Inspirational Geek.  I highly recommend this blog.  I now give you, a tale of a brave warrior and hero!

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Feeling Geeky

Have entered the world of Linux. Currently have downloaded and am using Ubuntu OS. Cheyenne had to hold my hand and help me with the partitioning and actually getting started. Ubuntu is more favourable to me than OpenSUSE was, even … Continue reading

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Technical Difficulties

My computer, Skypanda, crashed last night while I was trying to do yesterday’s post. So, for the near future posts will be made from my Android phone. Writing,however,has decreased to the handwritten story until we are up and running again.

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