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Every Time I Turn Around There Is Something New…

There is something new to see or make notes of or read, etc!  Having a suddenly busy life is causing me to reorganize and reschedule in different ways.  I haven’t had to depend on a calendar so much in years! … Continue reading

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In Love!!!!

The wireless/Bluetooth keyboard is now paired with the Nook tablet and I am using it!  ::squee!!!::  The keyboard is charging as I type, but I simply couldn’t wait any longer to see if it would connect and be everything I … Continue reading

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A Birthday Saturday

It is Saturday. Sun is dappling the trees outside and the birds are trilling their early evening songs and today is the first full day of being 54 years old. Fifty-four is such a strange number. Psychologically and emotionally I … Continue reading

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And … We’re Back!

The staycation was wonderful!  There was a sinus infection for part of it, but being away from the computer for the past few days/weeks was just what the doctor ordered for getting the creative juices flowing again and organization projects … Continue reading

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Sunny (Basketball) Saturday

After all the rain we had yesterday, the sun has come out today with promises of warmer weather and more sunshine.  The temperature is cooler than last week’s, setting my arthritis into angry grumblings in my joints.  The weather forecasts … Continue reading

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Rainy, Writerly Tuesday

It is raining.  It began raining last night.  It has rained all day.  The rain can’t get to me today because a) the sun lamp is on; and b) I’m writing.  I am actually writing a lot!  These days rarely … Continue reading

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There is STILL Snow Outside My Window

Writing report for this week:  Chapter Seven is beginning solidly.  A new character has been discovered.  His name is “Aldus” and he is one creepy dude!  Aldus was so creepy Glory told him to go away and he vanished!  Now … Continue reading

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Advent Day 13 – My Melanie

When I was ten years old I was in the hospital.  The doctors didn’t know if I was going to make it or not.  On December 13 Sister 3, Rosetta, gave birth to the most beautiful creature in the world … Continue reading

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I Have An Addiction

There is something I must confess:  I have an addiction.  It started off quite harmless – just a few minutes here and a few minutes there as the weather grew cooler and the arthritis got worse.  Then I began noticing  … Continue reading

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A Quick Update

Yesterday, along with my husband, I went to see my primary care physician.  She examined my swollen joints – yes, it was VERY painful -, read through the pain journal I am now keeping per the pain management group’s request, … Continue reading

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