Still Flu-Like

The flu is over and now I am battling what I believe to be an inner ear infection.  Will this stuff NEVER end?!

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Really Good Information

Originally posted on The Write Nook: A few weeks ago, Publisher’s Weekly came out with a ranking of America’s top 20 publishing houses for 2016. It’s no surprise who the top 5 were, but what’s really important is what came after. The sixth and seventh publisher were both that of children’s books- Scholastic and Disney…

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This Is Simply Too Cute Not To Share – Happy Friday

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We Are Mortal, Not Indestructable

It is odd to think of Bill Paxton being dead.  Bill Paxton.  He is one of those actors you sort of look at like a neighbor you don’t see often but have good memories of with his family down the street.  Suddenly you hear he died from complications in heart surgery.  “Heart surgery?!” you say.  “I didn’t know he was sick.  He didn’t look like he was sick!  Why I just saw him the other day and he looked fine!  He was talking about a new project he was all hyped about.”


Bill Paxton 1955-2017


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Yeah, I’m Afraid This Will Happen To Me

Originally posted on Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo: I recently came into contact with a writer. Nothing unusual about that around here, but this wasn’t through blogging or any of the usual channels. We talked for a while, establishing that there were a whole load of coincidences leading up to our encounter, which seemed to…

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*Face Palm* #232 + Happies

My brand new Kindle died.  It stopped charging 3 days ago while I was reading and charging.  Luckily for me, the Kindle reading app is on more than one of my devices, but having the Kindle go down was really a kick in my…head?

Since receiving the Kindle, thank you again to whoever sent it to me in the first place, it has become one of the main go-to devices for when I’m not feeling well.  The other, as most of you know, is the XBox One and TV.  When the arthritis is especially heinous, I can lie quietly in the bed and read or listen to a book.  This helps me keep my mind away from all the pain.  With the migraines, it’s a bit trickier, but have discovered when I put the Kindle on the night-time reading setting with a migraine, I can read pretty well, just somewhat slower.

When I am out going to the numerous doctors’ visits of late, the Kindle always accompanied me.  Like I said, it is one of my go-to devices for comfort, entertainment, and, in some weird way, a non-judging friend present 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – as long as it is charged, of course.

Lucky for me, the Kindle was a straight Amazon purchase and after a short text chat with Sangaya, a replacement Kindle is winging its way to me as we speak and will be here before the end of next week!  Relief!

That is sort of one of those bad news-good news stories.

In straight out “good news” stories, the migraines have been at bay for several days now and my energy is beginning to climb!  Once more I am inside my own skin and it feels wonderful.  The arthritis is really a painful old friend, and since it is the only thing bothering me now – trust me, it bothers me enough for me not to like him, Arthur, that is – I feel set free from a very heavy set of chains.


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Getting To The Party A Little Late, But Not Too Late

Having migraines means, unfortunately, I can’t always enjoy the reading of a good book to hard-magic-larry-correiaget me over the hump.  Reading when you have a migraine doesn’t work remarkably well, as for relieving stress and being able to get somewhere else other than your body, because it’s your head.  When you’re trying to escape into your head and your head is the thing hurting….  You get my meaning.

Anyway, enter audio books.  Listening to audio books is a wonderful escape when the migraine hits.  For me, at least.  This is especially good if the narration is good.  I have tried to listen to a couple of books whose narrator’s voice feels like nails-on-a-chalk-board to my fevered ear and throbbing head.  Now, however, I’ve discovered a)an author I plan on reading when the migraines are more under control; b) a story that keeps me coming back to it eagerly; and c) a narrator I simply love listening to!

What is this miracle, you ask?  It is Larry Correia’s Grimnoire series and Bronson Pinchot who gives all these alternate-history people their voices.

Currently, I’m almost finished with the first book in the Grimnoire series, Hard Magic where we are introduced to the Sullivan brothers.  One is dead.  One is a bad guy.  And one, of course, is the hero.  Jake Sullivan, hero, doesn’t look at himself as a hero exactly.  He needs to make things right for himself, his dead brother, the human race, and his now-zombie girlfriend who is looking to make her last fight on this side of the grave be a good one.  In fact – there isn’t a bad character in the entire novel!

The bad guys are nasty.  The good guys are just looking to get the job they need to do done.  Each one of them is memorable.  Each one is someone I find myself caring about – good and bad – and wanting them to succeed, live, and, as far as the bad guys go: die.

The only reason I haven’t put on the headphones and grabbed some knitting is because I wanted to make sure Bronson Pinchot did the narration for the other books in the series, and I simply had to put the next two books into my listening queue before finishing the one.  I am not going to complete one novel and then pine for the next one.  I just can’t do it right now.  Luckily, I don’t have to.

So, if you haven’t read any Grimnoire I suggest you give it a perusal, or a listen to.

On a scale of 5 stars, I give it a 10!


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The Return Of The Errant Writings

My time of late has been taken up with hemiplegic migraines, either having them, researching them, and likewise trying to keep the stress of living with the migraines  and arthritis has been keeping me quite busy.  Some of the stress could’ve been eased if the neurologist I was seeing iinspired me with confidence.  Dr. T gave me less than ten minutes attention per visit and  never listened to a single thing I said.  After telling me to keep a daily migraine/headache journal, he glanced at it once and never mentioned it to me again.  Plus, he didn’t once talk directly to me, yet he spoke amicably to whomever was with me.  As you can probably iimagine, I have another appointment with a different neurologist iin March.

Since writing makes me happy, I have turned back to pen and paper for initial drafts because it is a relaxing act of itself.  Much to my surprise, the writing output is growing. Solmething soon may pop up on The News that may just be fictionee!  

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Just Not Feeling It

I am just going to have to admit it and get it over with.  *sigh*  I am just not feeling Christmas this year.

I’ve done everything I can think of to “get into the spirit” of Christmas, but it simply isn’t happening.  This year I went to people’s wish lists and Christmas lists on Amazon and picked from there the gifts I purchased.  I haven’t gone out to one single store this year nor even tried to get “that perfect gift”, not even for The Husband.

Normally I would have Christmas music filling the house and as soon as someone came in the house I’d be offering them hot chocolate and Christmas cookies of some sort.  I haven’t even asked for Christmas cookies this year from the grocery and I have only drunk one cup of hot chocolate so far.

There is a part of me reasoning out why the Christmas spirit isn’t present.  The reasoning is as follows:

  1. I haven’t been able to get out independently for a while now, so I’ve just gotten used to staying in the house and not going out, so therefore not seeing any Christmas decorations in the stores or anything.
  2. A lot has happened to me over the recent weeks and I am still recovering in part.
  3. Energy levels are fluctuating radically for me due to arthritis flares and migraines (thankfully the migraines are less than the arthritis flares – it is just the time of year for arthritis flares).
  4. No one around me is in the Christmas spirit or mood.

However, the inability to get out independently has been taken care of because Sniffles and Cheyenne have had a porch put on the front of the house and a ramp!  I’ve used the ramp.  I can get out.  Why don’t I?  Why haven’t I been getting out the moment I was able to do so?  There isn’t a desire to get outside and go places.  And, yes, a lot has happened with me over the past few weeks, even months, but When has something not happened to me?  I am an arthritic.  I have been an arthritic my entire life, why on earth would it begin getting to me now?  Plus, it has never bothered me people aren’t in a Christmas spirit before.  I worked hard to help them get into the Christmas spirit, and I usually always succeed.  This year I haven’t even tried, or attempted to get anyone in the Christmas mood, including ME.

Besides, it isn’t anyone else’s job to get me into the Christmas spirit of things.  As I’ve written here nearly every year, Christmas is usually a time of hope and new beginnings for me.  This year there isn’t any of this for me.  I actually feel empty.  I wish I knew what would fill the emptiness because I’d work on getting it all filled up.

One thing I know I am going to begin doing:  I am going to Church.  I am going to schedule a ride on WHEELS and I am going to Church.  I haven’t been in so long.  I am also going to get another Bible and another copy of The Ascetical Homilies of Saint Isaac the Syrian.  After Christmas, of course, because I’ve asked repeatedly for a Bible.

I actually need to have a physical copy of the Holy Bible.  I have continued reading it on my Nook, tablet, and now my husband’s tablet (more about the use of The Husband’s tablet later).  Even though I know I brought Saint Isaac with me when we moved into here, I can’t find the book!  Everyone in the house has been helping me look for it and no one can find it!  It has vanished and I feel like I’ve lost a very important mentor in my life and faith.

I am pretty sure this phase will pass.  I am hoping it will all be gone by the time Old Christmas rolls around.  *sigh*

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A Million Reasons

Lady Gaga, through the years, has won me over.  No matter what you say about her, at times, strange performance style, she has a wonderful voice and many of her lyrics are pertinent to today’s living.  However, when I heard this song for the first time on the Victoria’s Secret show, I just fell silent and listened, truly listened, like I used to when much younger and song lyrics spoke to my soul, hopes, and dreams.

“A Million Reasons” is poignant, and makes me want to listen to the rest of the album.  So,  I share the song with you.

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