Writing the Dreaded Novel Synopsis? These 2 Simple Hacks Will Help – by Anne R. Allen… — Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog

Writing a novel synopsis doesn’t have to be a miserable chore. I have yet to meet a writer who enjoys writing a novel synopsis. Unfortunately, we all need to write them. Yes, even self-publishers. I sometimes see people in writing groups and forums who gloat when there’s a discussion of how to write a synopsis. […]

via Writing the Dreaded Novel Synopsis? These 2 Simple Hacks Will Help – by Anne R. Allen… — Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog

This is so helpful!  Thanks for sharing it!  Hope someone else out there will pass this along, too!

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Storms, Dogs, and Visiting

Today there was a massive storm!  Rain fell so fast and so hard it was white outside the window!  Thunder rumbled overhead and the lightning was so intense it took out the modem!  There was a super-loud “SNAP!” and all the dogs that were in the living room were fighting to get into my lap.  Big ol’ Willie Fu tried to get in my lap, but he just couldn’t get all of him in my lap while Wicket was positive the world was ending and the only way it was going to be stopped was if he was in Mommy’s arms.  Bucky, the newer pup, was content to be under the wheelchair.  Chewie, on the other hand, pressed himself against me so hard after he found me – his eyes are bad now – I made sure to power off the chair because if the controller was bumped and the chair moved at all, he would have been hurt.

I managed to get everyone soothed a little by going into the living room and sitting in my normal spot with my feet propped up.  Willie reluctantly got on the couch and Wicket was pressed up against my left leg and foot.  Chewie decided he was OK and lay between the TV and me – not so far he couldn’t find me quickly, but not so far away either.  Bucky, this time, pressed himself up against the right wheel of the chair but put his head on his paws.  However, after the next big rolling rumble of thunder, we had to move into the kitchen where the little dogs got under the table with my feet, while the two bigger ones grabbed a side press themselves up against the wheels as hard as they could.

It wasn’t until the storm was over, except for a little more rain, I was finally able to leave the kitchen and go back into the living room where the sound came from and all the dogs.  It took only a few seconds to locate the source of the loud snap.  The modem was in death rows of blinking lights, sequences varied.  It was also humming faintly.

Willie watched the blinking lights intently.  If I was close to that thing that scared him, he was going to have my back.  When I moved back away from to see if I could zero in on where it was plugged up.  I was on my way to unplugging power from the back of the modem when The Husband came in from having to go to the store.  As you can probably imagine, there was !MUCH! rejoicing!

Luckily, there weren’t any other electronics harmed, and I was able to get hold of a real person at TDS to get a new modem sent.  I asked if someone from the company could just bring one and set it up for me, but the customer service rep said, “I understand ma’am, but this is the procedure.  Your new modem should be in within the next 5-7(?) business days.”  So, I’ll just expect in within the next ten days.

In other, non-storm-and-dog-modem-related adventures, The Husband and I went to my sister’s in Clay County!  We ate good food.  Had good company.  We laughed and talked.  It was rejuvenation to my very Soul!

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20180711_1339581906144876.jpg Tried to post this earlier but a little housework and bill paying took up more time than I expected, so here it is in early evening and I am finally sitting still long enough to begin writing for the day.  And…I am content.

The above picture is of the set-up my niece came up from my description of something I needed and voila!  Here it is:  The microwave, coffee maker, coffee bean bags, coffee grinder, and water are now all within easy reach.  She has also brilliantly thought of where to put the garbage can so I can get to it more easily, and is helping me set up a pantry I can get into for when I want to cook something.  With these things I don’t have to ask The Husband to do something for me.  I mean, I still have to ask him for a lot, but this sets me free and gives him more time just to be.  Win-win!


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A Wonderful Find!

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Writing. Music.

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Cool Rain

Rain is hitting the tin roof of the house and all else is quiet.  Cars aren’t going up and down the road very much.  Birds are singing joyfully as if they are giving thanks for the rain.  The dogs are circled around me dozing, contented.

This is a good day.

Last night I wasn’t very sleepy so I went to work.  Writing between 10:30 PM and 3:30-4:00 AM is a magical time to write.  The house is quiet.  Most of the day concerns are settled or put to the side until the next one and the mind is freer to be creative.  No wonder Emily Dickenson loved to write around three o’clock in the morning!

Words 7/5/18:  2447

Goal:  100,000

Total word count:  as of 7/5/18  8,301

Words remaining:  91,699

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Good Water At Last

Being back in the country has challenges I’d forgotten about after living so long in an urban area where the conveniences are many.  There is public transportation for wheelchairs here, which I am so very thankful for!  However, instead of an advance notice of 24 hours, to schedule a ride requires three days advance notice.  I can deal with this.  It isn’t horrible and gives me more time to contact dispatch to let them know if I need to cancel the ride.

Going to the grocery takes a little more planning.  Some things you need to get at one place, canned goods at another place are cheaper (Sav-A-Lot), and if you want something special, you drive all the way into the neighboring county to the Walmart.

Yarn appears to be cheaper here than in Lexington.  😊

One of the most wonderful things is we have well water here.  We don’t have city water.  This is a bill we simply can’t afford, and, more importantly, the well water is so much better than bottled or city water!

I grew up drinking this water.  When I moved away I tried to drink city water, but every time I drank it my stomach became so upset I was miserable.  Since tap water away from here was out, this meant I drank bottled water.  Even with the bottled water my insides knew if it was tap water or really good bottled water very easily.  Some brands I cannot drink.  Coming home means I don’t have to worry about watching what kind of water I drink.

The well water is SO good!  I have drunk more water since being home than all of last year I’d say.  It is so much easier now, too.  All I need to do is go into the kitchen, get a cup, and just get a drink of water.  I don’t need to get a bottle of water, my opening tool, and struggle for about five minutes to get it open.  Even The Husband loves this water!

Chapter 3 was finished last night, or early this morning rather.  It is good.  Needs work, of course, but not stopping.  Moving on to Chapter 4 today in between running into the living room to get cool.

The Husband put a fan in the kitchen for me, which is my work place, yesterday, but today the real-feel is 100°F outside.  Inside it is very warm.  I think I am going to get a couple of cheap indoor thermometers and see how hot it gets in here and what it is in the living room where the other fans and small air conditioner air.  The Husband needs it cooler because of his breathing.

Total word count as of yesterday:  5,854

Goal:  100,000 words

Total words remaining:  94,146

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I Found Some Giant Robots I Like!

I finally found some BIG robots I like!  You do not understand how big a deal this is in myImage result for pacific rim 2 amara photos family.  The Husband, Cheyenne, and nearly every other friend, especially male friend I have is seriously into the anime Robotech and the RPG and the movies that come along with the anime.  I am not a big fan of giant robots, even if you do pilot them.  There just isn’t any appeal for me there – normally.  However, I have seen a movie where I completely enjoyed the big robots and their pilots!

Pacific Rim 2 gave me this wonderful new appreciation of big robots.  The story gets me more interested and the suspension of disbelief is much easier to do because of the story.  The characters were people I came to care about and root for.  The giant robots were secondary to the story almost, yet were integral simultaneously.  If this movie had an anime, I would watch it, and I would play the mess out of the RPG.

In other, non-movie related, news, the YA novel is coming along quite well.  Already to Chapter 3 with notes and ideas ready for Four.  Being here on Stinnett means there isn’t much to do other than watch movies and play some games you don’t need the internet for.  You read a lot.  Without distractions like I had before, the writing is taking center stage again.

I know ‘living in the city’ didn’t damage my writing desire or skill by any means.  The stress we just came from was the killer and it had been going on for five years almost when I simply couldn’t take it any longer, and no other resources were open to us, we moved to some place quieter.  For the first time in…forever…we have a little peace.  It isn’t over-flowing and there aren’t Heavenly beams coming down to the sound of an angelic choir, but peace is here: inside me – in us.

The Husband is the most relaxed I’ve seen him in many, many years.  He is beginning to breathe better – except in the extreme heat, like today – and it is cool enough, thanks to Melody and ‘the guys’, he can stay inside and stay cool enough to where he doesn’t smother.

Being in this place now, I so long for my Family, Friends, and everyone else, to have this feeling of security and safety to where you can write and find giant robot movies you can enjoy.

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25 Writing Contests in July 2018 – No entry fees – by Erica Verrillo… — Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog


on Publishing … and Other Forms of Insanity: There are more than two dozen free writing contests in July, some of which offer substantial prizes. Every genre, form, and style is covered, from short stories, to poetry, to published works. As always, read the guidelines carefully. Many contests have geographical and age restrictions. See Full […]

via 25 Writing Contests in July 2018 – No entry fees – by Erica Verrillo… — Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog

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O! Bullet Journal! How I Love Thee!

Where was the bullet journal all those years ago?!

The YA fantasy is moving along.  I can’t say it is “quickly” moving, but it isn’t standing still, and one of the reasons I am thinking it is going so well is because of the bullet journal set-up I’m using.

In a dedicated journal to this novel, I’ve set aside pages for an index, made a grid for keeping track of which chapters are finished for the first draft and another grid for the final draft version.  Each chapter has its own pages where I keep track of which character has been introduced and notes about what has gone on compared to what I would like to see happen.  I call the latter “Jottings Pages” and I can see I am going to have to set aside a couple more pages because the ideas are numerous!

I do not work with an outline per se – we’ve had the outline conversation before – but the bullet journal is helping to keep the thoughts orderly and somewhat organized.  Before I begin writing, I go through the journal to see what notes I’ve left for myself from the day before as well as a list of things I need to do during the writing day.

At first I had to force myself to use the bullet journal.  I just kept forgetting it.  Once I began using it, though, the story itself began to flow easily.  Some of the business-y things of writing are taken care of outside my brain and the story is actually more cohesive than before.  To me.

From here on out I am going to use a bullet journal for writing, especially the novels.  Having a generalized writing bullet journal would be very useful, too, but the format hasn’t come to me yet.  Since it would contain shorter pieces with notes ideas, people, etc., it could force me to finish the shorter pieces because it would show me progress.

It is time to go into the ink mines.

Here is hoping everyone’s day is a good one!

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