22m Uninsured

The longer I live and the more health problems I acquire, when talk about healthcare BBDiyL6comes up my knee jerk reaction is to duck and cover or cover the important bits because something is usually coming down the pike that will disrupt my life.

The only thing the government sees and cares about is numbers.  They can’t see, won’t see the numbers are directly related to a person.  A living, breathing person.  And, ultimately, the government is screwing around with the quality of life of people.

You can read the full article here.  I will also put a full link at the bottom of this article.

Trump says this version of bill is ‘”mean”‘, but “he’s lent his support to the Senate version and is lobbying for passage.”

Doesn’t anyone in government positions care about the people they’re supposed to represent?  The correct answer here is:  No.  No, they don’t.  They are the “haves” and I am a “have not” just trying to live and be as happy as I can with the world I’ve been given.

I don’t know why this has irritated me so.  It just has.


Puppies and kittens.  Puppies and kittens.


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I Needed That

Yesterday, Monday, was not a good day for Adulting, as you may well remember.  I didn’t do one thing very adult yesterday, to be honest.  I read.  I watched TV.  I played video games.  I sat out in the sun.  My priest even came by for a visit, which always makes me smile and feel, well, not alone.

Besides playing, I also did a good amount of thinking and even picked up my paper journal and wrote quite a bit there to help the thoughts organize and sift down into a more natural order.  In doing all of this, there were a few epiphanies and realizations.

One:  Mondays are going to be my “day off” escentially.  They are going to be my days and I am not going to put any appointments on them, physical therapy, occupational therapy, or anything else of them unless forced.  Why?  Because when The Husband is off on the weekends I want him to rest as much as he can, because what he does as a job is stressful.  I mean, he walks, on average, eight miles a day pushing people in wheelchairs and in beds to appointments and procedures.  Since he is a socialable fellow, he also talks to the patients he transports and helps them stay calm.  And, when The Husband works on the weekends, I am busy trying to get me ready to go to church.

Two:  I am a writer, and though I am not “a professional” writer/author, I do approach writing and telling stories in a professional manner.  There isn’t one single reason why I can’t, or shouldn’t make a work schedule and keep it regardless of what some people I’ve read say.

Three:  There isn’t anything holding me back from being published any more.  There is a traditional route of publishing and a non-traditional one.  If I am consciencious and work at the craft, I can be published in both ways.

So, today I made a writing schedule for today and the remainder of the week with everything worked in.  Now, I am off to work.

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Adulting Or NOT Adulting, THAT Is The Question

really don’t want to adult today.  I want to read in the sun and play with the dogs.  I want to play video games and listen to music.  I want to get motivated to running the up-coming session of D&D 5th Edition game/story.  I just simply don’t want to adult today with plots and subplots; word selection, etc.

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Short Stories Are Harder

I think I am growing in my writing as a whole and technique in particular.  Normally I sit in front of the computer or desk, etc., and write with a sometimes loose plan until the story is finished.  I love writing novels because there is much wiggle room for details, plot, and surprises for me as well as the reader.  With short stories, the room is defined – by me this time and editors normally – and I sometimes have difficulty getting everything in the story I want to get in there.  This story, in particular, is slowly progressing and I’m OK with that because a) I’m enjoying it, and b) I want the short story collection to be good.

Yesterday I was hoping to get the current piece completed so I could go on to the next one.  It didn’t happen.  Not because I couldn’t have done it, but because I felt the rushed ending before it began happening, which is a big difference for me.  Normally I don’t sense the rushed ending until it is already there on the screen or on paper and a second writing is necessary to fix it, make everything make sense.  Yesterday I felt the exact place where the story was preparing to rush and I stopped it dead in its tracks.

know the ending to the story.  I know what is supposed to happen.  Plus, I am still being surprised by the main character.  Letting others get to know him is my goal and I am not going to let things get ruined because of my impatience.

All-in-all, this short story collection is teaching me wonderful lessons about my craft and myself.  I couldn’t ask for anything more, except for others to enjoy what I’ve written.  I am also getting excited about that now as well.

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Blue Sky #5,867,224

20170620_142133Yesterday was magnificent!  For the first time in many, many days I felt awake.  My brain felt awake.  I was, and am, alive!  So, what did I do with such an amazing day?  I played video games for about an hour and the rest of the time playing with the dogs!

It had been so long since I actually dedicated time to them their joy was infectious.  We chased each other through the house – though I needed to be careful of the two smaller ones because they unfailingly zigged as I zagged, or bobbed when I weaved – and then I brought out The Joy Of Joys, otherwise known as a tennis ball, and threw it out the back door and through the house.  Since I can’t really throw well, the ball is an adventure for me as well as them.

Tongues were hanging out of mouths, water was slurped out of bowls in rare moments of pause, or caught in-between ball throws – or attempts at such.  We played for a good two hours straight, or until The Husband came home.  When he came home things changed, because I wanted to give him some wakeful hours, too.

All day the dogs were good.  No over-barking, even from Dot.  No barking at people walking on the sidewalk, etc.  Once The Husband was home, it changed, until I decided to take a nap and retrieved a blanket for my legs.  I napped beside The Husband while he played a video game, and the dogs napped as well.  Wicket even napped on my legs.

When Sniffles came home from work, they turned up the barking about twenty decibel and units per minute.  However, the dogs were “skitter-y” in the fact they were ready to be chases again or the ball to be picked up or hugging and petting to begin again.  They were on the look-out for play and affection like I’ve not seen for many a month now.  It did my heart good, and let me sleep exceptionally peaceful last night, even though I slept in my wheelchair.  I do believe we wore each other out yesterday, and it was most wonderful!

So, what does all of this mean for today?

Well, it means I am awake again, though, I must admit it was difficult to wake this20170620_142210 morning because I was actually getting real sleep, healing sleep.  Once I awoke, there was energy.  Wonderful energy.

Today I’ve had occupational therapy and prepped the current short story in the collection for work, which I’ll begin in just a few.  I wanted to sit outside and read for a while today before the sun became too hot for me, but I wasn’t able to do that earlier, still, it is on the to-do list for later on, when the shade comes over.

The Husband finally has a day off so he is resting in the living-room and all the dogs are nested and nestled around him for naps, leaving me free to write.


The current short-story is filling me with glee!  I can’t wait to work on it each day I am able.  Since it is a “short story” I expected it to be done several days ago, but, I’m learning, things change, and when they do, you roll with them and keep on going.  I have always done the rolling, but the process of getting up and continuing used to be faster than what it is now.  I believe I’ve come to an acceptable conclusion of:  It’s OK if I don’t get up right away, as long as I manage to get up and keep moving forward mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically; and they don’t all have to be simultaneous.  They just need to happen.  And, since they are, I have nothing to truly worry about.  Life, and stories, march on!

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Amazon’s KDP switch to a new interface

Originally posted on Nicholas C. Rossis: Some of you will have noticed KDP’s switch to a new interface: The new dashboard offers several advantages over the old one. The tabbed browsing allows you to access historical data. It also breaks down royalties and sales by marketplace, author, title, and format. The Real Change Image: dailyfinance.com The…

via Amazon Is Changing Its KDP Reports Tool — Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog

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Stepping out of one of your comfort zones and into an unknown zone is difficult.  Like

Anya Gears of War 1
Anya, Gears of War


most people, I don’t like change, but it isn’t such a dislike I freak out about it often or declare change isn’t simply going to happen.  I am … *sigh* … a grown-up and I know change is going to happen whether or not I want it, and I know the best way to get through change is to face it, learn about whatever is changing, and simply just get on with it more or less.


For the life of me, I never once expected to receive a diagnosis of seizures, i.e. epilepsy.  Officially, I have not been diagnosed with epilepsy, but the new medication is an epilepsy medicine and actually appears to be working, unless I miss a dose or am late on taking a dose.  If this happens, an episode occurs wherein I lose a few seconds and it takes a while for my brain to right itself and move forward like it’s supposed to.  Usually this requires a nap of 20 to 45 minutes.  Wednesday the nap was four hours long, but that episode seemed to last for almost an entire minute.

The night before – Tuesday – I had one of those full-body/fully awake episodes, which hurt like hell.  You know the ones I was calling a full-body muscle spasm?  Yeah, those.  The Husband and I went to meet some friends and left to head home when it was getting dark and I had to close my eyes against the headlights of on-coming traffic.  Luckily I now understand what one of those triggers feels like and was able to keep my eyes closed until getting home and into my wheelchair and thus into the house.  That time I thought I’d made it through without having a seizure, but fifteen minutes later I had a bad one that simply wore me out!

Recently, The Husband discovered if the ceiling fan is running and the ceiling light, the strobe effect pretty much gives me an episode.  At first I thought this was hooey, but I was trying to sit in my normal spot in the kitchen, out of the way of course, in order to talk with whomever is cooking at the time – this time it happened to be The Husband – the fan and light were both on and I began feeling the precursory feelings of an episode and had to leave the kitchen.

As with most things, because these episodes are so new and I don’t know how to live with them yet, they are causing me problems and making me have to change parts of my normal day-to-day life, which no one likes to do.

There are some things that haven’t changed though:  I can still write; I can still play most of my favorite video games; I can read books and my Kindle; and I can still enjoy the sunshine.  My husband is supportive and encouraging, as is my family; and my friends are right with me, supporting all of us, especially me, through these changes.

Sometimes when change happens, you just need to check to see where your support is, even your anchors, so you can make it through the storms.

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Spellbound, By Larry Correia – A Book Review

I finished Spellbound yesterday and was, and still am, hungry for Warbound, by Larry Spellbound coverCorreia.  In the second book of the Grimnoir series, we discover exactly what Faye is and how she is so important.  However, we discover this when a god of demons was Summoned for revenge.  Now the Heavy, Sullivan, Toru, and all the rest are preparing to save the world in this alternate history series.

Normally, alternate-history stories make me scoff, but Larry Correia has woven wonderful characters into an intriguing story, which starts off with action and doesn’t stop.

Correia’s work is a joy to read.  His word choice and description draws you deep within the story and doesn’t let you go.  You care for his creations, these people in his stories.  I genuinely cannot say enough good about his work.  Am I a fan?  Yes, I believe so.  Once you read his works, I believe you will be a fan likewise.

Since the local library doesn’t have Warbound available currently in the Grimnoire series, I am settling in to read Monster Hunter Vendetta, which is the second book in the Monster Hunter International series by Mr. Correia.

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There Are Moments When You Just Need to STOP

Today I let myself relax.  No, I purposely went out to relax and succeeded for the most part.

One thing I did was take a book out onto the front porch and read, tilted back comfortably, with all the dogs who wanted to be with me out on the porch, too.  It wasn’t too hot since rain has come in.  Luckily for me, the pressure and heat has stabilized and the arthritis can relax some, too, which means it doesn’t hurt as much when it rains.  In fact, this is the time of year when rain is enjoyable for body and mind.

Worries and concerns tried very hard to worm their way into my brain, but I decided firmly I was just going to enjoy the book I was reading and pushed the worry-thoughts away, like sticks on the water getting too close to my boat.  It was easy to push them away, and keep them away.  Meditation and prayer is good for teaching you how to deal with things.  Only now have I begun to realize how to utilize what I’ve been practicing all these years.  Yeah, it’s weird to me, too.

Reading, with my bare feet in a patch of sunshine, gave me peace I’ve been missing these past few weeks.  Slipping deep into the story and the beauty of the descriptive words was just what I needed to genuinely relax.

Over the past weekend, The Husband moved our fig tree outside on the front porch.  Having it present was a wonderful addition to the reading ambience, especially since sparrows and some other small birds felt safe enough to come and land on the taller branches.  A large pine tree is also in the front yard, which is home to mocking birds, robins, wrens, and, if I’m not mistaken, a nesting pair of cardinals.

Being surrounded by dogs and birds with brilliant sunshine and a cool breeze blowing, I finally relaxed and sort of “returned” to being me.

It was such a wonderful moment of “return”, when I came back inside, I began to work immediately on one of the short stories for the collection!

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For several years now my life has been little more than epic peaks and valleys with portions of peace coming at the oddest times, and, usually, when needed most.  “If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all….” does seem to fit the situation.  However, through the massive peaks and valleys, there have been some constants, some mountains supporting me through them.  And, not just me, but The Husband, Cheyenne and Sniffles, my Sisters, Father, church family, dearly loved friends, and the list could go on and on and on.

Through all of these peaks and valleys I’ve relied on so many people to help me get through.  Several people I’ve come to know through this blog have been instrumental in giving me smiles when I didn’t believe smiles were important.  Not only the people I’ve come to know and cherish, but the blogs on WordPress are equally important for those same smiles, laughter, shared tears, and so very much I simply don’t know how to describe!

Sometimes it feels as if, for me, at times; you never know if your blog makes a difference to anyone, and I am here to tell you all just how important many of you have been, are to me and my physical recovery as well as pure writing encouragement when there felt as if there wasn’t a drop of creativity left in my soul.

God has genuinely blessed me with you guys and your blogs and I just want to say, “Thank you.”

I don’t believe it’s possible to list everyone, but thank you…


Chris The Story Reading Ape

Interesting Literature

Charles Yallowitz, Legends of Windemere

SERENDIPITY, Seeking intelligent life on earth

GeekOut South-West

There are many more of you I should list, but the list would be too big making this post too long to read.  Thanks for helping me to keep going when it felt impossible to put one foot in front of the other, or one word after the other on the page.

EDIT:  One more to add because it didn’t make it through the “publication” button:  Books and Such, tpolen


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