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Backs, Ribs, And Deadlines

I haven’t been able to write for several days because of weather changes and the resulting accompanying back pain. The past three days being the worst. Sunday I couldn’t get out of bed. Monday, The Husband took off work to … Continue reading

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A Cuppa Does Wonders For The Mind (And Soul)

Today, for some unintelligible reason, has been a stressful one.  The only thing I’ve wanted to do today – as well as need to do – is work on the novel and increase final draft production.  Have I been able … Continue reading

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Beyond Words

Just a really quick moment to wave and say hi!  The novel is running and I am doing my best to keep up.  I know for certain Chapter One is ready and the following chapters, as far as final draft … Continue reading

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And We Turn Yet Again

Working.  Writing is difficult.  In general, it is difficult.  It is especially difficult when you don’t feel well.  Since I haven’t received any comments or likes on the posts of the past month and detailing my life, as it were, I … Continue reading

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Wherein The Writer Posts An Update

Hi all!  I’ve been writing.  Seriously working for the first time in a number of months and I feel…relieved, to be honest. This novel is going a different way and there are several different sections written, waiting to be inserted … Continue reading

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Back At Long Last

The vacation was much needed.  Although I couldn’t escape from the pain, I managed to find the space needed to rest, relax, and recoup from everything going on, so far, this year.  Now I am feeling renewed and as refreshed … Continue reading

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Review – Close Range

After watching Boyka:  Undisputed, I decided to watch another Scott Adkins flick.  This time I chose Close Range.  I should’ve chosen another movie.  Boyka:  Undisputed had everything I could ask for in an action flick.  It had lots of well-done … Continue reading

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Review – Boyka: Undisputed

  I am an action film fan.  Some would say I borderline on fanatic.  Either way, I love me some action movies.  This past weekend I was roaming around Netflix and discovered Boyka:  Undisputed starring Scott Adkins.  It is a … Continue reading

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‘You Wouldn’t Think the Ashes of a Man Would Be So Heavy’: Remembering Sam Shepard

Originally posted on Longreads:
Broadway World reports today that Oscar-nominated actor and Pulitzer-winning playwright Sam Shepard has died at 73 of complications from ALS, AKA Lou Gherig’s disease. In recent years, Shepard was best known as an actor, in the…

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Out And Getting Close To About

Out of hospital.  I do not have epilepsy! So, what is it? They don’t know.  It could be a stress response to the chronic pain.  For this possibility I am heading back to pain management for a do-over, or whatever … Continue reading

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