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Too Long…

“Hello, my name is Henrietta and I’m a magnet for sick bugs and viruses.” (“Hello, Henrietta.  What would you like to share with us today.”) “Now I am getting over a fresh cold + migraine attack and feeling pretty bitchy … Continue reading

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Knitting, Thinking, & Living, O My!

Well, after several weeks of being on the new medication, I can fully say the miracle continues.  However, a friend of mine, after reading the post about how some people at church said they were happy for me sort of … Continue reading

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The Fear Of Thirteen

A movie hasn’t impacted me like The Fear of 13 has.  It kept me spellbound for the entire one hour and thirty-six minutes it ran.  I couldn’t look away.  I couldn’t stop listening. The Fear of 13 is a story told by … Continue reading

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There Is Lots Of Snow Outside My Window

It began snowing sometime in the wee hours of the morning and hasn’t stopped.  I have a good hot cup of tea with me and working is slow but good. Chapter Seven is all ready to start. Working on the … Continue reading

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I Have An Addiction

There is something I must confess:  I have an addiction.  It started off quite harmless – just a few minutes here and a few minutes there as the weather grew cooler and the arthritis got worse.  Then I began noticing  … Continue reading

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