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It Is Lent And I Am In A Form Of Personal Hell

I have been wallowing in inactivity for months now since finishing the first draft of Sleeper. It seemed the moment the thing was done all motivation to do something, anything ceased. Finding out my sister has cancer pushed me down … Continue reading

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Metropolitan Kalistos Ware talks about fasting during Lent and at other times.

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Lenten Blogging

It has taken me a while to figure out what I need to do with the blog during Lent. Last night an idea woke me up from a form of sleep and I had to smile at the ceiling. The … Continue reading

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Lent has begun officially for all of Christendom, more or less. Some observe it and some do not. It depends on your particular denominational tradition really, and each individual. Of all the fasts and feasts in the Eastern Orthodox church, … Continue reading

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Monday Afternoon

It is Monday afternoon. It is still very cold and some snow is still on the ground, but, from what I can see of the outside world, the sun is shining. Hint of Spring? I will gladly take the hint … Continue reading

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Cute Day!

I am having a cute day.  What is a cute day?  A cute day, when you are a woman, is when you feel good and feel like you look good.  When this happens it shows in everything about you.  Although you … Continue reading

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Weather Change Got Me

Yesterday it was up to 70°F, today there is a winter weather advisory. My joints and body are not happy. I can’t feel one joint that isn’t uncomfortable or in pain. This means today has been a reading, journaling, TV … Continue reading

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Snow and Readings

This is a picture from my back door out  my back yard.  It is amazing how often I end up taking pictures of the little storage “barn” out there.  This photo was just so pretty!  It almost looks like it is … Continue reading

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Lenten Readings for Today

Sorry I didn’t post the readings for yesterday. Saturday has become the day where there is “spoon reclamation” and I get as much rest as I possibly can. If all goes, well, however, I will not miss next Saturday’s posting … Continue reading

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Lenten Readings for Today: LIGHTBULB!

  Readings: Isaiah 2:11-22 Genesis 2:4-19 Proverbs 3:1-18 Something struck me today when I read the Genesis portion of today’s reading. The part that stood out to me is “The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden … Continue reading

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