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Good Water At Last

Being back in the country has challenges I’d forgotten about after living so long in an urban area where the conveniences are many.  There is public transportation for wheelchairs here, which I am so very thankful for!  However, instead of … Continue reading

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Off To Work I Go!

The sun is shining and the shade has come over the house.  My niece, Melody, had a couple of workers come in and help her get the big things moved and the house is unrecognizable from what it was!  I … Continue reading

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A Leaf Falls To The Ground Outside My Window – Look! D&D!

The leaves are beginning to turn here in Lexington.  The trees are still mostly green, though, and there is still summer heat, but it’s different.  There is a definitive feeling of its fading in the not-so-distant future.  For the first … Continue reading

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Coding “White Trash” in Academia

Source: Coding “White Trash” in Academia I read this essay and, by the end, I was in silent tears.  I know exactly what this person is saying and it is true.  Coming from Appalachia I am very proud of where … Continue reading

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