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Out And Getting Close To About

Out of hospital.  I do not have epilepsy! So, what is it? They don’t know.  It could be a stress response to the chronic pain.  For this possibility I am heading back to pain management for a do-over, or whatever … Continue reading

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‘Tis A Rainy Thursday

The weatherman said it was going to rain today.  Scattered rain, he said.  It is raining hither and thither in Eastern Kentucky, but not really here in the Central portion of the Commonwealth.  However, you can’t tell good old Arthritis this. … Continue reading

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Complicated? Yeah, Tell Me About It!

“Complicated Migraines” – those migraines that used to mimic strokes – are now called hemiplegic headaches and I’ve been suffering from one for the past three weeks.  When everything originally started, it was just a bad headache and then a … Continue reading

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Only Two Days Left Of 2015

I was thinking of doing a “year end review”, but changed my mind.  A) Many people are doing the same thing; and B) this year has been a roller coaster ride you all have sort of gone through with me.  … Continue reading

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O’ The ADVENTURE I Am Having

Can you tell, feel the sarcasm in the title?  Good. The Kentucky Mountain Girl News has been on hiatus because of severe weather changes and thus severe arthritis pain, and a broken wheelchair, a dislocated rib, and just possibly a … Continue reading

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Monday Moanin’

It has turned off downright cold – to me – here in Lexington.  The thermometer outside on the deck says it is 50°F.  Not only is it cold, but wet.  The Husband had almost finished the morning dog constitution when … Continue reading

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Sharing Time – A Visit To The E.R.

Yesterday, late morning, I had to go to the emergency room because I simply could not take the pain any longer. I am in chronic pain because of the damage to my joints from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis which the doctors … Continue reading

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Monday Afternoon

It is Monday afternoon. It is still very cold and some snow is still on the ground, but, from what I can see of the outside world, the sun is shining. Hint of Spring? I will gladly take the hint … Continue reading

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Slowly Coming Out From Under My Rock

Both me and Carlos have been feeling horrible. For the first time since we’ve been together, Carlos was more sick than me! He is on the mend now, thankfully, and so am I. There are still major bouts of fatigue … Continue reading

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The Thundering Over My Head

  The Husband and I live in an apartment as you well know.  The previous upstairs neighbors have departed somewhere else and new neighbors are upstairs.  I know nothing of these people as they keep pretty close to themselves.  The … Continue reading

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