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A Leaf Falls To The Ground Outside My Window – Look! D&D!

The leaves are beginning to turn here in Lexington.  The trees are still mostly green, though, and there is still summer heat, but it’s different.  There is a definitive feeling of its fading in the not-so-distant future.  For the first … Continue reading

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September 3

Today is Saturday and a holiday weekend.  You know what I’m doing today?  I’m role playing.  My elf soldier-at-arms is determined the maggot pile currently in human form must die!  It is a moral, religious, and destined-to-die bad guy! (There may be … Continue reading

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I still need to get a few more bags I think.

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A New Doo

Wicket has his summer trim.  It is letting him explore his appreciation of sunbeams to the fullest!

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Unexpected Presents

I owe someone a “thank you.”  Recently, as in this week, I received one of those cards in the mailbox telling me I had a package.  Until moving into the apartment, we would have had to go all the way … Continue reading

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Me, My Best Friend, And A Bottle Of Rum!

We were juniors.  Shonda was studying to become a nurse and I was studying English to be whatever-it-was-I-thought-I-was-becoming at the time.  Because my advisor had talked me into it I took 21 credit hours that fall semester.  I had an … Continue reading

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Sisters Made

Writing 101, Day Four: The Serial Killer | The Daily Post. When I went to college to Eastern Kentucky University I met one of the best friends I could ever have.  Her name was Shonda.  She was actually from a … Continue reading

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Through Life’s Adventure, What Do You Do When You Lose Your Character Sheet?

Tomorrow is Saturday. Saturday is RPG day for me and my friends. Tomorrow we play a D&D/Pathfinder Module we began for Carlos’ birthday extravaganza. Fredora Thunderbolt is my alter ego in this game. She is a halfling ranger/bard/rogue because, in … Continue reading

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Yet another look and stuff….

I don’t know what it was about the last one, but it made me unhappy.  It just wasn’t “right” for this blog, and for me, so I am changing it earlier than the week I try to leave them up … Continue reading

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Slowly Coming Out From Under My Rock

Both me and Carlos have been feeling horrible. For the first time since we’ve been together, Carlos was more sick than me! He is on the mend now, thankfully, and so am I. There are still major bouts of fatigue … Continue reading

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