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A Day Of Discoveries

Today has been a busy day for organizing written material and getting mundane things done, like making calls and checking out the e-library from the local library here.   The most amazing thing about today, so far, is discovering a … Continue reading

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Writing and Country Music

  I am beginning to feel a change coming over me physically.  Could it be possible the crud is being beaten down finally by the antibiotics?  Could my body finally be holding onto its minerals again?  *sigh* I don’t care … Continue reading

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Gained Life Experience Points! Level up!

  An even happened last Sunday, September 22, that has had me processing and re-processing certain things about myself.  As you may have guessed, I have been really looking at the things I don’t like about myself.  I actually made … Continue reading

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A Review of “The Spoon Theory”

  Since I made a comment about “energy spoons” on Facebook, I have had several comments on Facebook and in e-mails just what that is.  Since I mention this phrase quite a bit, I thought it would be good just … Continue reading

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    “Also known as dirty dancing. When a woman slams her bottom on a mans pelvic area while dancing. The man can also lunge his pelvic area forward for a harder bang. This usually performed in a dance club … Continue reading

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New Bobaflex Single

As you all know, I am a Bobaflex listener.  I guess you just can’t take metal out of us 80’s people no matter how old we get.  So, I am here to share their latest single from an upcoming album, … Continue reading

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Having physical ailments is not fun. Having new or “different” ailments is really not fun. I am happy to report, however, the kidney is doing better; the pain has decreased considerably; and the energy level is once more going up. … Continue reading

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REALLY listened to this song today.

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Old Timey Music #1

I have always believed in God.  Having gone through hellish pain for most of my life and having come so close to dying several times in my childhood, and after surviving a car wreck that should have killed me, I … Continue reading

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