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A Soggy Fourth Of July 2016

Yesterday was a fabulous day.  The Husband and I went out on a date, just the two of us after he was finally able to wake up.  Plans for going to church fell through at 8:06 AM yesterday morning because … Continue reading

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Every Time I Turn Around There Is Something New…

There is something new to see or make notes of or read, etc!  Having a suddenly busy life is causing me to reorganize and reschedule in different ways.  I haven’t had to depend on a calendar so much in years! … Continue reading

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Advent Day 13 – My Melanie

When I was ten years old I was in the hospital.  The doctors didn’t know if I was going to make it or not.  On December 13 Sister 3, Rosetta, gave birth to the most beautiful creature in the world … Continue reading

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Jolie receives honorary damehood

Jolie receives honorary damehood. Sometimes when stars receive “honorary awards” I just want to roll my eyes because it feels fake, just another step on the popularity ladder.  This time I feel as though it is well-deserved.  Angelina Jolie has … Continue reading

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Unexpected Presents

I owe someone a “thank you.”  Recently, as in this week, I received one of those cards in the mailbox telling me I had a package.  Until moving into the apartment, we would have had to go all the way … Continue reading

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!!! 3 !!!

Today my pain level is resting at a 3! The pain scale is often misleading, especially if you have chronic pain as I do.  My 10 is not an average person’s 10.  The Husband and I tried to figure out … Continue reading

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A Day Of Discoveries

Today has been a busy day for organizing written material and getting mundane things done, like making calls and checking out the e-library from the local library here.   The most amazing thing about today, so far, is discovering a … Continue reading

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So Far, Just a Little Bit of Winter

There was a major winter storm that passed through yesterday and last night. Louisville got it worse than we did. Still, it is cold, and there is more winter weather on its way.      We are putting up our Christmas … Continue reading

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The Sound of Music, LIVE!

Last night I had the pleasure of having a family moment with the Husband like I have never had before, and it all reminded me of when I was a little girl and the family got together to watch the … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Cuteness

I am so happy to have my Willie Fu.

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