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This Is Simply Too Cute Not To Share – Happy Friday

via A Purrfect Cat Present – Meme… — Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog

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Laptops And Nibs

I RECEIVED NEW NIBS IN THE MAIL!  Squee! Recap:  My beloved Wicket absconded with one of my dip pens because I’d left it too close to the edge of the table.  This particular day was a 40 pager (40 pages … Continue reading

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A New Doo

Wicket has his summer trim.  It is letting him explore his appreciation of sunbeams to the fullest!

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The Mailman Cometh And Goeth

It is Monday.  It is warm outside my window today and the door is open letting in bird song, the sounds of the neighborhood, and dogs barking.  Living with a bigger pack than before, it amazes me how much dogs … Continue reading

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Red Sails In The Fallout, by Paul Kidd

During all the hullabaloo of moving and its stress, I asked Cheyenne and Sniffles if they had something funny to read. Cheyenne immediately brought me a paperback. It is a Gamma World novel. Prior to this I didn’t know anything … Continue reading

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There is STILL Snow Outside My Window

Writing report for this week:  Chapter Seven is beginning solidly.  A new character has been discovered.  His name is “Aldus” and he is one creepy dude!  Aldus was so creepy Glory told him to go away and he vanished!  Now … Continue reading

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Catching UP

Today I am feeling…like I have been beaten with a baseball bat. Surprisingly this is better than feeling as if you had a run-in with a Mack truck and lost. The Husband was so sweet today, too. He let me … Continue reading

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Turtle News And A Minor Annoyance

Last night as I was heading to Lil Dude’s full-spectrum light/lamp to turn it off, there was a brilliant flash and then darkness.  It scared the turtle.  It really scared me.  I moved Lil Dude out from under the lamp … Continue reading

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Meet My New Little Friend

Meet William Henry Richard Turtle the Third, more commonly known by yours truly as, Lil’ Dude.  When we went to the Roots and Heritage Festival this Sunday, there was gentleman selling turtles hatchlings for $15 and The Husband bought me … Continue reading

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!!! 3 !!!

Today my pain level is resting at a 3! The pain scale is often misleading, especially if you have chronic pain as I do.  My 10 is not an average person’s 10.  The Husband and I tried to figure out … Continue reading

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