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Didn’t Wait For A New Year’s Resolution

Today is a milestone: I have been counting calories and working on losing weight for 20 whole days!!! Why is this a milestone? Because usually something like this only lasts an average of 2 weeks, and now I am going forward … Continue reading

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Cold Blue Sky

It is quite cool here. Winter has arrived, but the sky outside my window looks warm and happy.

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Some things that made me smile today

Because of trying to keep two sites running for one blog, here is a link to a post of The News at Blogger.  It is easier to upload photos there today for some reason.  Any who, here is the link … Continue reading

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Question #1375

Today has been one of those days where I move slowly.  I move slow because my body doesn’t want to be part of me.  I move slow because there is something in my head that just isn’t quickly productive: it’s … Continue reading

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Thursday? The MIDDLE of September?

I haven’t blogged in a while.  Not exactly sure why.  There have been things for me to tell and stories to impart, but I just haven’t put myself in front of the screen to do much writing of any kind, other … Continue reading

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Words, Books, and Appendectomies

Sorry have been away, but on June 29th had to have an emergency appendectomy.  My appendix didn’t burst but I was one sick puppy.  I genuinely thought my gall bladder was on the fritz majorly, but when the C.T. scan came … Continue reading

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Stress Through A Perfect Day

Yesterday was one of those perfect summer days.  It wasn’t too hot and humid.  The sun was brilliant.  The sky was blue and mostly empty of clouds.  Today is much the same.  Yesterday I was able to go outside and … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning

In the morning my dog goes from beside my bed to the couch after he goes outside.

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Not So Gah-Gah for GaGa’s “Judas”

I am not a big Lady GaGa fan, but there are some of her songs I like.  It is probably easy to guess that her latest, “Judas”, isn’t one of those.  Lady GaGa is one of those performers valued for … Continue reading

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Book-y Goodness!

One of my favorite things in the summer is to take a book outside and sit and read in the sun until the heat forces me back inside or the threat of a sunburn.  Since being released on the public … Continue reading

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