Pre-Game Day Preparations

Sundays, and sometimes Mondays, are game day for me, The Husband, and some friends pathfinder_core.0.0of ours.  We are currently finishing up a Dungeons and Dragons module – The Lost Mine of Phandelver – and tomorrow could just be the big battle and completion of the module.  Since I can leave nothing alone truly, I’ve added a few things here and there into the module mostly because my players/friends are very smart and I wouldn’t bore them for anything.  Since it was uncertain in the beginning as to whether anyone had played through the module before, I added some stuff and the joy of running a game blossomed for me again.

So, today there is statting of some bad guys and getting treasures arranged, etc.  I know what the next game is going to be, it is one of my own creation, but, I need a break.  Hopefully, everyone will take pity on me and agree to a six-week break for me and run something so I can play, and let the story idea percolate for a bit.  I am hoping everyone decides to keep their current characters for the next game.  They are genuinely fun to run.

Sitting here today, doing the prep-work, I was surprised to notice I actually have a ritual for working on a role-playing game.  First, there must be Pepsi.  A nice cold Pepsi is preferred, but if’n it ain’t, no big deal.  Pepsi – check.  Next comes a snack.  I have something salty and usually something sweet.  Today the sweat is fig cookies.  Still looking for the salty, but I can change the start-up order.  Snacks – check.  Finally, there is music.  Today I am listening to a playlist set up by Matt Mercer and, it is a wonderful playlist and fits the rise and fall of game-play.  Music – check.

Now, let us plan the possible demise of some heroes!

Um…I mean, now begins the finale of the module.

*Matt Mercer is also the GM of Critical Role fame.  I recommend you check it out.  You won’t be disappointed, especially if you are a gamer.  If you aren’t a gamer; the camaraderie and fun you see on the channel is wonderful and very entertaining.  Plus, you get to actually see what happens at an RPG game like D&D, etc.

*The picture is not my own.  You can see it and others at

About Henrietta Handy

I have returned home to the mountains. No more am I "a mountain-girl far from home." Diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at 2 1/2, I understand pain, fatigue, laughter, joy, and love all while on crutches and in wheelchairs. This blog is just about me, mostly the writing side, but there are forays into so many different topics. I am married to a wonderful husband who puts up with my writing, knitting, yarn, with the love of a saint. We have fur babies, and one cat who rules us all.
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