There Is Finally Snow…A Dusting

Arthrr Arthritis has been pestering me all week.  He wouldn’t let me knit.  He wouldn’t let me play video games, and he didn’t want me to read, but I thwarted him!  There is now a Kindle app on the laptop, which means I can read almost hands-free now.  “Take that! Bainbridge scholars!”

Yesterday and last night Arthrr tried his best to make life unbearable, but he didn’t succeed!  For a while there I felt like the pressure was just going to squeeze me flat like a boobytrapped lost temple trap, but this morning some of the pressure has risen and I’ve felt well enough to write on the new story and play with the new pup.

There is just a dusting of snow on the ground, but its falling has made me a much happier person.  Because by changing from ran to snow, the low pressure has shifted up a bit!  Yay!

About Henrietta Handy

I have returned home to the mountains. No more am I "a mountain-girl far from home." Diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at 2 1/2, I understand pain, fatigue, laughter, joy, and love all while on crutches and in wheelchairs. This blog is just about me, mostly the writing side, but there are forays into so many different topics. I am married to a wonderful husband who puts up with my writing, knitting, yarn, with the love of a saint. We have fur babies, and one cat who rules us all.
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