A Case Of The Blehs

Wagner’s Einsug der Gotte is playing as I sit down to take a minute and just some time to flow through the blehs.

Blehs are when you are in a blah mood and nothing encourages you to get out of it, so you’re also just meh.  Thus – bleh.

Today is very gloomy outside.  Somewhere is getting rain I am pretty sure with the way the sky looks.  The pressure has adjusted, but not in a positive way for me.  This is the first serious pain day I’ve had since being home.  I am truly blessed.  Now I will see just how well my planned regimen really works.  As long as I can stay on top of it everything will be fine.

FK – YA novel – is standing still.  It is only because the pain encouraging the blehs doesn’t encourage some creative activities like writing.  I am also reconsidering the scenario that last went down and I am not at all certain it…works.  It might work in a different place.  So, I am taking advice, the same advice, by the way, from The Husband and Cheyenne and just cutting and pasting the scenario I am so uncertain about into a different word document and just step back and see what comes next.

The bullet journal I am using for FK is now invaluable!  Since the last few scenes of the story keep coming back to haunt me, I’ve been writing down questions, high lighting them, and when I know the answer, going back and filling it in.  I can also put a notation of it in the bullet journal index as to where the information is if I think it warrants that much importance.  So far, only three of the questions I’ve asked have been plot changers.  A couple of them I did not want to make, but the story works better if some things don’t happen in specific chapters or areas of the story as I originally had them.

Each time I work seriously on a piece, it seems it teaches me something important about the craft of telling a good story.  There is always something new to discover about the art of it all.  And, this does not mean I am calling myself an “artist” because an artist brings about true beauty and teaches us something about the appreciation of life and living.  I am a story teller.  It is enough.


About Henrietta Handy

I am a Kentucky mountain girl far from home, perhaps far from the girl years. I am an aspiring writer with a wonderful husband who puts up with this writing and reading addiction I have. He also puts up with all of the yarn and knitting. I have four canine children and a ton of friends I love dearly. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 2 1/2 and have still managed to have a good life despite all the pain. So, I invite you to join me in this journey and just possibly have fun along the way.
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1 Response to A Case Of The Blehs

  1. Brian Bixby says:

    Good to know the bullet journal continues to help.


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