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A Summer’s Thought

There is promise of rain outside my window today.  Clouds are gray and the wind blows and turns the underside of the leaves up.  It has been doing this off and on all day.  Sometimes the wind will blow exceptionally … Continue reading

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Yay! Cover Reveal!

Originally posted on Richard M. Ankers – Author: Today is the big day.? At long last I can reveal the new covers for The Etenrals Series and the news that INTO ETERNITY will be released in the next few days. … Continue reading

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22m Uninsured

The longer I live and the more health problems I acquire, when talk about healthcare comes up my knee jerk reaction is to duck and cover or cover the important bits because something is usually coming down the pike that … Continue reading

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I Needed That

Yesterday, Monday, was not a good day for Adulting, as you may well remember.  I didn’t do one thing very adult yesterday, to be honest.  I read.  I watched TV.  I played video games.  I sat out in the sun. … Continue reading

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Adulting Or NOT Adulting, THAT Is The Question

I really don’t want to adult today.  I want to read in the sun and play with the dogs.  I want to play video games and listen to music.  I want to get motivated to running the up-coming session of D&D … Continue reading

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Short Stories Are Harder

I think I am growing in my writing as a whole and technique in particular.  Normally I sit in front of the computer or desk, etc., and write with a sometimes loose plan until the story is finished.  I love … Continue reading

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Blue Sky #5,867,224

Yesterday was magnificent!  For the first time in many, many days I felt awake.  My brain felt awake.  I was, and am, alive!  So, what did I do with such an amazing day?  I played video games for about an hour … Continue reading

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Amazon’s KDP switch to a new interface

Originally posted on Nicholas C. Rossis: Some of you will have noticed KDP’s switch to a new interface: The new dashboard offers several advantages over the old one. The tabbed browsing allows you to access historical data. It also breaks … Continue reading

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Stepping out of one of your comfort zones and into an unknown zone is difficult.  Like Anya, Gears of War   most people, I don’t like change, but it isn’t such a dislike I freak out about it often or … Continue reading

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Spellbound, By Larry Correia – A Book Review

I finished Spellbound yesterday and was, and still am, hungry for Warbound, by Larry Correia.  In the second book of the Grimnoir series, we discover exactly what Faye is and how she is so important.  However, we discover this when a god … Continue reading

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