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A Summary and Analysis of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ — Interesting Literature

The meaning of a classic fairy tale A blonde-haired juvenile delinquent breaks into an ursine family home and proceeds to indulge her penchant for fussy eating and fidgetiness around furniture. This is, in brief, a summary of what happens in … Continue reading

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Forward Slow, Mr. Sulu

Things ain’t right, but when has that ever stopped me.   Saturday I tried playing a video game called Warframe, yeah, the same one I mentioned before.  I was playing the game and my head and stomach just felt weird; I … Continue reading

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Some Interesting Things I Read Today

As you can imagine, after the past week I had, getting back to “normal” is just a little difficult.  Add in cooler temps and rain and you get an almost pensive set of days.  To counter this, I’ve been reading … Continue reading

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A Monday PLUS A Strange Brain/Medicine Day

Today was most definitely a Monday because things didn’t work out the way they needed.  The dogs got out of the yard – everyone came home safely.  Sniffles and I were not prepared for this particular adventure!  Unfortunately, Animal Control … Continue reading

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Pouring Rain

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Home Again!!!!

Mommy is home again! There is much loving and excitement going on! Tired. There will be more later, God willing. 😸

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In Hospital

Hi guys. I’m in the hospital since Wednesday night.  Initially looked like a stroke. The hemaplegic migraine has been ruled out so far.  Really super bored. Feeling better.  May get to go home soon.

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Reblog: Selecting Beta Readers

Originally posted on Rachel Poli: Finding beta readers isn’t as hard as you would think. They’re everywhere as long as you know the right places to look. But before we go into where you should find your beta readers, let’s … Continue reading

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Writing Research Related Question

This question is for all the medical people out there and the non-medical people who have a lot of medical procedure knowledge: What is the procedure in your areas should a visitor in an ICU overdose on narcotics while visiting … Continue reading

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Dreaming And Working

For some reason, last night I dreamed I was on Project Runway.  (No, I am not that talented with cloth.)  I was given a physical helper, i.e. someone to get cloth for me and maneuver the cloth, etc.  My helper … Continue reading

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