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‘Tis A Rainy Thursday

The weatherman said it was going to rain today.  Scattered rain, he said.  It is raining hither and thither in Eastern Kentucky, but not really here in the Central portion of the Commonwealth.  However, you can’t tell good old Arthritis this. … Continue reading

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E Gads!

Last night I received an e-mail from a person I’ve gotten to know on-line over several years of communication.  This person is a published author and actually offered to read my novel and give me his opinion of how it was … Continue reading

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Goodbye Traditional, Hello Indie – Results

Originally posted on Myths of the Mirror: Eight months ago, I started the process of canceling my traditional publishing contracts and re-releasing all my books as an indie author. My reasons for the switch were detailed in two posts…

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A Correction Needs To Be Made And The Local News Isn’t Making It

Note:  This article is nothing but my thoughts, ideas, etc.  I am not affiliated with the Gay family or any news affiliate, but I do think one or two items need to be corrected about the story overall because a … Continue reading

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A Grey October Day

Today is one of those cool gray October days where you need more than one cup of coffee and more than just a few minutes of your favorite video game or book to get you through the doldrums. Luckily I … Continue reading

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Complicated? Yeah, Tell Me About It!

“Complicated Migraines” – those migraines that used to mimic strokes – are now called hemiplegic headaches and I’ve been suffering from one for the past three weeks.  When everything originally started, it was just a bad headache and then a … Continue reading

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