September 1

It’s September!  It’s September!  O’ my gosh, it’s September!deadline image

Why yes, I have been freaking out a little bit over the beginning of a new month.  “Why?” you ask?  Because November is just a hop, skip, and tidy little jump away and I’m still working on the fantasy novel.

Yes, I know, the first draft is completed and I’m doing, basically, the secondary draft.  I’m not changing everything in the original, but, I do need to admit I’ve changed quite a bit because of flow, continuance, and the second plus third books planned.  Initially, I thought I knew what I wanted to be in each book, and, as this draft has gone forth I’ve realized there is too much material for what the first book needs to be.  Besides this, I’m having to work very hard against the dreaded inner editor.

Another thing I’m fighting against is the fact I’m having to force myself to sit in front of the computer and keep plugging away.  So, for the next little while, I’ve decided to make sure and write here on the blog every day and put down some accomplishments of the novel writing process.

Word counts windows and logs are making me freak out some.  Part of me thinks the word count is too low, but when I see the pages racking up and how well the story itself is moving, I don’t think the story is bad or progress inordinately slow.  Still, I’m going to make myself sit in front of this computer until the manuscript is ready!

Does anyone who self-publishes with their own deadlines have any advice on how to keep the freaking out down to a low roar?  I really could use some about now.


About Henrietta Handy

I am a Kentucky mountain girl far from home, perhaps far from the girl years. I am an aspiring writer with a wonderful husband who puts up with this writing and reading addiction I have. He also puts up with all of the yarn and knitting. I have four canine children and a ton of friends I love dearly. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 2 1/2 and have still managed to have a good life despite all the pain. So, I invite you to join me in this journey and just possibly have fun along the way.
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One Response to September 1

  1. Brian Bixby says:

    I find it’s a contest between a measurable but artificial standard of achievement, namely word counts, and a meaningful but difficult to quantify measure, a well-written story. The problem is that the former measure is a lot easier to use to drive one’s self to write regularly, every day, which means it’s good for first drafts and for tackling a story when you’re doing drudge work of cleaning it up. Unfortunately, it can work against you if you feel compelled to write crap to make the word count. I think this a bigger problem in second and later drafts, when you are trying to refine things, not just get your ideas down in SOME form.

    Consider setting yourself both types of measure in second drafts and later. Set yourself a word count for the day. But each day, as you sit down, try to set yourself a problem to be solved or an issue to be addressed as well.

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