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Aren’t sunbeams wonderful?

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Technology – I Has It

I am technology “poor” by the looks of the photo!  The keyboard, USB hub, flash drive, and stylus are for the tablet.  Why?  Because I am trying to get away from having to buy a laptop anytime soon.  Except for … Continue reading

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A New Doo

Wicket has his summer trim.  It is letting him explore his appreciation of sunbeams to the fullest!

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I am in a funk.  It has been with me for a complete seven days now.  Last Thursday I found out my wonderful Uncle Rob passed away.  He was the last of the aunts and uncles on my mother’s side.  … Continue reading

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Different Writing

Tomorrow is the D&D game I run.  Usually this happens on Sundays, but Cheyenne would like to play and the only time this is possible because of his new work schedule is on Saturdays.  Now I need to change gears … Continue reading

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My Constant Helper In All Things

It is very cool outside, and raining.  Working away on several things and Willie is making sure to keep a close eye on me. Playing with the new tablet is fun and a great change from the notebook for a … Continue reading

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John Denver And Me

John Denver had been one of my favorites since…forever.  Today I just needed to take a break.  Yesterday there was a solid 20 handwritten pages and I am just tired.  So, with a surprise discovery on Groove music, I am … Continue reading

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