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Movie Monday – 20/20 Bruce Jenner Interview

Today’s “Movie Monday” isn’t really about a movie, per se:  It is about the 20/20 Interview With Bruce Jenner.  I grew up with Bruce Jenner being the all-American and the American Olympic Hero.  I watched the 1976 Olympic games.  I … Continue reading

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To Submit or Not to Submit: 5 Arguments for Entering Writing Contests

Kobo Writing Life By Shayna Krishnasamy When I was a young creative writing student I used to keep track of all the writing contests. I’d bookmark the contest pages on the websites of all the literary magazines. I’d make lists … Continue reading

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creative writing prompts . com ideas for writers

I just discovered this site and have bookmarked it straight to the bookmark bar for writing.  The writing prompts aren’t detailed, which I like, and they aren’t immediately visible – you must hover the cursor over the number to read … Continue reading

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Author’s Advice Pt. 18

Originally posted on James Harringtons Creative Work:
Nothing anyone does with their own two hands is EVER a waste of time. This is especially true when it comes to writing. Too often I have heard people write out a few…

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Empire of Shadows: The House of Crimson & Clover #5 by Sarah M. Cradit

Originally posted on Books and Such:
Two dynasties clash for power. Only one empire can emerge. In a time now legend, a sacred vow united the Farværdig and the Tuatha Dé Danann. One race born of fire, the other risen…

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Joan Didion’s Cure for Bankrupt Mornings

Originally posted on The Daily Post:
Joan Didion in 2005. Photo by Kathy Willens/Associated Press Sometimes words fly from your fingers into the keyboard, the ink runs from your pen in a continuous flow, and your imagination fills the screen…

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…no, Authors… yeez don’t have to do stuff PERFECTLY… just do it!…

Originally posted on Seumas Gallacher:
…it’s prob’ly one of the most widely-known non-secrets amongst those of yeez who know me well… my tag of, ‘this ol’ Jurassic’ refers not just to my belly-button age, but to my self-confessed ineptitude in…

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Music, Moods, And Whimsies

Spotify is fast becoming one of my new best friends. Currently it has jumped to the top of my music streaming tool list along with Amazon Music. You don’t always need music when writing, of course, but there are times … Continue reading

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Building Your Author Platform: 8 Essential Elements for Your Author Website

Originally posted on Kate M. Colby:
So, you’ve set up your author website. Now what in the world do you put on it? First and foremost, know that it is your website. Your brand is unique to you, and there is…

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To Boldly Go…..

Check out @USATODAY’s Tweet: Check this out!

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