Review – The Silkworm, Robert Galbraith

The Silkworm (Cormoran Strike Series #2)

I just finished reading The Silkworm, by Robert Galbraith, a.k.a. J.K. Rowling.  I closed the book, hugged it to me, and grinned from ear to ear:  This is one of the most enjoyable reads I’ve had in a while.  OK, “enjoyable” isn’t the right word.  This book gives to the reader, as did The Cuckoo’s Calling – the first in the Cormoran Strike detective series – the feeling of purest enjoyment in reading.

I loved the flow of the words; the scenes as they developed; the characters and their interaction.  Plus, I love his PA, Robin, and want her to be with Cormoran rather than her fiance’ Matthew.  Cormoran and Robin are a much better match.  Will Robin marry Matthew and then his complete prick-ness will be seen and send her running to a divorce lawyer and Cormoran will finally help her pick up the pieces, or will Matthew show his total prick-ness before the wedding and Robin will have a chance to live the life she wants with Cormoran backing her up and then getting together?  The possibilities of the relationship between her and Cormoran are not “many”, but they’re more than just a couple.

In The Silkworm a writer is murdered in a most gruesome manner.  To cover up evidence, the murderer used acid to burn away forensic evidence to try and elude the authorities.  Anstis, the Scotland Yard investigator, wants a quick close to the case so, after finding a piece of circumstantial evidence arrests the wife or the victim.  The wife, before Scotland Yard came for her, hired Strike to find her missing writer husband.  From there we discover more about Cormoran’s family and meet his brother Al officially – I like Al.

One of the most interesting facts in this book, to me, is how Cormoran Strike looks at the evidence and the people.  He doesn’t believe his client to be guilty because the facts simply don’t add up against her.  One of these facts is Orlando, the suspect’s and writer’s daughter who is mentally disabled and in her twenties with the mind of about a four or five year old.  Orlando is her mother’s heart, so, Why would she kill her husband when she has put up with a lot, and I do mean a lot, from her husband?  Doing so would forever take Orlando from her and place her in prison, probably for life.  The real killer surprised me, but I should’ve figured it out sooner than it being revealed to me, but, to tell the truth:  I was enjoying the ride and am glad I didn’t try to out-detective the detective on this one.

Overall, the way Cormoran Strike solves crimes and puzzles is amazing and the action keeps you reading, participating almost, in how the mystery unwinds and untangles.  Galbraith/Rowling has a wonderful tact in completing the mystery and bringing the guilty party to justice.  Because the writing isn’t sloppy and detail is given to not giving away too much before the end of the novel so the big reveal is genuinely a big reveal.  This time I felt excitement as the end was nearing, and, simultaneously, I was sad knowing the end was nearing.  Then, when the end comes there is a sense of completion and achievement.  It is a wonderful book.  I give it a five out of five stars and highly recommend you reading it.

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  1. Your review prompted me to purchase and download this book to my IPad. I plan to read it when my two granddaughters visit for spring break. While they enjoy the magic of Disney, Universal Studios, Sea World and the Wet ‘N Wild Water Park, I will enjoy reading this book while sitting in the designated “wait space” at the different venues. Thank you for sharing.

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