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There Is Snow Outside My Window

There is a light blanket of snow on the ground.  Earlier the sunshine was sparkling off the snow and making the world bright in a little kid sort of way:  It was the perfect atmosphere for sledding and playing in … Continue reading

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Hiring a Freelance Editor: Pricing and Getting the Most for Your Money

Originally posted on The Sarcastic Muse:
I was chatting with my cousin a few weeks ago about freelance work. He used to work as a graphic designer—doing logos and such—and so he knows how difficult it can be to find…

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The women pirates of the Caribbean: Anne Bonny and Mary Read

Originally posted on Sillyhistory:
? There aren’t many women pirates in the Caribbean that we know of. However, Captain Johnson immortalized two such women: Anne Bonny and Mary Read. Much of what he tells us about them is probably untrue.…

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