Goals Of Late Night Musing

Can’t sleep so I thought I’d drop in here for a while.

For the past hour I’ve been roaming around themes and believe I have chosen another one to use for a while.  2014 has been a strange year for me.  It hasn’t been the worst year, nor has it been the best year, but it has been a year and I think it is time to change and move forward.

By “change”, I mean to consolidate the blog more and get my head totally back into writing novels, short stories, and poetry, as well as blogging.  So, things will be a little different for a while, and probably clunky as the theme gets worked out and the physical blog begins to look and move the way it should.

Maybe I shouldn’t be thinking of 2015 already, but, as I said, I can’t sleep and my mind is filled with questions, ideas, plans, plots, and a lot of other bits and pieces; like the fact 2014 didn’t see one long piece completely finished.  This mistake is not going to happen in 2015.  I don’t feel like time is running out or another, but I need to be able to look back upon the writing year and see what was accomplished.  Right now I can’t see anything specific and good I’ve accomplished in the writing area.  Maybe I am simply tired and not seeing the positives and milestones I’ve overcome and accomplishments made.  Still, I want…need 2015 to be better and the only person who can make things better is me.

Part of not having fantastic accomplishments is due to increased pain.  A lot of pain.  Although the pain level hasn’t decreased really, being able to roll with it and the tools needed to fight back are in place so the pain level shouldn’t stop me from writing.

Another thing slowing me down in the writing department was taxes and learning how to do them for my husband’s business.  I am still not confident I know what I am doing, but I figured the IRS could help in this area with answering questions, when I know what to ask, of course.  Since a system is forming, this delay should be put into perspective and the writing time instead of “tax time” should equal out giving me more writing time and less time needed to work on taxes.

Sometimes I think one of the biggest problems of being able to put words down on paper, other than putting yourself in front of the computer or pad of paper, and actively putting words down, is organization.  If things aren’t organized in your head so you can plan your day, writing almost seems useless.  At the same time, the organization needs to be fluid.  For example, I may not have the energy to write in the morning as I would hope, so the writing time gets pushed to the afternoon.  In the meantime the taxes can be organized and all the other necessities of writing can be attended to like checking e-mails and doing searches for places to submit pieces.  I need to remember this.  I don’t want to get stuck on what I can’t do during a day, but what I can do.

OK – it is now time to cuddle up with the blankets and open the Nook because I’m still very much awake, but I do need to relax and rest as much as I can.  Tomorrow is another day and another chance of me doing what I need to do to advance my life.

Night all.

About Henrietta Handy

I have returned home to the mountains. No more am I "a mountain-girl far from home." Diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at 2 1/2, I understand pain, fatigue, laughter, joy, and love all while on crutches and in wheelchairs. This blog is just about me, mostly the writing side, but there are forays into so many different topics. I am married to a wonderful husband who puts up with my writing, knitting, yarn, with the love of a saint. We have fur babies, and one cat who rules us all.
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2 Responses to Goals Of Late Night Musing

  1. Brian Bixby says:

    And although I can point to a long story that will be finished (just barely) by the end of the year, I have a similar sense of not accomplishing as much as I wanted or planned to. But here is a question to keep in mind when that dismal thought strikes: did you do BETTER with what you wrote this year than last? Which leads to asking how you did better (and its sad brother question, how you did worse). Break it down to things you can use, and that very fact will reveal accomplishments and attainable goals . . . well, most of the time.


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