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Author Comforts: Finish a Section and Take a Break

Originally posted on Legends of Windemere:
Dr. Evil Meme I used to be able to write nonstop for hours.  Then my fingers got old, my mind got wander-y, and my energy simply didn’t hold up like it used to.  I’m…

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Bloggers Inspiring Bloggers

Originally posted on The Daily Post:
When it comes to blogging, the things that keep us going are many and varied: the need to tell a personal story. Great feedback from readers. Even the pleasure of seeing our words and images…

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A Disturbing Conversation About Life

There is so much more to do today and, quite honestly, all I have really wanted to do is just relax and not think too hard; not plan over much for tomorrow; just be.  Of course, this is not something … Continue reading

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If the video doesn’t come up, please let me know.  Been having problems with all day.  Thanks.  Enjoy.

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Words, Yarn, And Snow

Today has been one of the most productive days in quite a few!  I am happily tired, but pleased. Chapter Four started today for the vampire/terrorist novel.  It is a little surprising how the vampire has decided to suddenly tell … Continue reading

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I Have An Addiction

There is something I must confess:  I have an addiction.  It started off quite harmless – just a few minutes here and a few minutes there as the weather grew cooler and the arthritis got worse.  Then I began noticing  … Continue reading

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What can you #write in Ten #Sentences ? #heywriters

KMGN: This was an interesting one. What came out for me will be a short story. What did you come up with?

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Please Help the Family of a Fellow Author Who Has Died

KMGN: Reblogged to help the family of an independent writer. If you can, buy a book or two. I am going to do so.

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Snowflakes, Words, And Gaming

Snow made its appearance here in Lexington today.  It didn’t stick, but the sky looks heavy with snow and seems to be waiting on the perfect time to begin dumping it on us.  Other areas of the nation have already … Continue reading

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Creative Wednesday – Not

There were many plans for today.  Writing on several different projects.  Finding a place to submit a new poem written.  Paying of bills.  Playing with dogs.  Reading of Scions of Shannara.  Organizing of writing area.  Knitting.  Etcetera.  What actually happened?  … Continue reading

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