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Rainy Sunday

This has been an interesting weekend from the very start.  Friday I slipped and “fell” but my trusty Willie was there to help me.  Saturday, yesterday, was a very uncomfortable day for me physically because it was post-fall and my … Continue reading

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A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned… Or, In My Case, $270 Saved Is $270 Earned

Originally posted on My Foray Into Food Storage:
I just saved $270 in about one hour. Not too shabby, huh? ? How did I accomplish this amazing feat? I fixed some holes in 3 pairs of my hubby’s jeans. ?…

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Repurposing Evergreen Content: Use Blockquotes

Originally posted on The Daily Post:
How can you approach your archived content in a new, fresh way? In a favorite post from last year, we talked about ways to repurpose your blog’s evergreen content — your timeless posts that…

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“7 Easy Things You Can Do Right Now to Get More Blog Traffic”

Originally posted on Laughroom Literacy:

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