Friday Flicks Saturday Edition: !!! GODZILLA !!!

There is much fandom in my life.  My husband and I have our favourite actors, genres, and shows.  We follow them.  Discuss them.  Enjoy them.  godzilla2014aSometimes we enjoy them separately and sometimes one fandom will bleed over onto the other person like my absolute love of Milla Jovovich which the Husband has come to accept and makes sure I get to see as many of her movies as possible.  On the same note, when a Godzilla movie, I am pretty sure I will be seated beside him and watching with as much attention as possible.

There is something beyond endearing about Godzilla.  I have never been able to figure out exactly what the lure was for the monster and my man, other than the repeated phrase, “Godzilla is just cool!”  For many years all I could see was a guy in a rubber suit beating up another guy in a rubber suit.  Then, as the genre progressed and Godzilla came to protect the Earth and I discovered Gamera and Mothra, well, I developed a new sense and understanding.  However, last night, I became a fan of Godzilla.

Holy cheddar cheese on a cracker, Batman!  That was an awesome movie!  

Yes, Godzilla and the evil monsters probably killed thousands, maybe millions of people in destroyed buildings, etc., but Godzilla saved the world.  Literally.  He did it with every ounce of strength and power he had until he passed out, took a nap, and then woke up to stumble back out into the ocean for a quick snack on a whale or two possibly and then take an even longer nap.

Godzilla trudged into the ocean.

The similarities between the main human character of Ford Brody, played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and the über gigantic Godzilla were palpable.  Both of them fought for a greater reason than their own survival; both of them were exhausted, both of them were not going to give up until the threat was eradicated even if that meant their own extinction, death.  There was one scene in particular when this was very believable:  Ford Brody had assisted in taking care of the evil monster eggs and there was a crash as Godzilla was pushed down to the ground.  For one brief moment one giant eye, almost human-like, looked down at the lone human who was seemingly the only person helping Godzilla fight.  There was a shared moment of understanding between the two.  Wearied, time was running out for them and their energy reserves, but neither could, nor would give up.  In that moment, in that scene, I became a Godzilla fan because there was never a greater hero than Godzilla at that moment.

You know human kind will try to track him down, corrupt him, use him, but he was there, fighting for his planet, for the life as it exists and this world, and if he died in its defense then so be it.  The same went for Ford Brody.  Brody had a life.  He had/has a family.  He is fully human and frightened, tired, in pain, and wanted everything to be back to normal.  In order for “normal” to return he had to reach down into the depths of his soul, being and pull on a strength he didn’t know he had.  Godzilla was doing the same.  Both of these larger than life heroes were drawing on the same source of power and, dare I say “faith” things would end as they should?  It did not matter if they lived, but that the rest of the world lived.  They were selfless in their duty.

Godzilla was is not a monster.  Godzilla is a hero.

About Henrietta Handy

I have returned home to the mountains. No more am I "a mountain-girl far from home." Diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at 2 1/2, I understand pain, fatigue, laughter, joy, and love all while on crutches and in wheelchairs. This blog is just about me, mostly the writing side, but there are forays into so many different topics. I am married to a wonderful husband who puts up with my writing, knitting, yarn, with the love of a saint. We have fur babies, and one cat who rules us all.
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