Win, Win, and a Win


NaBloPoMo (Photo credit: udge)

A new month is beginning. When I look back on November and NaBloPoMo it is with pride, because I technically “won” because I made a post every day. Some of the posts were good; some not so good; and a couple that were downright “bad”, but, I did it. There was a blog post made every day.

In writing a blog post every day, I noticed myself planning for the blog posts and looking for things to write about. When the desk top went down I saw these wonderfully planned posts and articles going down the drain forever. Then, it hit me, Why do they have to be lost? Why can’t they still be posted in the future? What is stopping me from doing any of them later in a different month? Nothing. Nada. Not a thing!

NaBloPoMo has rekindled my desire to write and share what I write with as many people as possible. It has also shown me just how important being creative is, especially to an audience, because the main thing I want to do is entertain. Secondarily is the sharing, because I am human and enjoy contact with other people “out there” somewhere in the world.

Now a new month is beginning. It is one of the most special months out of the entire year to me usually: December. Now begins the true Christmas season. It begins today and ends on January 7th 2014 because we Orthodox Christians have two Christmases! Isn’t that spectacular?! I believe so.

Some shopping was already done before the desk top went down, and then I did a wee bit on my phone. (Using the smart phone was awesome, but I did miss the larger screen where I could see everything much easier.) Now, thanks to the loaner of Kaga, the laptop, more Christmas shopping be done!

And blog posts.

Life is looking up again.

About Henrietta Handy

I have returned home to the mountains. No more am I "a mountain-girl far from home." Diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at 2 1/2, I understand pain, fatigue, laughter, joy, and love all while on crutches and in wheelchairs. This blog is just about me, mostly the writing side, but there are forays into so many different topics. I am married to a wonderful husband who puts up with my writing, knitting, yarn, with the love of a saint. We have fur babies, and one cat who rules us all.
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