Toddler abducted three decades ago surfaces in San Diego – U.S. News

Toddler abducted three decades ago surfaces in San Diego – U.S. News.

Normally I don’t do any of the “Thanksgiving memes” that populate the Web, but this story just tugged at my heart and so I am sharing it.  This is is really inspirational.  I know every story of abduction and missing children don’t have happy endings, very few of them do, but this one does and should be shared and celebrated.

The ministry mentioned is trying to raise money to get this man to his mother.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get him there by Thanksgiving?!  I know it is a long shot, but miracles happen.  They happen every day.  I cannot financially help, but I can help spread the word.

Have a good weekend all!

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2 Responses to Toddler abducted three decades ago surfaces in San Diego – U.S. News

  1. I am so happy that he is being reunited with his family after 30 years. It renews my hope that I will find my birth family after such a long time. I found out a couple years back from the couple that raised me that I was abducted. I have been searching for my birth family ever since.

    Also, the moms comment that the police saying there is nothing they can do…………….I know all too well about police discouragement in child abduction cases and in my case they had no problem nor shame in telling me “don’t rock the boat”. I understand the moms challenges she went through all too well with trying to get law enforcement, government, NCFMEC to even listen. The attitude of the various entities that are set up and taxpayer funded to find missing children willfully accept the taxpayer $ but rarely if ever lift a finger to find the children. They “himmie and haw” until the trail goes cold, witnesses, clues and evidence are lost forever. You can read all about it on my blog if you wish.

    Other examples of missing kids “falling through the cracks” are the “Millbrook sisters” who are twin sisters who went missing around 30 years ago. The police stopped looking for them, closed their case, and they were removed from the NCFMEC website not long after they went missing. For about 30 years the family was ignored by the police. The new sheriff recently re-opened the case after their little sister told him about the case. Thankfully the sheriff was apalled by the gross mishandling and said that eventhough part of the case files are missing, evidence and witnesses lost for ever, this was a gross miscarriage of justice and he has hope for a miracle that they will be found alive.

    Another case that fell through the cracks is Lori Mae Peugeot and her mom. As a matter of fact, you can see for yourself the horrendous amount of missing children and adults that the police abandoned on the Charley Project website. It is a website devoted to missing cases dating back to the 1800’s (last time I looked) that were abandoned by the police. I HAVE TO WARN YOU THOUGH: READ ONLY A FEW FEW CASES AND THEN TAKE A BREAK FOR A WEEK BECAUSE THE CASES WILL TEAR YOU APART AND AFRAID TO ANSWER THE DOOR OR EVEN LET YOUR KIDS GO TO SCHOOL.

    I am happy she was able to get her son back. Also, I am sorry if I sound “snippy”. The story of the moms struggle to get law enforcement to even lift a finger hit a raw nerve with me.


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