Temporarilly Larger Pack (Guest Post by Cheyenne)

So last weekend, The Editor and Carlos had a nice time in Louisville. We agreed to keep an eye on Gabby, Chewie, and Willie.

And by ‘we,’, I mean of course my pack. We are small – Me, Sniffles and Jake – but we are mighty. Of course, bringing in our visitors meant that the pack suddenly doubled in size. Gabby and Chewie were no big deal – Jake has hung out with them a lot, and they’ve both been over here for a night or two before. Gabby will generally just lay in the front room and snooze, and Chewie will avail himself of any hand that looks like it’s not doing anything important. Mind you, if a hand is doing anything other than petting the Chew, it’s not doing anything important. Make of that what you will.

Willie, however, was the new wrinkle in this. He’s still a young pup, after all. And he and Jake have met, of course, and there have been…discussions, shall we say? Snarly, growly, slightly toothy discussions of where you can and can’t nip and sniff and bite on the Jake. And this weekend would be the first time his people would be out of his sight for an extended period of time – or that he would be somewhere other than home.

This was basically the equivalent of dropping the kids off with their weird uncle for a couple of days.

All in all, it was a good weekend. Willie had a great deal of fun, if I am not mistaken. Friday, he was introduced to the wonders of Yard. Yard is the best. Once he was outside, sans leash, and allowed to run free – he ran. He ran a lot. The boys went outside five or six times easy between getting dropped off a little after 5 and going to bed around midnight. For a good 20 to 30 minutes at a time. Most of which was spent running. Chewie didn’t run – but then, I think he was just enjoying the fact that Willie was playing with Jake and leaving him alone, so he got to sniff the grass and lay in the sun and look at things through the fence and mostly ignore his little brother.

And Jake? The summer after I got him, the first time The Editor brought the dogs over to visit, Jake wanted to run and romp and show them all the great places to run in his yard – and they weren’t really interested. Friday, Willie would run up to him, bark, turn, and bolt, and Jake would be right with him, down the narrow shady place between the garage and the fence and around the building in the back. For a second.  Then he would stop, run a slightly different direction, and intercept Willie – who would pull up to a stop, tongue hanging out, turn and bolt again.

In my head, the intermittent barks were basically them saying this:

Willie: Dude! Yard is awesome! Lookit, over here! We can run! It’s like a racecourse or green stuff and shade and sun and shade and grass and awesome!

      Jake: Yeah, I know. And I know the shortcuts.

      Willie: That what?

      Jake: Bet I can catch ya!

      Willie: Nuh-uh! (runs)

      Jake: (chases, then takes shortcut, cutting off Willie) Ha!

      Willie: Whooaaa! Again! (runs)

The only hiccup in the running was about halfway through the evening when Gabby went outside and found a pleasant spot to nest in – between the garage and the fence. Prime running space, blocked off. Willie, being young and invincible, would jump over her or skirt just past her at full tilt, getting some angry / annoyed barks. Jake, being slightly older and wise in the ways of the Gabby, didn’t even try.

And when they weren’t outside? Willie found Jake’s toys. Which ones? Oh, ’bout all of them. The tennis balls, the fox, the duck, the lion, the antler, the –

Actually, the antler was a pretty hot commodity on Friday. Chewie found it first. He laid down in the back room, antler between his paws, and gnawed on it for a good while – and growled at Willie when he came to see what he had. Once Chewie was finished with it, Willie got a good sniff of it – and then he took to gnawing on it.  And periodically gnawed on it all weekend long.  I’m kind of amazed it’s still here.

Where was I? Oh yes.

– shamrock, which we had just found a little earlier on Friday under the freezer and washed – basically, for the majority of the weekend, Willie’s toys got ignored and Jake’s toys got played with hard.

Sniffles worked Friday night. Normally, Jake will sleep in the bed for at least a little while once it’s time for bed. When I went to sleep, Chewie was in the floor, Jake was in the bed, and Willie had played himself to sleep in the bedroom floor. Gabby, true to form, slept in the front room. Until about four in the morning, when she decided to go outside. Jake woke me up, everyone went outside, everyone came back in after a few minutes, and I went back to sleep. At this point, Chewie hopping into the bed with me, and Willie followed him. Without a running start, I will add – which I mention because it’s the only time the entire weekend he did so. Then Jake had to go back out, Chewie got down and slept in the floor, and Jake and Willie slept on the bed.

Saturday I expected more running in the yard. What I got was…sleeping. Everyone slept. All day. Hard. And Willie discovered the second great thing at the house



My couch is a rescue from an estate sale. It’s a big green leather thing with huge leather pillows. It cost me a grand total of $15. Sniffles tells me that it doesn’t sleep very well. Jake insists otherwise – as does Willie.

In fact, Willie only had one problem with the couch, and that was staying on it. He’d be dead asleep, and then he’s start to ooze, just a little, and suddenly he was in the floor. Sometime he’d ooze feet first, and when he did that, he’d just look around a second, lay down, and go back to sleep for a bit. Other times, he’d ooze off sideways, or upside down, and kind of…tumble into the floor. Which usually woke him up just enough to get up, climb back onto the couch, and go back to sleep.

Well, except the one time he fell on Gabby and she barked at him. But in his defense, he was pretty tired, considering all he did was walk a couple of steps and lay down in the floor. I ended up playing a video game and sitting in the floor with my back against the couch, and a Willie sleeping with at least part of him against my back for support for a fair part of the afternoon.

The day was pretty calm and easy, until the evening. We had some car problems as Sniffles was going to work that evening, and in the middle of it all, Chewie and Willie decided to head out the front and see what else was around. Luckily, I caught up to them in a driveway just across the road and walked them back. After that, though, Jake and Willie had to play for a while.

You may not be able to tell very well from the video, but Jake is about 115 – 120 pounds, while Willie is only around 35-40 pounds at this point. When they stand, Willie is only a few inches shorter than Jake right now – I’d guess 3 or 4 inches difference at the shoulders on the two. And I didn’t get it on video, but Willie was able to pull on the fox and almost – almost – pull Jake up form lying there. The Editor gets a little mock indignant when I call Willie my beast, but honestly? He’s gonna be one.

Besides, I’ve got a nice alliteration going here. Jake is my boy, Chewie is my buddy, Gabby is my bear, and Willie is my beast.

Saturday night was a repeat of Friday up until four. After Gabby had her pre-dawn powder break, Jake and Willie tried to share the bed. When I woke up, though, I just had Willie stretched out with me.

Sunday morning I had to get some help form my oldest sister to get the car troubles straightened out, so Willie got to meet her. He also got to hang in Jake’s old cage for a bit while she and I went battery hunting. It’s not that I don’t trust the Willie Fu – I just didn’t want to have to be disappointed when I came home to find something destroyed in a sudden bout of puppy energy. Most of the rest of the afternoon, he and Jake played in the back room a lot, leaving Gabby and Chewie to snooze in the front room. At one point, Sniffles was playing a video game on the couch while Willie slept at the other end. And at another…


Yeah, I think it’s safe to say Jake and Willie get along just fine.

Everyone got picked up to go home about 6:30 or so Sunday evening, whereupon Jake decided to take a nice leisurely nap. A nap that continued through Monday, in fact.

So, a fairly calm, uneventful weekend. I dare say that they didn’t even go home spoiled any more rotten than they already are. Well, not much more. I mean, yes, there was wet food provided at all but two meals for everyone, which is the first actual wet food Willie has had, to my knowledge, but the weird uncles gotta do something to get you to come and visit.

All in all a successful extended visit, and one I think we are all willing to perform again.


About Henrietta Handy

I am a Kentucky mountain girl far from home, perhaps far from the girl years. I am an aspiring writer with a wonderful husband who puts up with this writing and reading addiction I have. He also puts up with all of the yarn and knitting. I have four canine children and a ton of friends I love dearly. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 2 1/2 and have still managed to have a good life despite all the pain. So, I invite you to join me in this journey and just possibly have fun along the way.
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