Taking A Deep Breath

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Got a cup of coffee, tea, glass of Coke or Pepsi?   This could be a long one folks because the Mountain Girl needs to talk.  Nothing really bad has happened, this was one of those weeks where things have moved along relatively well and then blam! there was a pie in the face!  I like pie, though.  Pie in the face can be good.  It pisses you off at first when it smashes into your face, especially when you’ve put on your make-up and fixed your hair just right and the sky is blue and the birds are singing and everything is just Right in the World for a change.  Know what I mean?  Then blam! stoopid pie in the frickin’ face!  No, this does not  make one happy!  This makes one want to hunt down the pie thrower and be very UN-Christian-like by doing very UN-Christian-like things to them to encourage them to perceive the errors of their ways.

HOWEVER, if you pause and take a deep breath and manage not to breathe in the whip cream, pie filling, and crust and taste it – why the sucker tastes GOOD and you can actually laugh, especially if you quickly learn from the pie thrower and his or her fellow cohorts why the pie was thrown. 

For instance this week I actually received hate mail, e-mail that is, because of some things I had written because I had actually used my God-given AMERICAN right of free speech like everyone else to voice my opinion.  One was about the book Emancipation and Colonization.  Most of you have already read that particular blog post and, true to form, no one actually posted comments to the blog about it but sent me e-mails instead.  This I am viewing as a good thing because, from here on out I am just posting to the WordPress form and not to the Blogger form.  I don’t mind if people post to FaceBook with comments because they are public for everyone to see, and this causes a good discussion (but if you wouldn’t then mind putting some comments on the blog post as well to help me get up some good traffic ratings this would also be appreciated) and helps the my FB page. 

This isn’t the only place I received less than likely “reviews” of my opinion, but I also wrote a comment about when Ellen Degeneres and other supposed A-Listers had written an open letter to President Obama to push for legalization of same-sex marriage.  My opinion went something like this:  With everything happening in the world, isn’t it just possible the man has other things on his mind like Japan?  Even the state of California itself voted down same-sex marriage.  Shouldn’t this say something to the state itself?  Despite what their community might want the rest of the world to think and believe, the gay-lesbian-transgendered population is still a minority, not a majority.   I am a member of a minority myself, the disabled minority and being different sucks, but it doesn’t make me want to slam my disability down EVERYONE ELSE’S THROAT to be accepted.  This is a lesson I learned many, many years ago when I was a little girl.  Sadly, there are some disabled people out there who still expects, and demands, the world and its “normal” citizens payment for a debt owed them.  These individuals need therapy.    I do not approve of discrimination of anyone because of ANY reason or on ANY grounds because I have been discriminated against and it sucks and I am not going to judge anyone because I have enough sins of my own to contend with, but let me accept you for who you are as an individual.  I expect nothing less of you where I am concerned.  Don’t try to make me accept you just because you are gay-lesbian-transgendered-disabled-black-hispanic-etc!  There is a better chance I’ll like and accept you because of who you are than because of any reason you can give me.  Most everyone in the world is the same way. 

The weirdest thing about these two situations really and truly is that it was so very acceptable to be in the same wagon, but it was totally against the rules to disagree and have an independent idea of your own.  I am almost 50 years old and very much an independent thinker with my own opinions and here I am being ridiculed by individuals who a) can’t spell; b) can’t put together an argument to explain to me why I am wrong or incorrect other than to tell me I suck; and c) several of their criticisms is that they are guessing I am a Christian while they are purporting themselves to be Christians as well.  The herd mentality is alive and well whether it is right or wrong.  Golly gee Batman!  What next?!

DH, my lovely husband, while I was venting to him, about this and a couple of other things, told me his hours were cut from 40 hours down t0 24 hours a week.  Yes, my heart did a quick panic dance.  My head said, “But he still has his job.”  I think my mouth even said, “Well, you still have a job.” 

He said, “I’m looking at this like a blessing.”  My heart was pounding so hard in my ears.  I hadn’t heard him right.  A blessing?  How was having his hours cut at work a blessing?  How were we going to make our bills?  How were we going to do everything we needed to do?  So I asked him, without being angry, because, surprisingly, I wasn’t angry at all – I was curious – how this was a blessing.  “My dad needs help getting his house finished and our house needs to get put back into order, and I might go back to school.”  He certainly couldn’t go back to school if his hours were still 40 hours a week.  This was all true.  Big Daddy could use the help.  Plus, if we looked at this like a blessing  it wouldn’t feel like such a kick in the face and stomach. 

3/23/11 Wednesday

Today has been another one of those hard, harsh back-breaking emotional days.  If not for friends I would not be able to hold my head up at all at this point. 

Slammed left and right by all of life’s cares it is difficult to feel positive and be positive in any fashion, but if I am not positive the negative will just be overwhelming.  So, there have been positive things happening in my world.  The writing is top of the list.  The grand total so far is 6,000+ words so far.  I know one answer to a question I was concerned with, and the love interest is damaged  but so heroic and strong I have fallen in love with him quite deeply myself.  The heroine and main character of the story makes me smile, sometimes when it feels like nothing else will.  Sister2 and I got into a discussion about Victorian literature yesterday that made me SO happy!  She understands my love of that genre like no one else in this world!  My best friend is still getting married to my other best friend and both will be living right next door very, very soon.  My husband still loves me and I love him just as much now as ever before, if not more.  One way or another I will find a notebook for my story to keep all these notes I need to write down at three o’clock in the morning or when I am away from the computer! 🙂  I will finish this novel and it will succeed where all of the others haven’t.  B is being positive despite everything bad happening to him and I am going to follow his example.

About Henrietta Handy

I have returned home to the mountains. No more am I "a mountain-girl far from home." Diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at 2 1/2, I understand pain, fatigue, laughter, joy, and love all while on crutches and in wheelchairs. This blog is just about me, mostly the writing side, but there are forays into so many different topics. I am married to a wonderful husband who puts up with my writing, knitting, yarn, with the love of a saint. We have fur babies, and one cat who rules us all.
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