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Friday Fixes

October 4, 2013
Daily Dog 2013 152: Krimmler Waterfalls

Daily Dog 2013 152: Krimmler Waterfalls (Photo credit: cheesy42)

Today has been productive, but not as far as word counts go:  I have not put down any new words today.  However, I did find some continuity problems in what has already happened in WHRT between now and the end.  So, editing has taken place more than anything else today.  I am not giving up on new words, though.

Willie was an exceptionally cute 6 month old puppy this morning.  He got on the bed and lay down as I was getting up.  I was still prone and he lay down so his head was beside mine.  I rolled over and whispered, “You’re such a good boy.”  Willie’s eyes flew wide, and he listened so intently it was almost uncomfortable for me.  His tail thumped against the bed and he started wiggling, but not so much as to cause me pain.  Although, when we did finally manage to sit up, I discovered there had been a shoe death in the family.  One of Husband’s shoes has been…tasted.

Here is hoping everyone has a good weekend!  I am not positive The News will be updated this weekend, but I will seriously try.


Total words atm     1,457

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