Big Hero 6

The Husband and I finally saw Big Hero 6!  This one is now on the to-be-added list in the movie collection.  This decision bighero6a1came  half way into the movie.  Even though the movie is about losing someone close to you, Hero lost his big brother, this movie had us smiling and cheering for Hero and his “nerd” friends and reluctant superheroes.

The “low battery” scene in its entirety made me giggle.  This was one of the promo scenes for the movie.  Seeing everything related to the scene was like drinking a chocolate milkshake on a really hot summer day.  It was satisfying, funny, and plausible.

Technology is a part of our society and, honestly, I wouldn’t mind having my own Waymax.  He would be so helpful.  He would be helpful every day.  But I digress.

Waymax helps Hero learn to deal with the death of his big brother, and, while he is learning to do this Hero learns he really can feel good things again – like love for a robot friend, and all his other friends.  The laughs and smiles out weigh the sorrow and sadness.  If there is a child having to understand losing someone important in their lives, I believe this movie would be good to start the communication process.

See it.  Enjoy it.  Laugh.

Five out of five stars.

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Celebrating 10 Years of & Automattic

Henrietta Handy:

I was going to share this earlier and I simply forgot. Congratulations and Automattic! Keep up the good work!

Originally posted on News:

This year marks the 10th birthday of and our parent company, Automattic. We are proud to have served this community of millions: from writers, photographers, artists, and small and large publishers, to business owners and entrepreneurs.

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Storms + Books = Peace

It has stormed quite a bit  here in Lexington these past few days.  Last night there was a tremendous storm around two o’clock this morning.  The thunder rumbled overhead and lightning danced in the sky.

When I was little I simply didn’t like storms.  The thunder and lightning made me jump.  Sudden movements caused such pain.  I dreaded feeling a storm coming.  Of course I didn’t tell hardly anyone because only babies were afraid of thunder storms.  No matter how hard I explained it to myself – in the end it was fear.

Then, one nice warm summer day I didn’t hurt so much and Mommy asked me to ask Daddy if he would like a cup of coffee.  I found Daddy outside on the front porch reading one of his beloved Zane Gray novels.  His jaw was full of chaw and his brass spittoon was close at hand.  He was the very picture of contentment.

As I was about to ask him if he would like some coffee, thus fulfilling the mission Mommy sent me on, there was a huge clap of thunder and I squeaked in surprise more than anything else.  Daddy looked up at me and smiled.  “Was that thunder?” he asked.  I said it was and came on out onto the porch.

“It is raining in the book and there is a big storm,” he continued as I neared.  “The rain just went perfect with the book.  Zane Gray can make you forget where you are when he talks about the country the story takes place in.”  I sat down beside him and we talked about books and reading.  Thunder rolled overhead and lightning flashed in the distance.  The storm wasn’t close enough to force us to go inside.

I stayed out there talking to him as the rain fell so long Mommy finally came looking for us, but even she joined us for a few minutes to enjoy the peace of the summer storm.  The coffee got cold in the cups.  The dog lounged on the porch with us.

Daddy told stories about when he was growing up.  I never tired of those stories.

Since then I haven’t been afraid of storms, or really dreaded them except for the extra pain aspect.  Reading while it’s raining or snowing is such a peaceful thing and has been for years and I owe it all to my Daddy.

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Expanding Blogosphere

The first actual blog post for The Solar Powered Turtle is up.  The first post other than the introductory post is up that is.  Having two blogs going simultaneous feels odd to me in a way.  The knitting blog is sporadic, of course, so I really don’t count it as a continuous writing project, but TSPT feels very much like an ongoing writing project.

More thought went into the purpose of TSPT, too.  Kentucky Mountain Girl News was begun so long ago and almost on a lark I don’t remember exactly why it started, but am far happier with what it developed into than the nebulous reasons for its birth.

I hope you take a gander at TSPT.  Now I am off to get a few words down on some fiction.

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#MondayBlogs: 6 Must-Have Tools/Apps For All The Writers And Editors Out There

Originally posted on Shannon A Thompson:


Being a writer is tough work, but there are ways to make writing easier on you. Today’s guest blogger, Ashley Sanford, is listing just some of the many tools writers can use to improve their writing. Whether these tools help organize you, keep you focused, or edit your grammar, these tools are bound to help some writers out there! So, if you’ve used one, let us know what you think, and if you haven’t used one, let us know which ones sound like something you would use. And—of course—if you have any additional tools you know about, tell us about them.

6 Must-Have Tools/Apps For All The Writers And Editors Out There by Ashley Sanford

As easy as it may sound to some people, writing is a difficult task and requires complete dedication of the writer. While you need a certain level of interest and skills to become…

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Brave New Publishing—Amazon Testing Paying Authors by the Page

Henrietta Handy:

What do you think about this experiment?

Originally posted on Kristen Lamb's Blog:

We live in a really strange time and technology has altered the publishing landscape into something we could never have imagined in 1999. The changes have been nothing short of science fiction. Well, buckle your seat belts because it is about to happen again. Just about the time we kind of get the knack of things, it seems there is yet another upheaval and we have to adapt.

This is why I wrote my social media branding book Rise of the Machines—Human Authors in a Digital World.  My methods keep us from having to tear down and start over every time something in the tech world goes topsy-turvy and we can maintain brand momentum no matter what. But this time it isn’t social media throwing the curve ball.

It is Amazon.

I’ve worked hard to be balanced in all my opinions about publishing. Yes, New York had (has) its problems…

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You Might Be a Writer If…

Originally posted on Kristen Lamb's Blog:

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 1.30.15 PM

A lot of “stuff” has been going on in my life lately. Hard stuff. Heavy stuff. The kind of stuff that just makes me want to write massacre scenes….except I am so brain dead I had to google how to spell “massacre.”

Masicker? Missucker?

WHAT AM I DOING???? *breaks down sobbing*

I am supposed to be an adult an expert okay, maybe functionally literate. Fine, I give up! I have nothing left to saaaaayyyyyy. I am all out of woooords *builds pillow fort*.

I figured it’s time for a bit of levity. Heck, I need a good laugh. How about you guys?

We writers are different *eye twitches* for sure, but the world would be SO boring without us. Am I the only person who watches Discovery ID and critiques the killers?

You are putting the body THERE? Do you just WANT to go to prison? Why did you STAB…

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5 Questions to Think About When Developing Characters

Originally posted on The Write Stuff:

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5 Questions to Think About When Developing Characters

Originally posted on The Write Stuff:

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Dun Writin’—Now Whut? – 51 Identifying Your Book’s Goal (A series by Susan Uttendorfsky – Owner of Adirondack Editing)

Originally posted on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog:


If you’ve written a book, what was the goal of the book?

If you’re not sure, you’re also not alone. A lot of writers don’t examine their goals in writing at all. They know they want to write, and perhaps they know exactly what they want to write—a memoir, a science-fiction series, a literary novel.

There are two types of goals, as I see it, in writing. One would be termed “writing goals”—setting goals in order to assist you with the actual put-your-butt-in-the-chair-and-write action. That will be the subject of a later article.

Today we’re going to discuss “book goals.” What was the idea or purpose behind writing your book? Marketing yourself or a business? Leaving a legacy? Sharing your expertise? Selling a ton of copies? Telling a great story? Communicating a new idea? All of the above?

What your book goals are will help determine how much time you…

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