The Joys of Kentucky Weather


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Powerful Wheel Revolutions!

When life decides to take off at warp speed you sort of have to hold on and go with it! flowersray Right now I can say life is “good”.  It isn’t what I expected considering everything happening in the past, but, physically I’m improving and the words are almost over-flowing.  At the end of the day I am exhausted from physical therapy, occupational therapy, and writing!

One novel is off being considered as we speak.  I was going to put it on Kindle, but, after listening to several pieces of advice I submitted it.  Now I am working on a piece just for Kindle.

This new piece taught me I “plan” out my pieces by writing them out manually first with pen and paper.  The moment I begin typing in the piece things change.  Sometimes drastically.  Areas of the story expand and I actually see places I made mistakes of plot, continuity, etc.  At first I was really annoyed by it, but now I merely pick up the pen, pack of paper, and just get to work.  Since I’ve accepted this about myself the words are coming much easier and the pieces are actually getting done.  They are reaching conclusions!  *gasp!*

Besides these positives, I am proud to say the pain is more under control than it’s been in the past ten to fifteen years!  It was a struggle for pain management and I to reach a this point and for them to accept I am not there just looking for drugs, but now we have reached this plateau I no longer have panic attacks every time appointment time rolls around!

In other, more mundane news, living with Sniffles and Cheyene is turning out to be one of the better things in our lives.  Blending two households and two packs is difficult, but we’re doing pretty good and, as I said, life is progressing for me and The Husband.

It has been SO long since there has been progress in my life I look around me at all the “good” and just feel blessed and happy.


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Sunday Morning Sillouette


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My co-pilot is ready on this first day of a new year for adventures and SPEED!

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Only Two Days Left Of 2015

I was thinking of doing a “year end review”, but changed my mind.  A)squirrel01 Many people are doing the same thing; and B) this year has been a roller coaster ride you all have sort of gone through with me.  Instead, I’d like to look forward to 2016 and just relax into the end of 2015.  If this is possible, of course.

Here in Lexington the sky is heavy with gray clouds.  A light breeze is stirring the trees outside the window and there is a cool dampness pervading everything.  I am sitting beneath my “sun bulb” and enjoying its rays, which help keep away the gloomies, especially on a day like this.  However, there is some good news to report anyway:  I received some wonderful reports from PT and OT.

Today was my 30-60 day review with Occupational Therapy.  I am stronger and there are numbers to prove it!  According to the “strength meter” my initial numbers were 22 for the left hand and 21 for the right.  Today the numbers said 24 for the left and 25 for the right!  It has taken a lot of work and there is much left to do, but there is actual progress!

The Physical Therapy review also showed improvement in strength and physical stamina.  The steps I am now able to take are more solid and sure, though I’m still wobbly.  Any improvement after only 30-60 days with so many years behind me of damage is a blessing and something I am celebrating.

Weight loss is continuing, with a hiatus for Christmas, of course.  Though I gained a little back, I don’t believe it is going to take hardly any time to get it back off.

The pain is up and down.  Nothing new there.  The intensity varies.  As usual.

The physical changes are positive for the first time in many years and I’ve noticed, as the physical changes are more and more positive, the writing is improving as well as the amount of time I am able to sit and write in comfort.

2015 is ending on a positive note and 2016 is therefore beginning the same.  Here’s hoping it will continue.

Happy New Year y’all!

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Star Wars…Waiting To Be Awakened


The historic Kentucky Theater in downtown Lexington is, in my opinion, one of the best places to see movies. There is splendor you don’t see in movie theaters any more, which just adds to the enjoyment of a film.

Besides the beautiful theater, I’m here with my favorite people on this earth.

More later.

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Source: SQUIRREL ALERT…(Photo)..

This video is worth seeing, especially if you are considering purchasing a Smart Car.  Yes, I agree they’re cute, but, you must remember the car is small and in a collision the occupants are receiving a lot more of the impact, regardless of airbag protection and seat belts.  This is a “city” car, not necessarily a good traveling vehicle in my way of thinking.  Getting this onto the Interstate wouldn’t be a very good idea.  Come to think of it, I’ve not seen many Smart Cars on the Interstate here in the States.  Have any of you?

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The Kentucky 121715b

The Christmas shopping, except for two presents, is complete!

*swoons onto fainting couch (properly, of course)*

AND –> Tickets for the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie are The Kentucky 121715purchased and ready for printing off!  I am super excited now, because we’re going to get to see it at The Kentucky Theater downtown!  It is one of my favorite places to see movies, even though I really don’t get to go there very much.

Besides these wonderful news-worthy pieces of information, I am happy to report I’ve had four good physical days in a row.  Losing the weight has really helped me, and the weather has been cooperative of late.  It is supposed to turn off cold and rainy soon, but I’m doing the exercises the PT and OT leave me to do in the interim between their visits.  Adding in the qi gong I do, I am beginning to physically improve after many years of being held at a standstill by my own body.  Since there is momentum, I am using it to move forward and gain strength and movement as possible.

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While checking my Tweets today this one popped up from

In six words or fewer, write a story about an ancestral mystery.

It started everyone around me thinking and we came up with three distinct beginnings.

The Husband came up with, “In the beginning there was light.”

Cheyenne came up with, “Why is Grandpa a lizard, Mom?”

I came up with, “Which of the six is Grandma?”

What did you come up with?  I would love to know!




The direct link is here.




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Just A Little Spoiled


This is Gaby. She took excellent care of me for 15 years, but then she began having problems herself so we began looking for a new helper for Mommy.


So, God have us Willie.  He is still learning. 

Gaby is now 18and slick floors are bad, so, she has her very own rug.  Getting into the food and water is difficult and sometimes quite painful, so now she had her very own shiny, new dishes with a stand so the other dogs can’t move our disturb.

Going outside into the back yard pin most days is impossible because of deep, tall steps.  So, Gaby gets to go out the front door.  No one else can do this unless they are on leashes.


She deserves everything she gets. She kept me from faking more times than I can count.  Mommy loves her baby girl.

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