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Georgia O’Keeffe Painting Breaks Record, Sells for $44.4 Million – Georgia O’Keeffe :

November 22, 2014

Georgia O’Keeffe Painting Breaks Record, Sells for $44.4 Million – Georgia O’Keeffe :

Georgia O’Keeffe is one of my all-time favorite painters, visual artists.  Such a price tag does not surprise me.

Hi Ho Knitting We Will Go

November 22, 2014


Knitting is answering the need for something relaxing to do of an evening.  Again.  Since Christmas is vastly approaching, there is reason to knit and change yarns and finish projects ad quickly as possible.

Today I have been working on a new hat for myself.  Thanks to Willie, I don’t have any hats and Carlos is lucky to have one or two.  Like a curious baby, Willie wad able to get into impossible places to get to things we thought we had put out of his reach.  Sadly, see some of the winter accessories didn’t survive.

Knitting, especially today, has been the perfect activity.  I am looking forward to the knitting projects for presents and necessities.  I am also thankful my hands are able to knit.  Life may not be perfect, but today it is good.


November 21, 2014

I hate doing taxes.

I’m going to play RIFT for a while.

That is all.

Read Tuesday will Launch with Thunder

November 21, 2014

Henrietta Handy:

KMGN: Always happy to pass along news about books and authors.

Originally posted on ReadTuesday:



Read Tuesday is a Black Friday type of event just for book lovers on December 9, 2014.

Authors can participate for free. Signing up and participating is easy.

Readers and gift-givers just need to browse the Read Tuesday catalog in early December. Find the books you like here, but buy them at Amazon or Smashwords like normal. Except for saving big, of course.

To help spread the news, we have a ThunderClap promotion scheduled for the morning of December 9.

Our ThunderClap currently has a social reach of over 300,000 through 100 supporters (thank you, everyone), with 18 days left to improve these numbers. We have our sights set on a million, and we’re nearly one-third the way there.

What the ThunderClap does is announce the big Read Tuesday sale by synchronizing posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. It’s easy to add your support (see below).

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Author Comforts: Finish a Section and Take a Break

November 20, 2014

Henrietta Handy:

KMGN: This post made me smile.

Originally posted on Legends of Windemere:

Dr. Evil Meme

Dr. Evil Meme

I used to be able to write nonstop for hours.  Then my fingers got old, my mind got wander-y, and my energy simply didn’t hold up like it used to.  I’m not talking about the brief moment where you flex the fingers or have to make a mad dash to the bathroom because your bladder has had enough with ‘one more paragraph’.  (And people wonder why I don’t work outside of the house.)  I’m talking about a point where you can pause and let your mind gather itself for another marathon.  This could be a chapter, chapter section, or anything that has an end to it.

I do a 10-15 minute break between chapter sections when writing and sometimes when editing.  With editing, I try to push to the end of a chapter before I take a break.  It really depends on how long it’s taking.  The…

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Bloggers Inspiring Bloggers

November 20, 2014
Featured Image -- 5035

Henrietta Handy:

KMGN: Bloggers DO inspire other bloggers. Who has inspired you recently? Serendipity has been inspiring to me.

Originally posted on The Daily Post:

When it comes to blogging, the things that keep us going are many and varied: the need to tell a personal story. Great feedback from readers. Even the pleasure of seeing our words and images presented on our site’s sleek new design.

One of the most powerful motivators, however, is the example set by other bloggers.

Not sure where to find blogs you might enjoy reading? The Community Pool is always abuzz with posts by bloggers both new and seasoned. Or give one of our excellent Recommended Blogs a try.

We recently invited all members of the Daily Post community to tell us about their sources of inspiration (if you’d like to add your own take, drop us a line or two here). A common thread was that whenever you doubt yourselves, feel tired and uninspired, or can’t find a good topic to write about, it’s always a good idea to visit your favorite site.

Let’s give…

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A Disturbing Conversation About Life

November 20, 2014

There is so much more to do today and, quite honestly, all I have really wanted to do is just relax and not think too hard; not plan over much for tomorrow; just be.  Of course, this is not something I can do today, or tomorrow really.  No one can if they are living their life instead of just watching it pass them by.  However, some people, I have noticed, prefer to do lots of planning but never move forward with their plans.  Or, they don’t make plans at all and expect stories to be written, paintings to be done, money to be made without effort.

It would be wonderful to say I only know one or two people with this problem, but, the truth is, I know several; and it breaks my heart to listen to them explain to me why so much is not happening for them and wondering why things aren’t happening in their lives like it does for other people.

These people look at me as if I have all the time in the world to do everything I want like write and knit, and even read.  They take no consideration for the effort it takes to make plans and follow through on just one or two of them through the day.  They know I have chronic pain and, to them, this is not something I must take in consideration for planning out the day and its events.  If five words get down or five pages on my stories I am usually glad for five words!  Three is wonderful on a bad day.

Every day I work hard on finding something good and positive to be happy about, because, if I didn’t, the pain would swallow me whole and I would fall into the darkest abyss you can’t imagine.  Through my life I have visited that abyss and each time, with love from others, with help in controlling the pain, and with grit of my own, and God’s love and strength I have climbed out.  It is a struggle not to return there.  However, people who have very little wrong with them seem to almost willingly fall into that horrid place because they don’t want to put an effort into having a life, into living, not just existing.

Why am I writing about this today?  Today I heard from a friend back home where I grew up.  We were really close friends in high school.  She was married to a very brutal man had two children by him, divorced him after he put one of their children in the hospital, and re-married.  Her oldest daughter is married now with children of her own and the daughter is on drugs so badly my friend is raising her grandchildren.

According to my friend, her daughter had to take drugs to stop being apathetic about living and being alive.  “She just can’t feel without the drugs,” she said.  “L just can’t handle feeling anything without the drugs.  I understand it, though.  Feeling is over-rated.  It is best you don’t feel to live in the world.  It would be better for the entire family if we just stopped.”  I asked her about the grandchildren and she said, “It would be best if they went with me.

For the next twenty minutes I grilled her on if she had a plan to carry out this action.  She does.  I asked her if she was going to go through with it and she said she wouldn’t; she just liked knowing she had a plan if it got so bad she had to Just Stop.

I asked her how long she has fought this depression and she said she had been on medication for depression for years.  My friend just doesn’t want to leave the house and feels annoyed when she needs to go to school with the grandchildren for awards and parent-teacher conferences.  She doesn’t want to put effort into living anymore.

So, I asked her why she had went through all the trouble of looking up my telephone number and contacting me.  Her reply was, “Because I know you understand because of your condition.”  She seemed surprised when I said I didn’t understand.  She doesn’t have a physical disability or chronic pain; she has the newest generation to guide and love; she has love in her second husband.  My friend J is a fantastic artist and she refuses to paint because she doesn’t have time or the energy to put paint on canvas.  She waits until her paintings are perfect in her mind before she can even begin.  I told her this was a crutch and all she really needed to do was to begin.  She then began giving me excuses as to why she couldn’t even start.  Most of her day she spends alone, like me, but she simply doesn’t have the motivation to do anything.

Before hanging up I told J to look for a councilor in the area.  I told her she needed professional help.  I told her we were still friends and if she needed to talk to someone she could call me, and I made sure to get her number.  She reached out and I can’t abandon her, but, at the same time, I’m not sure she wants any help or any friendship.  J called me to hear someone else complain about how bad their life was, is.  My life isn’t bad.  It is different and difficult, but it isn’t bad.

I can’t help but wonder if I will hear from J again.  I hope I do.


November 19, 2014

If the video doesn’t come up, please let me know.  Been having problems with all day.  Thanks.  Enjoy.

Words, Yarn, And Snow

November 18, 2014

Today has been one of the most productive days in quite a few!  I am happily tired, but pleased.

Chapter Four started today for the vampire/terrorist novel.  It is a little surprising how the vampire has decided to suddenly tell his story.  I am not complaining, mind you, just surprised, and relieved.  Vampires can be very reticent creatures about telling their beginnings.

M, the vampire, has given me some dates, too.  These dates require some research on my part to see what was happening in history around that time.  Did you know slavery was “abolished” in England in 1772, but it wasn’t official and real, from my understanding, until 1833.  This was approximately thirty years earlier than America, and a Civil War happened in the Americas to extinguish the practice.  I knew England had disestablished the owning of slaves before America, but I thought the time was closer between the dates.

Since the vampire/terrorist story is going so smoothly, I even brought out the writing slope from the office so I could be just a wee bit more comfortable writing.  When you use dip pen and ink, a writing slope makes writing comfortable.  Technology doesn’t have to be extremely difficult to use in order to be useful and functional.  True, I have to move the writing slope to and from the place where writing is going to take place, but I am more than willing to move it back and forth because the resulting words and story is worth it.

One thing I did decide today is to keep writing the novel in long form until it is finished and then start typing it in.  I realized today the first draft may be shorter than the final draft, but while the first draft is flowing is when I need to make sure and keep writing and working until it gets down.  When the second draft begins and it is typed into the computer, I will have everything in line and won’t have to wonder what course I am changing in the story itself.  Any changes will be there for me to see and/or correct, or extend as needed.  This decision alone took a huge weight off my creative shoulders.

In-between writing sessions there was a goodly amount of knitting done.  The finishing touches on a scarf – for yours truly – were completed.  Also yesterday a box of yarn arrived!  This yarn will be Christmas presents for some dearly loved individuals.  Today I started work on a set of finger-less mitts and did some organizing of the knitting supplies and tools.  More needs to happen in this area and will continue tomorrow.

Knitting and writing have been the perfect pass-times for today because it is very cold outside and we have only 1/4 of an inch of snow.  I, for one, am very relieved it wasn’t “inches” or ” feet” of snow because now arrives appointment times for doctors, shopping, walking of dogs, and Church services.

Yes, today was a good and productive day.  Now it is time for me to relax and hang out with The Husband for a bit before bed and starting all over again.  :)

I Have An Addiction

November 14, 2014

There is something I must confess:  I have an addiction.  It started off quite harmless – just a few minutes here and a few heatingpadanddogminutes there as the weather grew cooler and the arthritis got worse.  Then I began noticing  I wasn’t just spending “a few minutes” with the heating pad, but an entire hour.  It grew from an hour to several all stretched out.

The heating pad moved from the horribly pained right shoulder to the right knee, and finally to my lap where it could warm my feet and both knees.  This week the heating pad has followed me to bed, to the kitchen, to work on stories, and even to just sitting and watching TV or reading.  The minute the heat decreases I crank it up again.

Next week there are several doctors’ appointments I need to make and I don’t know how I am going to take the heating pad with me.  If it can’t go with me, this means it will be left.  What will I do without it?!  *sigh*  Is there a support group for heating pad withdrawal or a Heating Pad Anonymous?


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