Wherein There Is Reading, Rain, and ‘Riting

It is raining again.  The pressure hasn’t changed so I am enjoying this rain.  It is soothing, comforting.  Reading Blameless, by Gail Carriger is the perfect companion to the rain and taking a slight break from the words.

The current section of said story is making me look at how we self-identify to describe something I wasn’t really expecting to need to describe.  Earlier today I was concerned about whether I would be making the self-imposed deadline of the end of August to have the piece up on Kindle, or Smashwords, depending.  I came to the conclusion:  As long as I can work on the story every day, without fail, the deadline will be reached.

One impetus for getting the novella/novel done is a blossoming new story.  It is itching my brain and imagination.  I’m not exactly sure what it’s about, honestly.  There is a character, as most of my stories begin, I can see in my imagination.  Exactly what this character wants to share with me is still a mystery.  So, I need to be diligent and work on said novella/novel every day and the piece will end and then go up onto Kindle and I’ll be happy to turn my attention elsewhere.

In home news – Gabby is doing better today.  She must walk with her head cocked to the side, either because the world is tilted or she can’t see (or both), but she is walking.  She is also eating and drinking today!  Hard food is a bit difficult, so we have canned food for her and, of course, she is getting treats (not too many), and lots of attention.  When walking she spreads her legs far apart and it goes something like:  stagger, right the world, step, step, step, stagger, right the world, repeat.  Gabby has made it outside to relieve herself with a rest afterwards to make it back inside the apartment.  Now I am encouraged she may just make it to her 18th birthday in November!

Back to the ink mines!

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Giveaway – Signed PB Copy of Bound by Kate Sparkes #giveaway

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Don’t forget to enter my first Giveaway by midnight, July 30th, and I’ll announce the winner on Friday, July 31st!  Just leave a comment HERE to enter.

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Generating Page-Turning Momentum—Characters & The Wound

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Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 10.17.54 AM Hmmm, what’s the story behind THIS?

Can we answer the question, “What is your book about?” in one sentence. Is our answer clear and concise? Does it paint a vivid picture of something others would want to part with time and money to read? Plot is important, but a major component of a knockout log-line is casting the right characters.

Due to popular demand I am running my Your Story in a Sentenceclass in about two weeks and participants have their log lines shredded and rebuilt and made agent-ready. Log-lines are crucial because if we don’t know what our book is about? How are we going to finish it? Revise it? Pitch it? Sell it?

Once we have an idea of what our story is about and have set the stage for the dramatic events that will unfold, we must remember that fiction is about PROBLEMS. Plain and simple…

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*long, slow sigh*

*flexes fingers*

*relaxes shoulders*

*takes a deep breath – let’s it out slowly, and begins to type*

Last week only about ten words managed to get written on the novella-now-novel.  The rest of the time concerned going to doctors’ appointments and facing really crude, rude, hurtful people on the public bus and even in one of the doctor’s offices.  It shouldn’t surprise me about the doctor’s office because it was pain management.  Still, words hurt just as much as blows, and sometimes even more.  A physical wound can heal faster than an emotional one.  I am not  going to go into detail about last week other than to say every day last week, except for Friday, my Being was attacked in one form or another beginning Tuesday.

Monday – great day.

Tuesday – went to mall using public transit.  While on the bus a fellow passenger continually made comments about “cripples”.  None of said comments were…good or acceptable.  When I was finally able to escape the bus I literally burst into tears.  Normally I can ignore stupidity, but the woman’s verbal abuse got to me.

Wednesday – I was sitting outside my apartment reading.  It was a wonderful sunny morning for reading.  Usually this activity puts me in a marvelous mood and straightens what’s wrong.  A man I haven’t seen in the complex before who was very drunk and walking with a chihuahua looked at me and proceeded to sic said little dog onto “the nasty crippled b****”.  The dog didn’t bite me, but it sure did growl, bark, and nip, which sent my own dogs into fits on the inside.  I am just relieved I decided not to bring one of them out with me.

Thursday – This is the worst day.  Thursday was my appointment with pain management.  Even though I asked for Dr. J, I was seen by a PA in training.  After her consult she went and retrieved one of the senior PAs who came into the room and began grilling me as though I was under the influence of too much pain medication and was nothing more than a drug addict soliciting a fix.  Despite being well-dressed and in an electric wheelchair with many years of real pain under my belt, I was suddenly a non-person.  My words were not slurred; I was dressed well, clean, and spoke intelligently.  The words used won’t be repeated here.  I see no reason to give them continued thought, at least in written form.  My husband, sitting there with me, grew angrier and angrier, but gave such a quiet and strong mien to the PAs I simply could not be more proud of him!  When the PA had finished his say I asked to see Dr. J.  They left and Dr. J returned in just a couple of minutes.  He looked very concerned.

“They said they thought you were upset.  Are you?”  At this I couldn’t keep back all the tears, but didn’t explode with them.  I repeated to him what they said and he began apologizing “if any of my staff has offended you”, etc.

By the time we were at our vehicle I was in a shuddering cry.  I have never been spoken to like I had been that day.  The words were well-chosen and meant to defeat.  Most of my self-esteem and self-confidence evaporated.

Friday – I made a point of staying in the apartment.  The dogs didn’t mind at all.  The only reason I got out of bed that day was to feed my Willie since he won’t eat unless he gets hand fed.  Long story.

Saturday –  I stayed in the apartment again and played video games.  At least Saturday I thought about going out, but the heat made me question such an idea.  The Husband was glad to be inside with the A/C.  It took me a while to make a tentative decision to try to make it to church the next day, but, over-all, nothing exciting happened and I was able to put some things aright in my head.

By the time Sunday morning rolled around I simply couldn’t make myself go even though, we discovered the alarm clock hadn’t gone off and neither The Husband or I could make it in time for service.   We did get out to go to dinner and Starbucks later on, and Marine said some things to help with my self-esteem and self-confidence.

This brings us to yesterday, Monday:  Our seventeen year old Russian bear dog, Gabby had a stroke.  She is still alive, but isn’t doing well.  A vet came to the house to check her out because she simply couldn’t make it to our normal doctor.  Gabby received a shot for nausea and drooling and some medicine, a steroid, to see if that could help her get back on her feet.  Dr. Mac, the vet who came out to check Gabby, said to give her 24 to 48 hours to see if she can bounce back.  Gabby was doing better this morning than she is this evening.

I am  ready for either a do-over or just something fantastically wonderful to happen to help wipe away all of these past few days.  Hopefully it would be something to help me get over the renewed awareness I am in a wheelchair and will continue to be for a good long time to come.

Please tell me your week and days have been better?  Please, tell me you received good news and successes with word counts and reading.  Please?

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G’Night WordPress, Laptop, And Internets

My brain – she is tired.

The novella is possibly turning into a novel.

Last week was traumatic and drama filled, which I hated.  There will be more on this later.

Tonight there was a good amount of research for said novella/novel.

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How to Hashtag Blog Tweets.

Henrietta Handy:

I was led here by Chris the Story Reading Ape’s blog and simply had to share. The advice is very good and we have to admit it is #helpful

Originally posted on Hugh's Views & News:

Howdy folks, it’s me, it’s me, Ronovanee. Okay, so it’s Ronovan, but Ronovan didn’t rhyme. Hugh is letting me hijack his blog for a moment. Just don’t tell him I did it, cause he doesn’t know I snuck in. Remember, everything that follows are my opinions and not Hugh’s, so if you disagree, it’s all on me. OOOooooOOo I rhymed that one for real, oh what a thrill. o,O (All images created by me. My apologies in advance.)

I want to start off by saying blogging isn’t a game of numbers for me. I know for some it is and you can tell who those people are. They are the sad people that belittle others who do things because they believe in them instead of doing them for gaining followers and views. In the words of the masochistic dog to the flea, “Bite me”.

What is Hashtagging?

Many people like…

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Closer To True Cybernetics

Check out @cnni’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/cnni/status/625704780594176000?s=09

Couldn’t wait to share this! What are your thoughts?

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A Good Book And A Sweet Lullaby

If you have been following the news of late, you know there was some pretty rough weather in the eastern portion of the U.S.  Here in Lexington there was a storm nearly every day for the past week.  Some of the storms, more than half, made the sky look like night and lightning flashes were so quick and numerous you could almost swear God was using a flashlight to look in your room!

Most of the storms caused damage elsewhere in the state, along with flooding.  The Husband and I are blessed to have an apartment that a) no longer floods; and b) isn’t close enough to a stream for us to worry about serious flooding.  Others around us have, sadly, not been so lucky (not in this apartment complex, though).

The storms are causing me that extra added pain, but, it is summer, and, eventually, things will even out.  Today I’ve watched the thermometer on the back porch go from 80, to 90, to 100 degrees (Fahrenheit).  The shade is beginning to come over the back deck/porch now and the thermometer is reading between 85 and 90.  It was the perfect day to stay inside and vegetate.  Usually the A/C causes me no end of pain and discomfort, but today it was perfect because of the pressure rising.

Last night a storm came in with such force of thunder and lightning I quit trying to play video games or watch television, or even the laptop.  Instead, I collected my Nook, charger, glasses, and headed off to bed.  After actually getting settled in, I was surprised to find The Husband soon following – he doesn’t go to bed early – and he settled in with his phone for a few minutes to play the end of a game we’re both crazy about and I opened the Nook to read more of Changeless, the second book in The Parasol Protectorate series.

Lady Alexia Maccon is now in Scotland with her husband, best friend, sister – whom she despises for her purposeful un-intelligence -, and a host of other characters to discern, if possible, why the werewolves in a specific castle haven’t been able to change into their werewolf form for many months.  Mind you, a lot more is going on, but if I tried even to touch on everything happening, well, there just wouldn’t be space and you might not be encouraged to read it, which I sincerely encourage!  Anyway, as Alexia and her entourage arrived said castle, it was pouring rain.  Outside my window it was pelting rain.  Magically the two worlds eased together and, for the first time in a good while, the novel took on a genuine, grandiose depth in imagination.  Perfection.  I read until my eyes were so heavy I wanted something to prop them open so I could keep reading while the rain sang the sweetest lullaby.  Although I fought the rain’s song the best I could, I finally gave in and, like I used to do when younger, I carefully tucked the Nook/book beside me so it wouldn’t fall into the floor so that, should I wake early, I could pick up where I left off.

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Can You Make Up A Story About These Three Things?


These three things have something to do with my day. It was actually a very relaxing day. I’ll give you a hint – I didn’t leave the apartment today, except to go outside?

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Quietly Knitting


Today, I am just relaxing with knitting a surprise for a friend. Sometimes you just need sticks and string.

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