Tuesday Time

I hate when life keeps popping up and putting obstacles in my way where I don’t to blog squirrel01when I feel like it, or write anything of purpose otherwise.  *pouty face*  I am here now so I am going to enjoy this visit to its core!

Over the past few days there has been wonderful outings, doctor visits, and busy-ness in general.  The outings were totally fun.  I made it to the mall, Barnes & Noble, and even managed to make it all the way outside to do some reading (for research, not fun) a couple of days.  The doctor visit was very successful and some problems I’ve had having nutrient rich blood may be on its way of being taken care of!  *happy dance*

Saturday The Husband and TG went to an event here in Lexington called Crave.  This is where all the restaurants here in town get together and set up booths and you can sample their foods.  I didn’t know it until later, but it is also a competition between them.  Had I known exactly how to vote I would have because the place I actually received a good amount of food from was wonderful.  Plus, they had a sweet called Peach Bread Pudding.  I must say, that thing is tasty, tasty, tasty.  Yeah, Saturday was a day where there wasn’t really a good carb count for me.

And, yes, I am counting carbs again because this seems like the only way I can lose weight.  My caloric intake is not that high on a daily basis, but, since I am sedentary, I still put on a lot of weight.  So, when I watch the amount of carbs I eat I lose weight and feel better.  Weight is a never ending battle for me and Arthur.  However, the weight is once again coming off and the arthritis (Arthur) is beginning to get better.  This is super important as autumn appears to be approaching fast for Kentucky.  The leaves are already turning on the trees in the back and the temperatures are quite cool for the end of August.

For the first time (I think ever), I am looking forward to cool temperatures because there will be even more reason for knitting and knitted items.  I am such a knitting nerd.  A couple of days ago I read an article about potential employers going and looking at your webpage to see what you post as a gauge for employment and went to look at mine.  There is a lot of knitting, animals, things about my Church, entertainment news posts, and lots of things about my fur-babies and my turtle-baby.  I am boring!  Lol!

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In Love!!!!

The wireless/Bluetooth keyboard is now paired with the Nook tablet and I am using it!  ::squee!!!::  The keyboard is charging as I type, but I simply couldn’t wait any longer to see if it would connect and be everything I was hoping it would, and it is!

A plus to it all is the fact my hands are so small, the keyboard, tiny in comparison to a regular sized one, still fits my hands.  The one thing I am getting used to is touching the screen instead of using a mouse.  I’m also going to need to get a case for my keyboard since it isn’t that sturdy, but sturdy enough to do what needs to be done while out and about at a library or bookstore.

In other Sunday news, neither me or The Husband made it to church today.  I ate bread yesterday and I think this is the culprit for starting up my arthritis so badly today.  Each time I go onto the Atkins diet I feel great, but when I eat bread after being on it a few days it triggers the arthritis with a vengeance.  This is telling me, beyond a shadow of a doubt to be very careful with how much bread I eat and when it is eaten.  If bread makes me hurt as badly as I am hurting today, you know, I don’t need bread all that badly, at least not a lot of it at a given time.

I wonder…:  If I got a squid, a usb hub is what the thing is really called, could I use a USB flash drive linked with the Nook and the keyboard?  Has anyone tried it out there?  Has anyone experimented with it?

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A Birthday Saturday

It is Saturday. Sun is dappling the trees outside and the birds are trilling their early evening songs and today is the first full day of being 54 years old. Fifty-four is such a strange number. Psychologically and emotionally I feel very much like I’m in my forties, or should be in my forties. In other words: I don’t feel old, or older in my head and heart, but my body feels ancient. I suppose this is what it should feel with having rheumatoid arthritis since a baby.

For birthday shenanigans The Husband and Marine took me out to my favorite steak house and I ate a good piece of meat and wanted a huge frozen margarita, but it was not to be: The place we were at was so packed and hectic I opted for a Coke instead. I will save my frozen margarita for my favorite Mexican place. And, I’ve decided my birthday will be celebrated longer than a single day because I can’t do everything I want to do in a single day or even a weekend. So, I am going to plan for doing something special each week for the remainder of August and possibly September since my Mommy’s birthday is in September and so is Sister One’s.

The Husband has gone beyond wonderful in the present department, too. He fed the geeky gamer in me and the intrepid writer. In the geeky gamer arena he gave me the Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition Players Handbook and Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition Dungeon Master’s Guide because I said I wanted to run a D&D game some time in the not-too-distant future. For the intrepid writer he gave me a Bluetooth keyboard for my Nook tablet! ::excited squee!::

I haven’t been able to settle down with the players’ handbook yet (it must come first), but the keyboard is charging as I type! Once it is nice and charged I will work on getting the keyboard and the Nook nice and friendly with each other.

Working away from home one day last week boosted the creative juices and, at the same time, gave me a breath of fresh air. This week there will be a couple of days of working away from home, thinks I. Getting out means relying on Box.com more than I’ve ever relied on the service because there is only so much storage space on my tablet. However, I am also thinking of downloading what is currently there onto the tablet if there isn’t any free wifi wherever I end up at on said ramble.

The keyboard is supposed to be back lit and is so lightweight I am considering getting another case just for it so it won’t get broken in my bag. I am also thinking of just simply changing to the writing bag full time for a while, or getting a new bag for writing and general use for consolidation purposes.

Now I am going to curl up with a nice book and relax for the remainder of my birthday weekend. Hope everyone out there is having a fantastic weekend!

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Indie Success –10 things that really matter

Indie Success –10 things that really matter.

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Five Fascinating Facts about Sir Walter Scott

Henrietta Handy:

Genuinely didn’t know the last book by Sir Walter Scott was published in 2008. I love reading, and sharing Interesting Literature tidbits.

Originally posted on Interesting Literature:

Five fun facts about the life and work of Scottish author Sir Walter Scott

1. The word ‘glamour’ is first found in his work. ‘Glamour’ is a Scottish corruption of ‘grammar’ (‘corruption’ is the linguistic term for when one word morphs into another), and was introduced into English literature by Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832). Scott also coined the rather good phrase ‘book-bosomed’, denoting one who carries a book at all times.

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Hygge: The Dark Side of Danish Comfort, a Story by Dorthe Nors

Hygge: The Dark Side of Danish Comfort, a Story by Dorthe Nors.

This actually gave me a slight start.  After you read it, tell me what you think.  It is definitely a good story.

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Out And About Today

Today I am having a nice day out at one of my favorite happy places:  Barnes &  Noble.  School has started so there aren’t very many people here except for the older set and a few moms with sleeping babies in strollers and one actual carriage.  A venti mocha frapucino with whipped cream and an extra shot of espresso at my side, books galore (several of which are on my table), my tablet, and the Internet available I am a lot more relaxed than I was earlier today.  There is even knitting available because I made sure to slip a couple of projects into my Barnes & Noble bag.

Is it strange I have a bag set aside to come to the bookstore?   There is also a writing bag I try to keep stocked for taking out with me, too.  However, since this is a bookstore day I honestly didn’t see reason to bring two huge bags with me besides the over-large purse that accompanies me everywhere so my tablet can accompany me at all times – except on dates, of course. 

When I first arrived I almost paniced because I remembered I didn’t have a journal or notebook with me to just write in.  I then chastised myself because I’d forgotten all about the Nook!  Old habits die hard. 

It is time to head into the ink mines for more words on the novel/novella.  Here’s hoping everyone out there has as great a Thursday as possible.

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A Human Sort Of Peace

Today has been sort of a vacation day:  I haven’t done anything super important other thanPeaceful forestto talk to friends, hand feed Willie, play with the turtle, and roam the Internet randomly.  I haven’t written one word on any writing project nor has the television been on at any point, and I haven’t watched one single knitting podcast on YouTube.  There are a number of things I could’ve been doing, but there simply wasn’t any drive to do any of it.  And, to be totally honest, I’m not at all sorry or guilty I haven’t written any serious words on writing projects.  Why?  Because having human contact and conversation was refreshing, renewing.  Playing with the animals, caring for them, gave me peace.

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29+ Ways to Market Your Book

Originally posted on WordDreams...:

marketing woahsAt a recent #IWSG confab, I was whining to online friends about the difficulty of marketing my books. I got a long list of great comments, both on the blog and via emails from writers who have approaches that worked well for them.

To share these with you and then continue the conversation, I chose a Google Spreadsheet. If you’re familiar with Excel, it’s quite like that, but easier to share out and collaborate on.

Using this method, we can:

  • read about everyone’s thoughts
  • share ideas by clicking the link and adding contributions to the bottom of the spreadsheet (it’s set to share and edit)
  • repost the spreadsheet to your blog where you collect ideas from your readers. Those will automatically be shared on this same spreadsheet, meaning they’ll appear on my post here (and my readers’ contributions will appear on your blog). If we can repost this to lots of…

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A Gothic Wednesday WIPpet

A Gothic Wednesday WIPpet.

This is fun.

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