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The World Is Inside My Head Today

September 12, 2014

I am in a strange place physically:  The pain has increased and even though I have taken the pain medication I had to fight for so hard, the pain is not relenting as I would like.  It is fighting back, and so am I.  Today I have meditated some, and will meditate more with a lot of visualization; I have prayed and will pray more; and I will not give in or give up.  Hopefully, at some point today, the pain will ease up more and I will have more of an “external” day than what is happening now.

On days like this you can go “inside” and “outside” simultaneously.  Video games, books, movies, petting the dogs, playing with the turtle are all “outside” activities, but if you look closely at them, they are also “internal” activities as well.  Reading especially is one of my favorite examples of this because you can “get lost” in a good book, but you still have to turn the page or click the page-turn which is an “external” action we really don’t pay much attention to.  Video games require more conscious thought, but you can also have the same “getting lost” in the story of the video game and its action as well.  Some studies recently done have suggested that a twenty-minute change from routine to a video game even at work, restarts the brain processes and gives overworked centers a rest.  The same can be said with reading and knitting.  (I looked for the study but couldn’t find it.)

Lately I have noticed a two-fold effect of meditation:  1) The pain is easier to get in control of, logically; and 2) story ideas come a lot more often and plot problems are more easily spotted and corrected.  The aggravation of writing eases up:  No matter how much we writers love to write, there are days when a writing day is nothing but aggravation, but you just can’t quit on those days without one more good effort to get over the hump.  Getting hold of the aggravation is a lot harder to do for me than getting hold of the pain.  At first I thought it was because I add a lot more practice at trying to help the medications work by distracting myself from physical pain – the truth is:  Aggravation and annoyance are completely different animals!  When you are aggravated and/or annoyed it takes twice as long to relax well enough to view the situation and have any chance of correcting it, or, at the very least, letting it go.  It takes more energy.  More thought.  More…everything.  Even to seasoned meditation practitioners.  Just because it is harder doesn’t mean it can’t be done.  You just have to be more determined, less willing to give up.

So, today will be a day of quiet in the ink mines.  This doesn’t mean I won’t be writing, just that there won’t be a lot of external stimuli to distract me, and I will be taking a lot of video game breaks and meditation breaks throughout the day.

And a question just popped into my head:  This is for those who practice meditation on a more regular basis, Do you find some days are better to meditate without music than with it?  I would love to hear from you about your experiences.  What helps you?  What doesn’t?

Have a wonderful weekend!

Kiss Your “As” Goodbye: A Simple Grammar Trick for Better Fiction

September 12, 2014

Henrietta Handy:

KMGN: Please, DON’T make Batman cry!

Originally posted on Kristen Lamb's Blog:

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 7.36.42 AM

Today, AWESOME W.A.N.A. International Instructor and author-editor-teacher-extraordinaire Marcy Kennedy is here to guest post about a dreaded topic—GASP—grammar. Yes, I admit it. I’m a Grammar Nazi. I remember correcting my eldest nephew when he was learning to talk. Steaks are good, people are well. Chickens are done, people are finished. We raise crops, and rear children. 

This was being a good auntie.

Then he went off to first grade…

His teacher asked him if he was done, and he matter-of-factly replied, “Chickens are done, people are finished.”

So yes, I’ve had to learn to not be a jerk about grammar (and gently correct the kiddos even though I was cheering inside). But take heart, if a Grammar Nazi makes an error, we get 543 e-mails correcting us.

Even Grammar Nazis oops. We need refreshers and ALL need a fresh set of eyes on our work because a lot of…

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Working In The Word Mines – Going Down, Down, Down….

September 10, 2014

Today has been very much a “think it through” day.  You know what I’m talking about, right?  It is one of those days where you step back in the story, re-read everything you have so far and make decisions, sometimes unconscious ones, of what needs to happen next, or could happen next.  Much to my surprise, this wasn’t just a “think it through” day for WHRT, but also for the other piece I am writing.  Both of them needed a good examination.

WHRT has very little to change.  The newest piece also requires little change in direction or character development.  The plot is moving along as it should, and I am finding the story intriguing enough to keep me writing.

In other news around the house — Lil’ Dude is swimming away in his little box beside me.  He now has a full spectrum light which gives him great joy.  He has also taken to climbing up  the rocks inside for a sun basking, and then some dips in the water for cooling off.  If I am not mistaken, I think he even ate some today.  His lack of eating made me very nervous.  I don’t see one of the floating turtle stick foods in the water anywhere, so he ate it – I hope.

Earlier today sparrows came to the sunflower seeds The Husband put outside for me for the birds.  Not only were sparrows really putting the seeds away, but cardinals and bluejays, too.  About 1:30 this afternoon a squirrel joined in the mix.  His presence caused a stir.  The cardinals did NOT appreciate his presence and chased him off a couple of times, but when they flew away for a respite in the trees, the sneaky guy came back and loaded his cheeks down with sunflower seeds!  I don’t begrudge him the food.  He was probably hungry from the looks of him.

There is something about working at the kitchen table of late that is actually encouraging work getting done.  A big part of this, I think, is the fact I am looking out at the trees and can see birds, squirrels, and whether it is sunny or rainy.  In the office my window looks out on a parking lot.  Normally this doesn’t bother the creativity because it is all taking place inside my head.  Only lately have I needed to be able to look up and see something different outside the window.  (Bless The Husband’s dear heart, too, because he is letting me use his laptop for writing and gaming with nary a peep of asking to use it.  He says it is because he has used a computer all day at work, and I believe him, but he asked used the laptop to look anything up in weeks!)  Watching birds eat the sunflower seeds and the antics and gymnastics of the squirrels is needed right now to give my mind’s eye something different to watch while figuring out the next subconscious word and semi-conscious plot twists.

And, what can I really say about the inclusion of the little turtle?  When The Husband got it for me it was as if he had literally handed me incarnated hope.  Yeah, he knows me well.  He should after twenty years.

Back to the word mines.  Hope y’all are having a good day, too.oo

Join Us in the Fight For Net Neutrality

September 10, 2014

Originally posted on News:

“Net Neutrality” is the simple but powerful principle that cable and broadband providers must treat all internet traffic equally. Whether you’re loading a blog post on, streaming House of Cards on Netflix, or browsing handcrafted tea cozies on Etsy, your internet provider can’t degrade your connection speed, block sites, or charge a toll based on the content that you’re viewing.

Net neutrality has defined the internet since its inception, and it’s hard to argue with the results: the internet is the most powerful engine of economic growth and free expression in history. Most importantly, the open internet is characterized by companies, products, and ideas that survive or fail depending on their own merit — not on whether they have preferred deals in place with a broadband service provider. Unfortunately, the principle of net neutrality, and the open internet that we know and love, is under attack.

Net Neutrality under…

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A must read if you want your Gravatar to work for you!

September 10, 2014

Henrietta Handy:

KMGN: This is actually helpful information. I had not truly considered this before so made sure to follow the instructions and get a link to my site/blog fixed.

Originally posted on S.K. Nicholls:


Are you lost in the cyberspace of the blogosphere? Most everybody knows what a Gravatar is, right?  It’s that little image you inserted that tells people who you are. However, if you “like” something on my page, but you have not commented, I have no way to check out your site to see who you are.  (BTW, if I have a lot of likes/comments on something, the notifications box has probably scrolled you away before I had time to check you out, especially if I wasn’t sitting by the computer.Checking archives can be a pain.)

Make it easy for me! We might could become good friends and have a nifty online relationship…if I can find you.

So help me out, if you have not done this already!  I would love to check out your stuff, chances are, if you “liked” mine, I would “like” yours, too.

  1. Go to…

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The ‘Internet Slowdown’ Is Coming: Tech Giants to Protest FCC’s Net Neutrality Proposal

September 10, 2014

Henrietta Handy:

KMGN: I signed and then called my Congressman. Please do the same.

Originally posted on SERENDIPITY:


Etsy, Kickstarter are holding a day of action on September 10 as the deadline approaches for public comments on the proposed ‘fast lane’ rules.


This is a fight we cannot afford to lose. No matter how little of the technology you understand, we all use it. Cell phones, Netflix and other WiFi television connectors, computers, Kindles. Much of our lives are based on the availability of fast, dependable Internet connections.

If we lose this fight, we will be looking back on these days as those glorious days when we were all equal on the net … because we won’t be any longer.

See on Scoop.itIn and About the News

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Meet My New Little Friend

September 9, 2014

Meet William Henry Richard Turtle the Third, more commonly known by yours truly as, Lil’ Dude.  wpid-cam00201.jpg

When we went to the Roots and Heritage Festival this Sunday, there was gentleman selling turtles hatchlings for $15 and The Husband bought me one!  Yes, I squeed!

As most of you know, I have a deep love for all things of the turtle nature, whether true turtle or terrapin, I love them because they are slow, determined creatures and prove to me God has a sense of humor because he made “walking rocks”.  When I was younger I had pet terrapins and would keep them all summer and then, at the beginning of September we would let them go so they could hibernate.  One terrapin stayed around my house for years.  His shell, scarred  from years of life and my dogs, Fread was a fixture and always stayed somewhere near the house and would take strawberries and other treats from my hand.

I guess, if I ever truly had a totem animal it would be a turtle.  They are truly fragile creatures:  Everything must be “just so” in order for them to live.  Like me.  But, when their physical needs are met they are strong, determined, sometimes headstrong animals that will close up in their shells and then tip themselves off a cliff to get down the side of a mountain.  Yeah, this sounds very familiar to me because I have closed up in my shell and went head-first into things I probably shouldn’t have and come out OK, much to my surprise as well as my family’s – except for my Dad.  Daddy seemed to know me a lot better than I knew myself back then.

Today The Husband is off helping his dad and picking me up a few things I need for my Lil’ Dude – and yes, it is a male (I checked) – especially a full spectrum light bulb.  He needs this now more than anything, and a larger, glass enclosure.  Already I have plans for his terrarium and habitat.



The Supernatural Enhancements by Edgar Cantero

September 9, 2014

Henrietta Handy:

KMGN: Doesn’t this sound like an excellent, exciting read?

Originally posted on teripolen:

What begins as a clever, gothic ghost story soon evolves into a wickedly twisted treasure 18782854hunt in The Supernatural Enhancements, Edgar Cantero’s wholly original, modern-day adventure.

When twentysomething A., the unexpected European relative of the Wells family, and his companion, Niamh, a mute teenage girl with shockingly dyed hair, inherit the beautiful but eerie estate of Axton House, deep in the woods of Point Bless, Virginia, it comes as a surprise to everyone—including A. himself. After all, he never even knew he had a “second cousin, twice removed” in America, much less that the eccentric gentleman had recently committed suicide by jumping out of the third floor bedroom window—at the same age and in the same way as his father had before him . . .

Together, A. and Niamh quickly come to feel as if they have inherited much more than just a rambling home and a cushy lifestyle…

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‘I Want to Be Eaten By Vultures’

September 9, 2014
Featured Image -- 4500

Henrietta Handy:

KMGN: This was a very interesting article. I knew of the practice of Sky Burial for Tibetans and the Native American practice and it never once occurred to me this practice may still want to be practiced by the devout Buddhist, etc. However, the idea of “body farming” REALLY makes me shiver. There seems no respect in body farming for the person who, as we say in Orthodoxy “fell asleep”. What do you think?

Originally posted on Longreads Blog:

However shocking it is to the mainstream American sensibility, deliberate excarnation (or de-fleshing) is also a practice with a history—a spiritual practice sometimes referred to as “sky burial.” After death, the bodies of many Tibetan Buddhists are partially flayed and left exposed on a mountaintop for birds and animals to consume. The Parsis of India, a Zoroastrian population clustered around Mumbai, place their dead atop Towers of Silence to be picked clean by vultures. And certain Native American tribes once left their dead on elevated platforms to be excarnated. While the AP article revealed that many Americans are deeply unsettled by body-farm donation (no great surprise), its outing of the vulture study also exposed an unexpected, if rarefied, desire in this country: FACTS [the Forensic Anthropology Center] began receiving calls from potential donors requesting to be consumed by vultures. It made religion-specific sense when a little-known Zoroastrian group in Texas…

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This Was One Of My Mommy’s Songs

September 7, 2014


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