Working Thursday

Today is already a success even if more time was spent on the Internet roaming than anything else for the most part.  It is a success because the laptop is working, the story is moving along nicely, and there is a really short fiction piece going to get written today and put on Patreon.

Little by little, as my body recovers from the stress it was under, the words are flowing and life keeps moving on.  Plus, the Lenten season is here and this also keeps me busy with the extra activities I said was going to happen during this time.

The house has also been blessed!  Father came and “blessed the mess” because The Husband could do no more and I simply couldn’t do anything at the time.  Still, the house was blessed and Father visited with us for a little while.

It is time to go back to the ink mines!

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Kindle and iPad

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted today to accept FCC chairman Tom Wheeler’s proposal that the Commission “use its Title II authority to implement and enforce open Internet protections.” Or, to put it in plain English, your ISP must provide equal broadband access to you or any site — Amazon, Netflix, etc. — without slowing down or speeding up sites for additional fees.

As expected, the vote to treat ISPs as common carriers passed by a party line vote of three Democrats over the two Republicans. Under this regulation, broadband Internet services will be governed by Title II of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended by the Telecommunications Act of 1996. Mobile broadband vendors, such as 4G providers AT&T, Sprint and Verizon Wireless will also be regulated as common carriers based on Title III of the Communications Act. It should also be noted that since Wheeler made his proposal, the FCC has redefined broadband as delivering at…

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Five Fascinating Facts about Victor Hugo

Henrietta Handy:

KMGN: This is a very interesting article. If you love the classics and enjoy reading about authors, you should read this.

Originally posted on Interesting Literature:

Five fun facts about Victor Hugo, the celebrated author of Les Misérables

1. He had an unusual technique for dealing with writer’s block. While he was writing – or trying to write – Les Misérables, Victor Hugo found himself suffering from colygraphia (that’s our suggested technical word for ‘writer’s block’). So he decided to take all his clothes off, take himself off to a room where he had only pen and paper for company, and force himself to write, without even the distraction of clothes to derail him from his task. His servants reportedly had orders that they weren’t to return his clothes to him until he had written something. He worked on Les Misérables for many years, beginning work on it in the 1840s but not finishing it until 1862.

2. The most popular novel among soldiers in the American Civil War was Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables. Published…

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Are You Making These Common Mistakes? – Author-Zone

Are You Making These Common Mistakes? – Author-Zone.

Reading this made me take a second look at my writing and saw a couple of mistakes, errors I hadn’t noticed before.  Since it helped me, I thought it might help others as well!

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I feel as if I have simultaneously run a 1000 mile marathon; wrestled Godzilla, Hulk Hogan, and Megalon and lost; plus fought Xu Bu and also lost.

Tomorrow I am hiding in the story.

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There is STILL Snow Outside My Window

Writing report for this week:  Chapter Seven is beginning solidly.  A new character has been discovered.  His name is “Aldus” and he is one creepy dude!  Aldus was so creepy Glory told him to go away and he vanished!  Now how did that happen?  And just where did she send him?  How long is he going to be there?  How can he get back?  Oh, and the mentally challenged clairvoyant has moved up from the basement with the other blood donors into a room beside Glory’s.

Being able to write this week, even though it was sparse in sections, gave me the escape I needed – along with Legos Harry Potter Years 1-4 video game.  As long as I can sit up I get words down, so, when I can no longer sit, I lay down and play the Harry Potter game.  The story has me super intrigued.

More personal:  Not only is the snow still there, it has begun sleeting.  When The Husband went out the last time with the dogs today he said there was about an inch of ice on top of the snow.  Between the late hours of tonight and tomorrow my area of Kentucky is supposed to get 3-4″ of extra snow.

The pressure change has the arthritis jumping all over the place and throwing a Latin dance party!  Before some of you ask, No, my wheelchair isn’t fixed.  Since it isn’t fixed there isn’t any place I can go to receive some comfort and a little easing of the pain.

Yesterday I didn’t get out of bed.  My body wore down to where all I did was just sleep with pain dreams.  In one of my dreams the reason I was hurting so badly was because hadn’t gotten a couple of knitting projects done.  Somehow the yarn was connected to my arms and hands.  There was another dream in which I was pulling the world with these ropes my hands could hold.  I was looking forward to taking the planet to where it was supposed to go so I could rest and not ache and hurt so badly.  I finally woke up around 3:30 in the afternoon feeling a little like a human being.  Around seven o’clock the pain came back and brought more family members to add more pressure on each joint.

So, you know what I’m going to do?  I am going to watch Svengoolie’s program and Star Trek the original series, and I am going to knit in my recliner; take my medicine on time; and I may even read some.

The Husband is with me and the dogs are clustered in the living room near the fireplace.

Today I am just going to have the best day and evening I can.  The pain may get me in the end, i.e. force me to go to bed; but, in the meantime I am bringing the fight.  Mr. P took my day yesterday, but he isn’t going to take the entire day from me today!

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Snow, Heated Throws, And Writing – Or, The Life Of A Writer

Despite so many physical setbacks, the vampire/terrorist story is growing and progressing at an abnormally, for me, fast pace.  Even though it is coming to the paper via a pen and not computer doesn’t feel as though it is making much difference.  At the same time, I can feel a difference with the tools I use and when they are used.

For example, there is a stainless steel pen I use for writing in my journal and for the story.  I need a pen grip for the pen, but it works nicely and I made sure to get some extra refills for it while the after Christmas sales were still going on.  Since this has become the “writing” pen, I will get a couple more refill sets before the end of the month.  Besides the pen, I am using the old-fashioned composition books.  They have a space to put a title and whether they are college or wide-ruled doesn’t matter.  They just simply need to be composition books.

In all of this drama and wheelchair madness going on – supposedly the parts needed to replace the wheelchair is supposed to come in tomorrow; we’ll see – The Husband has gone beyond in helping me get organized so I can work from the recliner or from the loaner wheelchair sitting at the table.  Today he helped me get set up in the recliner without saying a word except for asking me whether he had gotten everything for me.  Isn’t this beyond sweet?

I am becoming a big proponent of writing where you feel comfortable.  The best place for me out of my wheelchair is in the recliner.  I can plug in my headphones and put Slacker Radio on my phone and The Husband can watch whatever he wants on the TV or play a game and I can still write in a semblance of comfort and not be absent from the family.  This pleases both of us, and, well, the dogs are beyond happy because mommy and daddy are together and they don’t have to split their time between us, or take shifts on keeping an eye on us.  Yes, they take shifts.  It is pretty cute to watch the guard change.  There is a ritual of sniffing, stretching, yawning, and tail wagging.  There is even a nose-touch when they change.  It is very cute.

Since I’ve gotten used to writing in the recliner, I believe I will keep up the practice at least once a week when my wheelchair is returned in working order.  Blogging is especially fun from the recliner.

OK, enough of a break for now.   Time to get back to the ink mines.

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There Is Lots Of Snow Outside My Window


It began snowing sometime in the wee hours of the morning and hasn’t stopped.  I have a good hot cup of tea with me and working is slow but good. Chapter Seven is all ready to start.

Working on the story, this story had been very cathartic for the breaking process.  Being tired from creative work is better than just hurting until it is impossible to stay up any longer.  Plus, at the end of the day there is something to show for a day instead of a pain journal keeping track of how much pain the day held.  Writing is much more productive and positive.  I need this.

I hope you all are safe and warm and if you have snow, I hope you have gotten to play in it today!

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Happy Valentine’s Day Amid A Progress-filled Week

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I hope everyone has an awesome day.

The Husband and I are not having a very romantic Valentine’s tonight.  He is making me my favorite dish he cooks – spaghetti and meat sauce.  I am not the only one in love with this dish:  Our dog Gabby loves spaghetti to the point of dancing on her front legs.  Gabby has horrible arthritis but still manages to dance for spaghetti. That is a true expression of love in my book.

In other news, I am happy to report, and proven by the writing journal, every day was a writing day.  Chapter Five and Chapter Six are done and Chapter Seven is pretty much ready to go:  I know what needs to happen in said chapter; I am just curious to see how we arrive there.

Because I am writing while injured, every moment I am feeling like sitting up I am writing on the story.  This means there isn’t any spare energy left for blogging.  For the next two weeks I will post what I can during the week, but will post a full blog post on Saturdays.  All the spare energy I have has to go toward getting the words down.  Thanks, in advance, for being so patient.

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Sitting In The Recliner

Broken ribs aren’t fun. Just in case you were wondering.  When you have movement issues anyway and something goes wrong so you can’t move as well, life sucks great big hairy monkey balls.  Just sayin’ is all….  However, necessity really is the mother of invention or, at the very least, thinking outside the box.  This has led me to make several discoveries on what works and doesn’t work as far as writing is concerned.

For example, I tried using the laptop for writing and Internet wanderings from the recliner – the best resting place for me without a wheelchair – and discovered it put a strain on my arms which, in turn, put a strain on my rib.  (Everything puts strain on my ribs more or less.)  Pain does not encourage word flow or wordcount.  So…tonight I switched to the Nook tablet and a little more of the world righted. 

The vampire/terrorist story isn’t coming out any other way than with ink pen and paper soooo….  With the addition of a lap board there is writing being done!  Isn’t it wonderful?! 

Yesterday I miraculously reinjured my rib.  It was bad enough I didn’t even try to get out of bed.  Once upon a time I thought it would be wnderful to lie in bed all day and watch TV or play video games.  It isn’t anything positive I’ve discovered.  It makes my back sore and stiff and I simply can’t get any writing done from bed.  The ink mine simply dries up and there isn’t any way to encourage the words to come out of the rock.  I simply must be up in order to get words down.

Since I’ve been out of bed, six hand-written pages have emerged for the story; a couple of flow mistakes and information errors corrected; and ideas for the next three chapters are notated for working tomorrow. 

I am SO tired of having to take it easy!  Tomorrow I am working even if this means writing a page and then standing up or moving to another chair, writing another page and repeating the process all over again. 

Having the tablet is a blessing I hadn’t anticipated.  It doesn’t do everything my laptop does in the same manner, but it is working great in this current pinch.  In some ways it is more useful than the laptop:  It is lighter and easier for me to move around from place to place; typing isn’t as fast, but it’s getting done, as you can see; and if research is needed, I can easily access the Internet.  Printing something from the tablet is unavailable to me, but surely there is a work-around should I actually looked for one. 

Making these adjustments is helping me feel less “stranded” in my own home.  To me, this is a wondrous miracle.

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